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A1. Hillman JA: 2-knots and their Groups. Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series, 5 Cambridge University Press, 1989. MR90d:57025

A2. Walters RFC and Wehrhahn KH: Calculus I. Second Edition, revised and extended, Carslaw Publications, 1989.

Chapters in Books

B1. Salganik M, Groshev M, Mostinsky A, Zheligovsky VA, Stepanova N and Shteinberg V: Modeling of accelerograms, expected for the maximal assumed earthquake: comparison of methods, Study of seismic oscillations, grounds and constructions. Seismological studies, 11, Geophysical Committee of Presidium of the USSR Academy of Science, Moscow, 1989, 122–127.

B1. Zheligovsky VA: On magnetic field generation by a class of flows of conducting fluid in a sphere, Theory and algorithms of geophysical data interpretation. Computational Seismology, 22, Nauka, Moscow, 1989, 92–108.

Journal Articles

C1. Barratt C, Fackerell ED and Rosenfeld D: The application of spinors to solving the Bloch equations. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 85 (1989), 35–41.

C1. Betti R and Walters RFC: The calculus of ends over a base topos. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 56 (1989), 211–220. MR90f:18008

C1. Bird GJ, Kelly GM, Power AJ and Street RH: Flexible limits for 2-categories. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 61 (1989), 1–27. MR91a:18009

C1. Blackwell R, Kelly GM and Power AJ: Two-dimensional monad theory. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 59 (1989), 1–41. MR91a:18010

C1. Bunton JD, Large MI, Slee OB, Stewart RT and Thatcher JD: Radio and optical observation of an intense flare on HD 32918. Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 8 (1989), 127–131.

C1. Butler G and Cannon JJ: Computing in permutation and matrix groups III : Sylow subgroups. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 8 (1989), 241–252. MR90i:20003

C1. Cartwright DI: On the asymptotic behaviour of convolution powers of probabilities on discrete groups. Monatshefte für Mathematik, 107 (1989), 287–290. MR91a:60024

C1. Cartwright DI and Soardi PM: Convergence to ends for random walks on the automorphism group of a tree. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 107 (1989), 817–823. MR90f:60137

C1. Chen KH and Robinson J: Comparison of factor spaces of two related populations. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 28 (1989), 190–203. MR90g:62128

C1. Cheung AT, Buchen PW, Macaskill C and Robinson DE: Backscatter spectrum of a randomly perturbed regular array of discrete scatterers. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 86 (1989), no.1, 407–413.

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C1. Dancer EN: On the influence of domain shape on the existence of large solutions of some superlinear problems. Mathematische Annalen, 285 (1989), 647–669. MR91h:35122

C1. Dancer EN and Sweers G: On the existence of a maximal weak solution for a semilinear elliptic equation. Differential and Integral Equations, 2 (1989), 533–540. MR90h:35049

C1. Dudley ML and James RW: Time-dependent kinematic dynamos with stationary flows. Royal Society of London. Proceedings, Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 425 (1989), 407–429. MR90i:76151

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C1. Durrant CJ: Linear force-free magnetic fields and coronal models. Australian Journal of Physics, 42 (1989), 317–329.

C1. Durrant CJ and Brown SF: Coronal loops in solar active regions. Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 8 (1989), 137–141.

C1. Easdown D: The local semilattice of chains of idempotents. Semigroup Forum, (1989)

C1. Field MJ: Equivariant Bifurcation Theory and Symmetry Breaking. Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, 1 (1989), no.4, 369–421. MR90j:58109

C1. Field MJ and Richardson RW: Symmetry breaking and the Maximal Isotropy Subgroup conjecture for reflection groups. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 105 (1989), 61–94. MR89m:58153

C1. Glasby SP: The composition and derived lengths of a soluble group. Journal of Algebra, 120 (1989), 406–413. MR90j:20075

C1. Glasser ML and Cosgrove CM: Mallow's integral and some generalizations. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 139 (1989), 533–536. MR90h:33002

C1. Glasser ML and Cosgrove CM: A Gaussian-geometric finite sum formula. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 142 (1989), 331–336. MR90h:11074

C1. Hillman JA: The algebraic characterization of the exteriors of certain two-knots. Inventiones Mathematicae, 97 (1989), 195–207. MR90d:57026

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C1. Ivers DJ: On generalised toroidal-poloidal solutions of vector field equations. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, (Series B), 30 (1989), 436–449. MR90e:86016

C1. Karlov L: Paul Kard and Lorentz-free special relativity. Phys. Educ., 24 (1989), 165–168.

C1. Kelly GM: Elementary observations on 2-categorical limits. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 39 (1989), 301–317. MR90f:18004

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C1. Myerscough MR and Swan MA: A model for swimming unipolar spirilla. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 139 (1989), 201–218.

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C1. Sun SH: On paracompact locales and metric locales. Commentationes Mathematicæ Universitatis Carolinæ, 30 (1989), 101–107. MR0995708

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C4. Trudinger BJ, Cook CM, Giles WB, Connelly AJ and Thompson RS: Low dose aspirin and twin pregnancy. Lancet, ii (1989), 1214.

Conference Proceedings

E1. Easdown D (1989) Biordered sets : a tool for constructing semigroups. Monoids, Semigroup Theory and Applications, Proceedings to the Berkeley Workshop on Monoids, World Scientific Publishing Company

E1. Easdown D (1989) Minimal faithful permutation and transformation representations of groups and semigroups. Proceedings of the International Conference on Algebra in Honour of A.I. Malcev

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E1. Seneta E (1989) Ukrainians in the 1986 census. Fourth Conference, Sydney 1988, Ukrainian Settlement in Australia, Gordijew I, Koscharsky H eds (ed.) , 88–93.

E3. Zheligovsky VA (1989) On magnetic field generation by a class of flows of conducting fluid. Abstracts of the VI Seminar ``Non-linear problems of the theory of hydrodynamic stability'', Moscow University Press, 25.

Computer Software

G1. Cannon JJ and others (1989) Cayley V3.7. (As for V3.6 plus soluble groups and number theory; 280,000 lines of C code.) .

Other Output

OT. Bosma W (1989) Notes on primality testing and factoring. Laboratoire de Mathématiques Marseille, 89

OT. Fackerell ED (1989) Einstein vacuum field equations with a single non-null Killing vector. (Seminar presented to Phys. Dept. Brigham Young Uni. Utah, USA)

Unpublished Conference Proceedings

UN. Durrant CJ Solar physics and the large Earth-based solar telescope. AAS/ASA scientific discussion meeting, Canberra 1989 .

UN. Durrant CJ and Galloway DJ The solar analogue. CSIRO stellar workshop, Sydney 1989 .

UN. Fackerell ED Ricci collineations and new potentials for vacuum spacetimes with one Killing vector. 12th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado July 1989 .

UN. Galloway DJ Kinematic dynamo action and stability of the ABC flows. Conference on Small-diffusivity dynamos and dynamical systems, Nice, France 1989 .

UN. Gibson WG Hopfield networks. Workshop on foundation of connectionist modelling, UNSW July 1989 .

UN. Phan D Exact solutions for axisymmetric vacuum spacetimes where the killing vector is hypersurface orthogonal. 12th Conference on General Relativity Colorado, USA 1989 .

UN. Quine MP A linear random growth model. Singapore Probability Conference, June 1989 .

UN. Quine MP Models for nucleation and growth on a line. Symposium on Applied Probability, Sheffield, England August 1989 .

UN. Quine MP and Robinson J A Poisson process with inhibition. International Conference on Recent Developments in Statistical Data Analysis and Inference, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, August 1989 .

UN. Robinson J Approximating probabilities for small and large deviations. 47th Session of the International Statistical Institute Paris, France, September 1989 .

UN. Wilson PR The reversal of the solar polar magnetic fields. Solar cycle workshop: 3rd meeting, Sydney 1989 .

UN. Wilson PR The extended solar cycle. Solar-terrestrial forecast workshop, Leura 1989 .

UN. Wilson PR The origin of the large-scale fields. Solar-terrestrial forecast workshop, Leura 1989, Poster paper .

UN. Winch DE Sydney-Auckland cable voltage analysis. 25th Austr. Appl. Maths. conference, Ballarat, Vic. 1989 .

UN. Winch DE Displaced daygraphs for the presentation of geomagnetic data. IAGA 6th scientific assembly Exeter, UK 1989 .

UN. Winch DE and others Geoelectric potentials measured by ocean cables. IAGA 6th scientific assembly, Exeter, UK 1989 .

UN. Winch DE and others Eastward and westward moving components of \(S_q\) and \(L\). IAGA 6th scientific assembly Exeter, UK 1989 .