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A1. Daners D and Koch Medina P: Abstract evolution equations, periodic problems and applications. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics, 279 Longman Scientific & Technical, Harlow, Essex, 1992, ISBN 0-582-09635-9, iv+249 pages. MR94b:34002

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Chapters in Books

B1. Breny H, Jongmans F and Seneta E: A. Meyer et l'Academie, Regards sur 175 ans de science a l'Université de Liège. Bernes AC (ed.), Centre d'Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques. Université de Liège, 1992, 13–22 bis. (Annexe)

Journal Articles

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C1. Field MJ and Richardson RW: Symmetry breaking and branching patterns in equivariant bifurcation theory II. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 120 (1992), 147–190. MR93h:58111

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Conference Proceedings

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