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A1. Hillman JA: The Algebraic characterization of Geometric 4-Manifolds. London Mathematical Society Lecture Series, 198 Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994, ISBN 0 521 40117 8, 282 pages. MR95m:57032

A1. Wilson PR: Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles. Cambridge Astrophysics Series, 24 Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994, ISBN 0 521 40685 4, 274 pages. (Series editors: Carswell RF, Lin DNC, Pringle JE).

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A5. Brink B: On root systems and automaticity of Coxeter groups. 1994.

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A5. Holbrook N: Temperature variability in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. 1994.

A5. Khalil W: Functional processors with applications to imperative programming. 1994.

A5. Oliwa C: A new approach to the quantization of Bianchi Class A models in supergravity. 1994.

A5. Ramadan W: Half spin representations and the Klein correspondence. 1994.

A5. Ravier-Hay P: Observation and modelling of the mixed layer in the western Pacific warm pool area. 1994.

A5. Thomson PC: Statistics models of synaptic transmission. 1994.

Chapters in Books

B1. Charlton BS, Foulds GA, Gray BF, Griffiths JF and Walker GS: Thermokinetic modelling of the gas phase partial oxidation of methane to methanol in a CSTR, Natural Gas Conversion II. Curry-Hyde HE, Howe RF (ed.), Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, Elsevier, 1994, 379–381.

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B1. Zheligovsky VA, Podvigina OM and Sadovsky AM: On determination of the places of fractality of the Earth's crust by a formalized algorithm from the data on the Bouguer gravity anomalies and topography, Theoretical problems of geodynamics and seismology. Computational Seismology, 27, Nauka, Moscow, 1994, 245–279.

Journal Articles

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D. Monro GP: Review of International Computer Music Conference, Tokyo 1993. Chroma (Newsletter of the Australian Computer Music Association), (1994), no.15, 12–15. (An abbreviated version also appeared in ``Sounds Australian Update'' issue no 71 (Nov 1993), p.5.)

D. Monro GP: ICMC 1994 - The Human Touch. Chroma (Newsletter of the Australian Computer Music Association), (Oct 1994) (1994), no.18, 11–14.

Conference Proceedings

E1. Bennett MR, Robinson J and Phipps MC (1994) Spontaneous quantal secretions from single synaptic varicosities. Neuroscience (Canberra 1994), Proceedings Australian Neuroscience Society, 5

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Computer Software

G1. Wilson M, Macaskill C, James RW and Szabo P (1994) DIALOG interface to NCAR graphics package plus numerous extensions. surplot: C and DIALOG. (Surface drawing with zoom, animation and variable inputs covering discrete and function-based input data. 13000 lines of code. Still under development.) .

Other Output

OT. Daners D (1994) Seminar. Change of stability for linear parabolic equations on \(\mathbb{R}^N\). Department of Mathematics, University of California LA

OT. Daners D (1994) Seminar. Domain independent a priori estimates for elliptic boundary value problems. Mathematics Institute, University of Zurich

OT. Daners D (1994) Seminar. Eigenvalue problems on \(\mathbb{R}^N\). Mathematics Institute, University of Tubingen

OT. Daners D (1994) Seminar. Eigenvalue problems for periodic parabolic-operators. Laboratoire de mathematique, University of Besancon

OT. Luckock HC (1994) Seminar. Boundary Corrections for Supersymmetry and Nicolai Maps. Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, 1992

OT. Luckock HC (1994) Colloquium. Quantum Supergravity, and some new ideas on Time and the Origin of the Universe. School of Physics, University of Sydney, 1994

OT. Luckock HC (1994) Seminar. Path Integral Formulation of Coloured Noise. Applied Mathematics Department, University of Sydney, 1992

OT. Luckock HC and Oliwa C (1994) Quantisation of Bianchi IX Class A Models in Supergravity, and the Probability Density Function of the Universe. 7th Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, Stanford University (USA), 1994

OT. Richardson JS (1994) WWW index. MathSearch index of World Wide Web mathematics and statistics pages., (Full-content sentence-level index generated by robot, with forms interface to phrase-oriented search engine)

Creative Works

F1. Cohen A and Monro GP (1994) Music for computer and live performers. New Stars. Conference ``Synaesthetica '94", Canberra, July 1–3 1994, (Musical submissions were selected by a music jury.)

F1. Monro GP (1994) Tape music. Study in Dimension 1.245. Exhibition ``Contours of the Mind", Drill Hall Gallery, ANU, July 1994, (This piece was one of four audio pieces selected for the exhibition.)

F1. Monro GP (1994) Tape music. Dry Choices. Conference ``Synaesthetica '94", Canberra, July 1–3, 1994, (Music submissions were reviewed by a music jury.)

Unpublished Conference Proceedings

UN. Durrant CJ Solar magneto-seismology. 30th Australian Applied Mathematics Conference, Pokolbin 1994 .