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Number Theory Seminar

The number theory seminar is a forum for talks in various aspects of number theory, arithmetic geometry, cryptography. In 2004-2005 we features special lecture series on abelian varieties and moduli of abelian varieties. Talks of interest in the Computational Algebra Seminar are indicated [CAS] below.

Previous Seminars

Schedule of Talks

August 2004

Fri 06 Daniel Caro D modules -- Huyghe's work on D-affinity (12:05-12:55)
Fri 13 Cristian Virdol Zeta functions of twisted quaternionic Shimura varieties (3:05-3:55)
Fri 13 Nicolas Gurel Introduction to Kedlaya's algorithm (4:05-4:55)
Fri 20 Ralf Gerkmann Computation of Zeta functions by p-adic Methods (3:05-3:55, 4:05-4:55)

September 2004

Fri 03 Nicolas Gurel Implementing Kedlaya's algorithm (4:05-4:55)
Fri 24 Christophe Doche Mahler measure and Zhang-Zagier height (4:05-4:55)

October 2004

Fri 8 Hai Trung Ho Hilbert modular forms (3:05-4:00+)

January 2005

12-14 ECHIDNA II Workshop in Arithmetic Geometry and Applications

February 2005

Wed 16 C.-G. Schmidt An introduction to p-adic L-functions and measures (10:05-10:55)
Thu 17 C.-G. Schmidt The Rankin-Selberg pairing and cohomology (3:05-3:55)

March 2005

Thu 17 Florian Hess An algorithm for computing isomorphisms of algebraic function fields [CAS] (3:05-3:55)
Wed 23 Robert Carls Moduli of canonical lifts (1:05-1:55)

April 2005

Thu 14 Steven Galbraith The eta pairing [CAS] (3:05-3:55)
Wed 13 David Kohel Richelot correspondences, isogeny cycles, and canonical lifts (2:05-2:55)

May 2005

Wed 04 David Kohel Richelot correspondences, isogeny cycles, and canonical lifts II (2:05-2:55)
Thu 05 Sebastian Pauli Constructing Class Fields of Local Fields [CAS] (3:05-3:55)
Thu 19 Mark Watkins Some new features in MAGMA v2.12 related to number theory [CAS] (3:05-3:55)

June 2005

Fri 24 Ben Smith Explicit Isogeny Graphs for Abelian Surfaces (4:05-4:55)

Special Lecture Series: Abelian varieties

August 2004

Fri 06 King Fai Lai Introduction to Kahler manifolds (3:05-4:55)
Thu 26 David Gruenewald Complex Abelian Varieties (4:05-4:55)

September 2004

Fri 03 David Gruenewald Complex Abelian Varieties (3:05-3:55)
Fri 10 Gruenewald; Smith Complex Abelian Varieties (3:05-3:55; 4:05-4:55)
Fri 17 Ben Smith Complex Abelian Varieties (3:05-4:55)
Fri 24 Stephen Meagher Complex Abelian Varieties (3:05-3:55)

October 2004

Fri 15 David Gruenewald Complex abelian varieties (3:05-4:00+)
Fri 29 David Gruenewald Complex abelian varieties (3:05-4:55)

Special Lecture Series: Moduli spaces of abelian varieties

March 2005

Wed 09 David Gruenewald Moduli of Abelian Varieties (1:30-2:30)
Wed 16 David Gruenewald Moduli of Abelian Varieties (1:30-2:30)
Wed 23 Robert Carls Shimura varieties (2:05-2:55)

April 2005

Fri 01 Robert Carls Canonical models of Shimura varieties (3:05-3:55)

May 2005

Wed 18 Robert Carls Moduli of principally polarized abelian varieties (2:05-2:55)
Wed 25 David Gruenewald Humbert Surfaces [Carslaw 351] (2:05-2:55)

Beach BBQ Seminar

The Number Theory Seminar may be preceded or followed by a Beach BBQ Seminar at Clovelly.

Questions concerning the number theory seminar should be addressed to David R. Kohel, Carslaw 638, 9351 3279.