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Journal Articles

C1. Afsar Z, Laca M, Ramagge J and Sehnem CF
Zahra Afsar, Marcelo Laca, Jacqui Ramagge, Camila F Sehnem: Equilibrium on Toeplitz extensions of higher dimensional noncommutative tori. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 509 (2022), no.2, Paper no. 125984, 31 pages.

C1. Alhuntushi NMW, Jajo NK, Peiris MS, Khadra M and Mallows J
Nasser Mutlaq W Alhuntushi, Nethal K Jajo, Shelton Peiris, Mohamed Khadra, James Mallows: A New Look at Patient Waiting Time in an Australian Emergency Department using Simulation. International Journal of Statistics and Systems, 17 (2022), no.1, 1–18.

C1. Allen DE
David E Allen: Cryptocurrencies, Diversification and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 15 (2022), no.Article 103, 25 pages.

C1. Allen DE and McAleer M
David E Allen, Michael McAleer: Trump’s COVID‑19 tweets and Dr. Fauci’s emails. Scientometrics, Published Online (2022), no.18 January 2022, 13 pages.

C1. Badziahin D and Bugeaud Y
Dzmitry Badziahin, Yann Bugeaud: Multiplicative p-Adic Approximation. Michigan Mathematical Journal, 71 (2022), no.1, 121–143.

C1. Baird TJ, Cornwell P, Cox G, Jones CKRT and Marangell R
Thomas J Baird, Paul Cornwell, Graham Cox, Christopher Jones and Robert Marangell: Generalized Maslov indices for non-Hamiltonian systems. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 54 (2022), no.2, 1623–1668.

C1. Bednarek M, Ross AS, Boichak O, Doran YJ, Carr G, Altmann EG and Alexander TJ
Monika Bednarek, Andrew S Ross, Olga Boichak, Y J Doran, Georgia Carr, Eduardo G Altmann, Tristram J Alexander: Winning the discursive struggle? The impact of a significantenvironmental crisis event on dominant climate discourses on Twitter. Discourse, Context & Media, 45 (Open Access) (2022), 100456 (13 pages).

C1. Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B, Ondreját M and Rana N
Zdzisław Brzeźniak, Ben Goldys, Martin Ondreját, Nimit Rana: Large deviations for (1 + 1)-dimensional stochastic geometric wave equation. Journal of Differential Equations, 325 (Open Access) (2022), no.325, 1–69.

C1. Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B, Ondreját M and Rana N
Zdzisław Brzeźniak, Ben Goldys, Martin Ondreját, Nimit Rana: Large deviations for (1 + 1)-dimensional stochastic geometric wave equation. Journal of Differential Equations, 325 (2022), 1–69.

C1. Chan JSK, Choy STB, Makov U, Shamir A and Shapovalov V
Jennifer S K Chan, S T Boris Choy, Udi Makov, Ariel Shamir and Vered Shapovalov: Variable Selection Algorithm for a Mixture of Poisson Regression for Handling Overdispersion in Claims Frequency Modeling Using Telematics Car Driving Data. Risks, 10 (Open Access) (2022), no.83, 10 pages.

C1. Dancso Z and Licata AM
Zsuzsanna Dancso and Anthony M Licata: Koszul algebras and flow lattices. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 185 (2022), 105534 (31 pages).

C1. Dragovic V, Gasiorek S and Radnović M
V. Dragović, S. Gasiorek, M. Radnović: Billiard ordered games and books. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 27 (2022), 132–150.

C1. Droniou J, Goldys B and Le KN
Jerome Droniou, Beniamin Goldys, Kim-Ngan Le: Design and convergence analysis of numerical methods for stochastic evolution equations with Leray–Lions operator. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 42 (2022), 1143–1179.

C1. Fărcăşeanu M and Mihăilescu M
Maria Fărcăşeanu and Mihai Mihăilescu: On the monotonicity of the best constant of Morrey's inequality in convex domains. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 150 (2022), no.2, 651–660.

C1. Fitzpatrick M and Stewart M
Matthew Fitzpatrick and Michael I. Stewart: Asymptotics for Markov chain mixture detection. Econometrics and Statistics, The 2nd Special issue on Mixture Models (2022), no.22, 56–66.

C1. Fulsche R and Nursultanov M
Robert Fulsche and Medet Nursultanov: Spectral theory for Sturm–Liouville operators with measure potentials through Otelbaev’s function. AIP Journal of Mathematical Physics, 63 (2022), no.1, Article 012101 (23 pages).

C1. Goldys B, Yang JTF and Zhou Z
Beniamin Goldys, James Yang and Zhou Zhou: Singular perturbation of zero-sum linear quadratic stochastic differential games. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 60 (2022), no.1, 48–80.

C1. Guillarmou C, Lassas M and Tzou L
Colin Guillarmou, Matti Lassas and Leo Tzou: X-ray Transform in Asymptotically Conic Spaces. International Mathematics Research Notices, 5 (2022), 3918–3976.

C1. Hancock EJ and Oyarzún DA
Edward J Hancock, Diego A. Oyarzún: Stabilization of antithetic control via molecular buffering. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 19 (2022), no.188, 20210762 (11 pages).

C1. Hardesty W
William Hardesty: Explicit calculations in an infinitesimal singular block of \(\mathrm{SL}_n\). Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Published Online 10 February 2022 (Open Access) (2022), 34 pages.

C1. Hauer D and Mazón JM
Daniel Hauer and José M. Mazón: The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator associated with the 1-Laplacian and evolution problems. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 61 (2022), Article no. 37 (50 pages).

C1. Havula E, Ghazanfar S, Lamichane N, Francis D, Hasygar K, Liu Y, Alton LA, Johnstone J, Needham EJ, Pulpitel T, Clark T, Niranjan HN, Shang V, Tong V, Jiwnani N, Audia G, Alves AN, Sylow L, Mirth C, Neely GG, Yang YH, Hietakangas V, Simpson SJ and Senior AM
E Havula, S Ghazanfar, N Lamichane, D Francis , K Hasygar, Y Liu, L A Alton, J Johnstone, E J Needham, T Pulpitel, T Clark , H N Niranjan , V Shang, V Tong , N Jiwnani, G Audia, A N Alves, L Sylow, C Mirth, G G Neely, J Yang, V.Hietakangas, S J Simpson and A M Senior: Genetic variation of macronutrient tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster. Nature Communications, 13 (Open Access) (2022), no.1, Art. 1637 (16 pages).

C1. He Y and Kawaii R
Yue He, Reiichiro Kawaii: Super- and subdiffusive positions in fractional Klein–Kramers equations. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 588 (2022), 126570 (14 pages).

C1. Hester EW, Vasil GM and Wechselberger M
Eric W Hester, Geoffrey M Vasil, Martin Wechselberger: On the stability of shocks in isothermal black hole accretion discs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 512 (2022), no.4, 5771–5781.

C1. Hunt R, Peiris MS and Weber NC
Richard Hunt, Shelton Peiris, Neville Weber: Estimation methods for stationary Gegenbauer processes. Statistical Papers, Published Online 14/2/2022 (2022), 35 pages.

C1. Ioannidis JPA, Cripps S and Tanner MA
John P A Ioannidis, Sally Cripps, Martin A Tanner: Forecasting for COVID-19 has failed. International Journal of Forecasting, 38 (2022), no.2, 423–438.

C1. Jelbart S, Pages N, Kirk V, Sneyd J and Wechselberger M
Samuel Jelbart, Nathan Pages, Vivien Kirk, James Sneyd, Martin Wechselberger: Process-Oriented Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory and Calcium Dynamics. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 21 (2022), no.2, 982–1029.

C1. Koike S and Paunescu L
Satoshi Koike and Laurentiu Paunescu: On finiteness theorems of polynomial functions. European Journal of Mathematics, In Press (2022), 1–21.

C1. Mathas A
Andrew Mathas: Positive Jantzen sum formulas for cyclotomic Hecke algebras. Mathematische Zeitschrift, Published Online 2 March 2022 (2022), 42 pages.

C1. Maxim L, Paunescu L and Tibar M
Laurentiu Maxim, Laurentiu Paunescu and Mihai Tibar: The vanishing cohomology of non-isolated hypersurface singularities. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2 (2022), 1–42.

C1. Molev AI
A. I. Molev: \(W\)-algebras associated with centralizers in type \(A\). International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022 (2022), no.8, 6019–6037.

C1. Molev AI
A. I. Molev: Odd reflections in the Yangian associated with \(\mathfrak{gl}(m|n)\). Letters in Mathematical Physics, 112 (2022), no.1, paper 8, 15 pages.

C1. Muthiah D, Weekes A and Yacobi O
Dinakar Muthiah, Alex Weekes, Oded Yacobi: The Equations Defining Affine Grassmannians in Type A and a Conjecture of Kreiman, Lakshmibai, Magyar, and Weyman. International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022 (2022), no.3, 1922–1972.

C1. Parkinson J and Yau Y
James Parkinson, Yeeka Yau: Cone types, automata, and regular partitions in Coxeter groups. Advances in Mathematics, 398 (2022), Art. 108148 (66 pages).

C1. Potenciano-Machado L, Ruiz A and Tzou L
Leyter Potenciano-Machado, Alberto Ruiz, Leo Tzou: Stability estimates for the magnetic Schrödinger operator with partial measurements L. Journal of Differential Equations, 321 (Open Access) (2022), 475–521.

C1. Qiu Q and Kawaii R
Qinjing Qiu, Reiichiro Kawaii: A decoupling principle for Markov-modulated chains. Statistics and Probability Letters, 182 (2022), 109301 (8 pages).

C1. Rahman N, Marangell R and Oelz D
Nizhum Rahman, Robert Marangell, Dietmar Oelz: Classification and stability analysis of polarising and depolarising travelling wave solutions for a model of collective cell migration. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 421 (2022), Article 126954 1 (9 pages).

C1. Solon-Biet SM, Griffiths L, Fosh S, Le Couteur DG, Simpson SJ and Senior AM
Samantha M Solon-Biet, Lucy Griffiths, Sophie Fosh, David G. Le Couteur, Stephen J Simpson and Alistair M Senior: Meta-analysis links dietary branched-chain amino acids to metabolic health in rodents. BMC Biology, 20 (2022), no.19, 13 pages.

C1. Steel CC, Lees AM, Tarr G, Warner RD, Dunshea FR, Cowley FC and McGilchrist P
Cameron Steel, A. M. Lees, G. Tarr, R. Warner, F. Dunshea, F. Cowley and P. McGilchrist: The impact of weather on the incidence of dark cutting in Australian feedlot cattle. International Journal of Biometeorology, 66 (2022), 263–274.

C1. Vera-Ruiz VA, Robinson J and Jermin LS
Victor A Vera-Ruiz, John Robinson, and Lars S Jermin: A likelihood-ratio test for lumpability of phylogenetic data: is the Markovian property of an evolutionary process retained in recoded DNA?. Systematic Biology, 71 (2022), no.3, 660–675.

C1. Vernon ST, Kott KA, Hansen T, Finemore M, Baumgart KW, Bhindi R, Yang YH, Hansen PS, Nicholls SJ, Celermajer DS, Ward MR, van Nunen SA, Grieve SM and Figtree GA
Stephen T Vernon , Katharine A Kott , Thomas Hansen, Meghan Finemore , Karl W Baumgart , Ravinay Bhindi , Jean Yang , Peter S Hansen, Stephen J Nicholls , David S Celermajer , Michael R Ward , Sheryl A van Nunen , Stuart M Grieve and Gemma A Figtree: Immunoglobulin E Sensitization to Mammalian Oligosaccharide Galactose-α-1,3 (α-Gal) Is Associated With Noncalcified Plaque, Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease, and ST-Segment–Elevated Myocardial Infarction. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 42 (2022), no.3, 352–361.