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University of Sydney PDE Seminars in 2016

Archive of Talks 2016

The seminar is associated with the Non-Linear Analysis Research Group. Organisers: Daniel Hauer and Daniel Daners.

Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Fri 18th Júlian López-Gómez The theorem of characterization of the strong maximum principle
Fri 18th Michel Chipot Minimal Solution to Some Variational Inequalities
Wed 16th Zhitao Zhang Uniqueness, existence and concentration of positive ground states for Kirchhoff type problems
Wed 16th Elaine Crooks Compensated convexity, multiscale medial axis maps, and sharp regularity of the squared distance function
Wed 16th Frédéric Robert A few examples of blowing-up families of solutions to critical nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations
Mon 7th Jesse Gell-Redman Non-elliptic Fredholm problems
Mon 24th Herbert E. Huppert Some fluid flows in porous media: theories, experiments and applications
Mon 17th Ben Goldys Heat equation perturbed by boundary noise
Mon 10th Derek W. Robinson Hardy–Rellich inequalities and local Dirichlet forms
Mon 26th Melissa Tacy Quantisation and localisation dynamical observables
Mon 19th Ahn Bui Maximal function characterizations for new local Hardy type spaces on spaces of homogeneous type
Mon 5th James MacLaurin Chaos and synchronisation in large systems of interacting particles with random connections
Mon 29th Gary Froyland Dynamic isoperimetry and slow mixing in fluids
Mon 15th Haotian Wu Linear and dynamical stability in Ricci flow
Mon 8th Eric Kwok Dynamic isoperimetry on weighted Riemannian manifolds
Mon 1st Ricardo Parreira da Silva Semilinear problems in thin domains
Mon 16th Maolin Zhou Long time behavior of solutions of a reaction–diffusion equation on unbounded intervals with Robin boundary conditions
Mon 9th Grégoire Loeper Option pricing with market impact and non-linear Black and Scholes equations
Mon 18th Jiakun Liu Optimal transportation on the hemisphere
Mon 11th Shibing Chen Strict convexity and \(C^{1,\alpha}\)–regularity of potential functions in optimal transportation under condition (A3w)
Mon 4th Yihong Du Free boundary problems and spreading of species
Tue 29th Zdzisław Brzeźniak The existence of solutions and of invariant measures to stochastic Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains
Mon 14th Leo Tzou Detecting magnetic gauge by wave scattering
Mon 7th Daniel Hauer A nonlinear interpolation result with application to nonlinear semigroups
Mon 29th Qirui Li The Monge mass transfer problem
Fri 19th Szymon Peszat On some smoothing effects of transition semigroups