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Journal Articles

C1. Allen DE and McAleer M
David E Allen and Michael McAleer: Flattening the curve in risk management of COVID-19: Do lockdowns work?. Annals of Financial Economics, 15 (2021), no.4, Article 2050011 (26 pages).

C1. Allen DE and McAleer M
David E Allen and Michael Mcaleer: Predicting cases and deaths in Europe from COVID-19 tests and country populations. Annals of Financial Economics, 15 (2021), no.4, Article 2050017 – 1.

C1. Bertram CD, Ikhimwin BO and Macaskill C
Christopher D Bertram, Bernard O Ikhimwin and Charlie Macaskill: Modeling flow in embryonic lymphatic vasculature: What is its role in valve development?. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 18 (Open Access) (2021), no.2, 1406–1424.

C1. Björklund M, Fish A and Shkredov ID
Michael Björklund, Alexander Fish, Ilya D Shkredov: Sets of transfer times with small densities. Journal de l’École polytechnique — Mathématiques, 8 (2021), no.Open Access, 311–329.

C1. Brown A and Romanov A
Adam Brown and Anna Romanov: Contravariant forms on Whittaker modules. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 149 (2021), no.1, 37–52.

C1. Cîrstea FC
Florica C. Cîrstea: Proofs of Urysohn's lemma and the Tietze extension theorem via the Cantor function. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 103 (2021), no.2, 326–332.

C1. Chandra R, Cripps S, Butterworth N and Muller RD
Rohitash Chandra, Sally Cripps, Nathaniel Butterworth, R Dietmar Muller: Precipitation reconstruction from climate-sensitive lithologies using Bayesian machine learning. Environmental Modelling and Software, 139 (2021), Article 105002 (20 pages).

C1. Chin V, Ioannidis JPA, Tanner MA and Cripps S
Vincent Chin, John P A Ioannidis, Martin A Tanner, Sally Cripps: Effect estimates of COVID-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions are non-robust and highly model-dependent. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 136 (2021), no.August 2021, 96–132.

C1. Eastwood J, Wang A, Khanlari S and Yang YH
John Eastwood, Andy Wang, Sarah Khanlari, Alicia Montgomery & Jean Yee Hwa Yang: Psychosocial stratification of antenatal indicators to guide population-based programs in perinatal depression. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 21 (2021), no.Open Access, Article number 277.

C1. Fărcăşeanu M, Grecu A, Mihăilescu M and Stancu-Dumitru D
Maria FărcăşeanuMaria Farcaseanu, Andrei Grecu, Mihai Mihăilescu and Denisa Stancu-Dumitru: Perturbed eigenvalue problems: an overview. Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Mathematica, 66 (2021), no.1, 55–73.

C1. Gasiorek S
Sean Gasiorek: On the Dynamics of Inverse Magnetic Billiards. Nonlinearity, 34 (2021), no.3, 1503–1524.

C1. Gasiorek S and Radnović M
Sean Gasiorek, Milena Radnović: Pseudo-Euclidean billiards within confocal curves on the hyperboloid of one sheet. Journal of Geometry and Physics, 161 (2021), 104032.

C1. Gottwald GA
Georg A. Gottwald: A model for Dansgaard-Oeschger events and millennial-scale abrupt climate change without external forcing. Climate Dynamics, 56 (2021), no.1-2, 227–243.

C1. Gottwald GA and Melbourne I
Georg A. Gottwald and Ian Melbourne: Simulation of non-Lipschitz stochastic differential equations driven by \(\alpha\)-stable noise: a method based on deterministic homogenisation. SIAM Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, 19 (2021), no.2, 665–687.

C1. Guillarmou C, Mazzucchelli M and Tzou L
Colin Guillarmou, Marco Mazzucchelli, Leo Tzou: Boundary and lens rigidity for non-convex manifolds. American Journal of Mathematics, 143 (2021), no.2, 533–575.

C1. Gurka P and Hauer D
Petr Gurka and Daniel Hauer: More insights into the Trudinger–Moser inequality with monomial weight. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 60 (2021), no.Article 16, 27 pages.

C1. Hauer D
Daniel Hauer: Regularizing effect of homogeneous evolution equations with perturbation. Nonlinear Analysis, 206 (2021), no.Open Access, Article number 112245.

C1. Hester EW, McConnochie CD, Cenedese C, Couston LA and Vasil GM
Eric W Hester, Craig D McConnochie, Claudia Cenedese, Louis-Alexandre Couston and Geoffrey Vasil: Aspect ratio affects iceberg melting. Physical Review Fluids, 6 (2021), no.2, Art. 023802 (Open Access).

C1. Hester EW, Vasil GM and Burns KJ
Eric W Hester, Geoffrey M Vasil, Keaton J Burns: Improving accuracy of volume penalised fluid-solid interactions. Journal of Computational Physics, 430 (2021), Article 110043 (25 pages).

C1. Hillman JA
J. A. Hillman: 3-manifolds with nilpotent embeddings in \(S^4\). Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications, 29 (2021), no.14, 2050094.

C1. James N and Menzies M
Nick James and Max Menzies: Association between COVID-19 cases and international equity indices. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, Open Access (2021), no.417, Article 132809.

C1. James N, Menzies M and Chang J
Nick James, Max Menzies and Jennifer Chang: Changes to the extreme and erratic behaviour of cryptocurrencies during COVID-19. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 565 (2021), no.Open access, Article 125581.

C1. James RW
Nick James: Dynamics, behaviours, and anomaly persistence in cryptocurrencies and equities surrounding COVID-19. Physica A, 570 (2021), 125831 (18 pages).

C1. Kairzhana A, Marangell R, Pelinovskya DE and Xiao KL
Adilbek Kairzhana, Robert Marangell, Dmitry E Pelinovskya, Ke Liang Xiao: Standing waves on a flower graph. Journal of Differential Equations, 271 (2021), 719–763.

C1. Khan M, Salahuddin T and Stephen SO
Mair Khan, T Salahuddin, S O Stephen: Variable thermal conductivity and diffusivity of liquids and gases near a rotating disk with temperature dependent viscosity. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 333 (2021), Art. 115749 (8 pages).

C1. Kim HJ, Kim T, Hoffman NJ, Xiao D, James DE, Humphrey SJ and Yang P
Hani Jieun Kim, Taiyun Kim, Nolan J. Hoffman, Di Xiao, David E. James, Sean J. Humphrey, Pengyi Yang: PhosR enables processing and functional analysis of phosphoproteomic data. Cell Reports, 34 (2021), no.8, 108771.

C1. Krumm D and Sutherland N
David Krumm and Nicole Sutherland: Galois groups over rational function fields and Explicit Hilbert Irreducibility. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 103 (2021), 108–126.

C1. Ma Y and Tzou L
Yilin Ma and Leo Tzou: Semilinear Calderón problem on Stein manifolds with Kähler metric. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 103 (2021), no.1, 132–144.

C1. Molev AI
Alex Molev: Center at the critical level for centralizers in type A. Journal of Algebra, 566 (2021), 163–186.

C1. Molev AI
A. I. Molev: Casimir elements and Sugawara operators for Takiff algebras. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 62 (2021), no.011701, 13pp.

C1. Molev AI, Ragoucy E and Suh UR
Alex Molev, Eric Ragoucy and Uhi Rinn Suh: Supersymmetric \(W\)-algebras. Letters in Mathematical Physics, 111 (2021), no.1, Paper no. 6 (25 pages).

C1. Nandakumar V, Rosso D and Saunders N
Vinoth Nandakumar, Daniele Rosso and Neil Saunders: Irreducible components of exotic Springer fibres II: The exotic Robinson–Schensted algorithm. Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 310 (Open Access) (2021), no.2, 447–485.

C1. Norris DM, Yang P, Shin SY, Kearney AL, Kim HJ, Geddes TA, Senior AM, Fazakerley DJ, Nguyen LK, James DE and Burchfield JG
Dougall Norris, Pengyi Yang, Sung-Young Shin, Alison L Kearney, Hani Jieun Kim, Thomas Geddes, Alistair M Senior, Daniel J Fazakerley, Lan K Nguyen, David E James and James G Burchfield: Signaling Heterogeneity is Defined by Pathway Architecture and Intercellular Variability in Protein Expression. iScience (Open Access), 24 (2021), no.2, Art. 102118 (24 pages).

C1. Patrick E, Olah M, Taga M, Klein HU, Xu J, White CC, Felsky D, Agrawal S, Gaiteri C, Chibnik LB, Mostafavi S, Schneider JA, Bennett DA, Bradshaw EM and Jager PLD
Ellis Patrick, Marta Olah, Mariko Taga, Hans-Ulrich Klein, Jishu Xu, Charles C White, Daniel Felsky, Sonal Agrawal, Chris Gaiteri, Lori B Chibnik, Sara Mostafavi, Julie A Schneider, David A Bennett, Elizabeth M Bradshaw and Philip L De Jager: A cortical immune network map identifies distinct microglial transcriptional programs associated with β-amyloid and Tau pathologies. Translational Psychiatry, 11 (2021), no.1, Article Number 50.

C1. Pooladvand P, Kim PS and Fazekas de St Groth B
Pantea Pooladvand, Peter S Kim, Barbara Fazekas de St Groth: The Role of Antigen-Competitive Dynamics in Regulating the Immune Response. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 83 (2021), no.5, Art. 40 (22 page).

C1. Singh R, Cottle L, Loudovaris T, Xiao D, Yang P, Thomas HE, Kebede MA and Thorn P
Reena Singh, Louise Cottle, Thomas Loudovaris, Di Xiao, Pengyi Yang, Helen E Thomas, Melkam A Kebede, Peter Thorn: Enhanced structure and function of human pluripotent stem cell-derived beta-cells cultured on extracellular matrix. Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 10 (2021), no.3, 492–505.

C1. Su X, Zhao L, Shi Y, Zhang R, Long Q, Bai S, Luo Q, Lin Y, Zou X, Ghazanfar S, Tao K, Yang G, Wang L, He KY, Cui X, He J, Wu JX, Han B, Yan B, Deng B, Wang N, Li X, Yang P, Hou S, Sun J, Yang YH, Chen J and Han ZG
Xianbin Su, Linan Zhao, Yi Shi, Rui Zhang, Qi Long, Shihao Bai, Qing Luo, Yingxin Lin, Xin Zou, Shila Ghazanfar, Kun Tao, Guoliang Yang, Lan Wang, Kun‑Yan He, Xiaofang Cui, Jian He, Jiao‑Xiang Wu, Bo Han, Bin Yan, Biao Deng, Na Wang, Xiaolin Li, Pengyi Yang, Shangwei Hou, Jielin Sun, Jean Y H Yang, Jinhong Chen and Ze‑Guang Han: Clonal evolution in liver cancer at single-cell and single-variant resolution. Journal of Hematology and Oncology, 14 (2021), no.1, Article Number 22.

C1. Wang Q, Phillips PCB and Kasparis I
Qiying Wang , Peter C.B. Phillips and Ioannis Kasparis: Latent variable nonparametric cointegrating regression. Econometric Theory, 37 (2021), 138 – 168.

C1. Watkins M
Mark Watkins: Comments on Deuring's zero-spacing phenomenon. Journal of Number Theory, 218 (2021), 1–43.