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First Year Mathematics and Statistics

Frequently asked questions

How to I best contact the lecturer?

For general questions on administration or content use the Ed Discussion forum accessible through Canvas. For more personal questions you can do a private post or email the unit of study address. That address goes to the unit coordinator, the lecturers and support staff. It is the best way to get an answer quickly. The address is of the form "<unit>", where <unit> is the unit of study code. For instance, for MATH1002 it the address is For general questions about first year email

In SydneyStudent I see many units such as "Single variable calculus". Why do I need to apply for departmental permission?

These are the old 3 credit point units that are still available for continuing students who need them. All commencing students enrol in the new 6 credit point units MATH1061 and MATH1962 or their advanced counterpart. See the Junior Mathematics Web Page to find more information on who is eligible to take the old units.

Who can I ask if I need help for enrollment issues on SydneyStudent?

We do not have access to the relevant system and cannot help with enrollment issues. Go to student contacts and enquiries to make an appointment with the student centre or lodge an inquiry online.

I can't hand my assignment in by the due date. Can I get an extension?

All requests for an extension of time on an assignment must be made by applying for special consideration or special arrangements. See the information on Special Considerations. Late assignments will only be accepted if you have an approved extension. See also the next question on late penalties.

What happens if I submit my assignment late. Can I still get some credit?

For most units, written assignments or projects submitted late without permission will incur a late penalty equal to 5% of the maximum awardable mark per day. These deductions begin immediately after the time the assignment is due and continue for 10 calendar days or until a solution for the assignment is released or marked assignments are returned to other students. At that point the mark awarded will be zero. Check the unit outline for details.

How do I apply for special consideration or special arrangement?

See the information on special consideration/arrangement.

Which units should I take?

The level at which you study depends on your background and the degree in which you are enrolled. The table below is a guide only: more detailed information is available in the Junior Mathematics Handbook, and you should discuss your choice with a mathematics adviser at enrolment.

If you have not done HSC Mathematics Advanced or equivalent please look at the information on mathematics prerequisites.

Can I enrol in Advanced units if I haven't done HSC Mathematics Extension 2?

This is not generally recommended. However, if you have a Band E4 in HSC Mathematics Extension 1 or equivalent and a strong interest in mathematics you may apply for departmental permission to enrol.

How do I enrol in a bridging course?

The Bridging Course website contains information on what is offered and how to enrol.

I have failed a unit of study. What should I do now? Can I re-sit the exam?

If the unit of study you have failed is a necessary requirement for your degree then you will need to repeat it. If available, you can repeat the unit in summer school, or the next semester it is offered. It is not possible to re-sit the exam, nor are there any circumstances under which your mark can be changed to a pass.

Where can I find solutions to past exam papers?

Lecturers in a particular unit of study may or may not release solutions to past papers. If solutions are released, they will be posted on Canvas. Any enquiries about the release or otherwise of solutions should be made directly to the unit of study address. You may discuss solutions in the discussion forum (Ed Discussion available through Canvas).

How can I find out more about a particular unit?

The Junior Mathematics Handbook has course descriptions for all units.

Also look at the unit outline containing details on assessment and a week-by-week outline. More information is available on the Canvas sites once you are enrolled in the unit.

Where can I find the timetable for a particular unit?

After the semester start, the timetable for each unit is displayed on the School timetable page. You may be able to get some information on the timetable page.

Can I attend a different tutorial from that shown on my timetable?

No. You may only attend the tutorial to which you have been allocated. Please see the next question if you wish to change your tutorial time.

How can I change my tutorial time?

If tutorials are full, then it is not always possible to change your tutorial time through the timetable unit. However, should you wish to try you should do the following:

  • Choose a tutorial time that suits you. (Refer to the School timetable page for the timetable available after start of semester).
  • Go to that tutorial and ask the tutor if you may join his or her tutorial. (Writing your name on the roll does not enrol you in the tutorial.) If the tutor allows you to join the tutorial, check that your name appears, typed, on the tutor's printed roll when you attend the tutorial the following week.

Note that tutors will not allow you to join a tutorial if it is already full.

If a tutor allows you to join a tutorial that is not on your printed personal timetable, your printed personal timetable will not be changed, and the University's timetabling coordinator will not be notified.

As far as the School of Mathematics and Statistics is concerned, you are enrolled in a tutorial if and only if your name is TYPED on your tutor's roll.

What/where is Kopystop?

Kopystop is a print shop at 55 Mountain St Broadway. Kopystop sells all course notes that are published by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Is it compulsory to attend lectures and tutorials?

While attendance in lectures and tutorials is generally not compulsory, the expectation is that you attend at least 80% of classes. Please check the unit information for definitive rules. We particularly encourage participation in tutorials since this where you get practice in a supportive and guided learning environment. In practice, the School of Mathematics and Statistics will not fail a student merely on the grounds of poor attendance. However, tutorial attendance is recorded and in most first year units there there is a tutorial participation mark counting towards the final mark.

If you cannot go to lectures or follow the live stream you should watch the recordings available from Canvas as well as study other relevant material provided online.

Where can I get help if I am having trouble understanding the material?

Make use of the discussion forum (Ed Discussion) available through Canvas and ask questions. Other students or staff will answer. Lecturers are available to help you at specified consultation times. The times are given on the Canvas site.

If you need help because you do not have the necessary mathematical background for your unit of study you may attend the Mathematics Learning Hub. Some units also offer a peer assisted study, watch out for announcements in your unit.

Can I see my tutor outside the tutorial time?

Only if your tutor has indicated that he or she is willing to see students outside the tutorial time. Many tutors are employed on a casual basis and are not required to be available outside the tutorial time. In general, if you need help you should see one of the lecturers during a consultation time or ask a question in the discussion forum (Ed Discussion, access through Canvas).

Is there a particular calculator I should use?

Generally, only non-programmable calculators can be used. You may use any calculator you like during tutorials and your own study.

For calculator use during end-of-semester exams, please see the University's examinations web page examinations web page, in particular the list of approved calculators (non-programmable). Be aware that all calculators used in exams need to have a sticker of approval from the Student Center.