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University of Sydney PDE Seminars in 2023

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The PDE Seminar is held somewhat infrequently on Mondays from 2-3pm in Carslaw Room 829 (Access Grid Room), unless otherwise noted.

The seminar is associated with the Non-Linear Analysis Research Group. Organisers: Daniel Hauer and Daniel Daners.

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Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Tue 5th Yihong Du Long-time dynamics of two invading competitors
Tue 5th Hiroshi Matano Front propagation through a two-dimensional cylinder with saw-toothed boundaries
Tue 14th Petr Gurka On Sobolev-type embeddings on spaces with homogeneous weights
Wed 1st Marius Tucsnac PDE systems describing the motion of solids in a viscous fluid: wellposedness, control and long-time behaviour
Mon 31st Ruofei Yao Uniqueness of critical points of the second Neumann eigenfunctions on triangles
Tue 4th Serena Dipierro Long-range phase transitions
Tue 14th Noureddine Igbida Congestion pedestrian flow and constrained evolution PDEs
Fri 13th Yann Bernard Four-Dimensional Willmore-type Energy and the Bach Equation