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A1. Dimca A: Topics on Real and Complex Singularities. Vieweg Advanced Lectures in Mathematics, Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn, Braunscheig, 1987. MR1013785

A2. Hutchinson TP: Road Accident Statistics. Rumsby Scientific Publishing, Adelaide, 1987.

A2. Walters RFC and Wehrhahn KH: Calculus I. Carslaw Publications, 1987.

Chapters in Books

B1. Rees DE: A gentle introduction to polarized radiative transfer, Numerical Radiative Transfer. Kalkofen W (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1987, 213–239. (Chapter 9)

B1. Rees DE and Murphy GA: Non-LTE polarized radiative transfer in spectral lines, Numerical Radiative Transfer. Kalkofen W (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1987, 241–263. (Chapter 10)

B1. Robinson J: Nonparametric confidence intervals in regression: the bootstrap and randomization methods, New Perspectives in Theoretical and Applied Statistics. Puri ML, Vilaplana JP, Wertz W (ed.), Wiley, New York, 1987, 243–255. MR0900219

B1. Zheligovsky VA: On the stochastic behavior of trajectories of a class of flows in a sphere, Numerical modeling and analysis of geophysical processes. Computational Seismology, 20, Nauka, Moscow, 1987, 60–65.

Journal Articles

C1. Barnes DW: On Carlson's spectral sequence. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 48 (1987), 221–222. MR89c:20075

C1. Barnes DW: The simplicial bundle of a CW fibration. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 102 (1987), 559–562. MR88m:55022

C1. Betti R and Walters RFC: Completeness of locally-internal categories. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 47 (1987), 105–117. MR88i:18005

C1. Borceux F and Kelly GM: On locales of localizations. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 46 (1987), 1–34. MR88k:18004

C1. Carboni A, Kasangian S and Walters RFC: An axiomatics for bicategories of modules. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 45 (1987), 127–141. MR88c:18002

C1. Carboni A and Walters RFC: Cartesian bicategories I, A calculus of relations, additive relations, and order ideals. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 49 (1987), 11–32. MR88k:18009

C1. Cartwright DI and Soardi PM: A local limit theorem for random walks on the cartesian product of discrete groups. Unione Matematica Italiana. Bollettino. A, Serie VII, 1–A (1987), 107–115. MR89a:60159

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C1. Dancer EN and Hess P: On stable solutions of quasilinear periodic parabolic problems. Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, 14 (1987), 123–141. MR0937539

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C1. Dimca A and Choudary ADR: Hypersurface singularities, codimension two complete intersections and tangency sets. Geometriæ Dedicata, 24 (1987), 255–260. MR0914821

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C1. Easdown D: The minimal faithful degree of a fundamental inverse semigroup. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 35 (1987), 373–378. MR88g:20142

C1. Gabriel KR and Robinson J: A note on simultaneous inference with randomization tests. Communications in Statistics. Theory and Methods, 16 (1987), 2007–1025.

C1. Gagen TM: Thoughts on mathematical education and some enrichment classes in North Sydney. The Australian Mathematics Teacher, 43 (1987), 21–23.

C1. Galloway DJ and Frisch U: A note on the stability of a family of space-periodic Beltrami flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 180 (1987), 557–564.

C1. Gibson D and Seneta E: Augmented truncations of infinite stochastic matrices. Journal of Applied Probability, 24 (1987), 600–608. MR88k:60122

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C1. Hutchinson TP and Tang KY: Letter on "The value of latent class analysis in medical diagnosis" by Rindskopf and Rindskopf. Statistics in Medicine, 6 (1987), 529–530.

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C1. Winch DE, McEwin AJ and Barton CE: Evaluation of IGRF candidate models over the Australian region. Physics Earth Planet International, 48 (1987), 338–343.

Conference Proceedings

E1. Kuo TC (1987) A natural equivalence relation of singularities. Singularities, Banach Centre Publications, 20 MR0929183

E1. Luckock HC (1987) Black Hole Skyrmions. 1986 Paris-Meudon Colloquium, String Theory, Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Gravity, Integrable and Conformal Invariant Theories, de Vega HJ, Sanchéz N (ed.) , World Scientific MR0894773

E1. Ryan AJ (1987) Iterated Dirac operators and conformal transformations. Proceedings of the fifteenth International Conference on Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics, Clausthal, 1986, World Scientific, 390–399. MR1023211

Other Output

OT. Wilson PR (1987) The sunspot cycle: tip of the iceberg. Sky and Telescope, 73, 589–591.

OT. Wilson PR (1987) The Sun also surprises. Natural History, 11, 88–90.

OT. Wilson PR (1987) A more complex cycle. Science News, 131, 39–41.

OT. Wilson PR (1987) Astronomers double the sunspot cycle. New Scientist, 22

Unpublished Conference Proceedings

UN. Galloway DJ and Frisch U Dynamo action and stability for the ABC flows. Non-linear dynamics of rotating magnetic systems conference UCLA 1987 .

UN. Galloway DJ and Jones CA Magnetic fields, rotation and pattern selection in solar convection zone. Non-Linear dynamics of rotating magnetic systems conference UCLA 1987 .

UN. Ivers DJ Necessary conditions for dynamo action. Workshop on nonlinear dynamics of rotating magnetic systems, Los Angeles, USA 1987 .

UN. Ivers DJ Recent symmetric anti-dynamo results. IUGG XIX general assembly, Vancouver 1987 .

UN. Rees DE Teaching with PAM. Inaugural Conference of Tertiary Mathematics Teachers Group: Competing with Computing, UNSW (Dec 1987) .

UN. Winch DE Lunar magnetic variations. IUGG XIX general assembly, Vancouver 1987 .

UN. Winch DE Global field models and the IGRF. BMR workshop on geomagnetic ref. fields, Canberra 1987 .

UN. Winch DE Magnetic daily variations and conductivity studies. IUGG XIX general assembly, Vancouver 1987 .