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Chapters in Books

B1. Liang HY, Shen Y and Wang Q
Han-Ying Liang, Yu Shen, Qiying Wang: Functional-Coefficient Cointegrating Regression with Endogeneity, Essays in Honor of Joon Y. Park: Econometric Theory (Advances in Econometrics, Vol. 45A). Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, 2023, ISBN 978-1-83753-209-4, 157–186.

Journal Articles

C1. Abdel-Salam ASG, Sohail A, Sherin L, Azim QUA, Faisal A, Fahmy MA and Li Z
Abdel-Salam G Abdel-Salam, Ayesha Sohail, Lubna Sherin, Qurat Ul Ain Azim, Ayesha Faisal, Mohamed Abdelsabour Fahmy, Zhiwu Li: Optimization of tank engine crank shaft material properties. Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, 51 (2023), no.6, 3066–3082.

C1. Ahmed IU, Byrne HM and Myerscough MR
Ishraq U Ahmed, Helen M Byrne, Mary R Myerscough: Macrophage Anti-inflammatory Behaviour in a Multiphase Model of Atherosclerotic Plaque Development. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 85 (2023), no.5, Article 37 (29 pages).

C1. Akahori J, Fan JY and Imamura Y
Jirô Akahori, Jie Yen Fan, Yuri Imamura: On the convergence order of a binary tree approximation of symmetrized diffusion processes. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 211 (2023), 263–277.

C1. Aksamit A, Li L and Rutkowski M
Anna Aksamit, Libo Li, Marek Rutkowski: Generalized BSDE and reflected BSDE with random time horizon. Electronic Journal of Probability, 28, Open Access (2023), Article 40 (1–41).

C1. Al Utaibi KA, Arif R, Sait SM, Sohail A and Awan M
Khaled A Al Utaibi, Robia Arif, Sadiq M Sait, Ayesha Sohail and Mahnoor Awan: Genetic algorithm optimization to model business investment in fashion design. International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, 18 (2023), no.3, 208–216.

C1. Allen D, Alghalith M and Wong WK
D Allen, M Alghalith, W-K Wong: Editorial: Statement for the Special Issue in Honor of Michael McAleer. Annals of Financial Economics, 18 (2023), no.1, 02001 (8 pages).

C1. Allen DE
David E Allen: Was the response to COVID-19 in the West disappointing in terms of comparative outcomes achieved? ESMED (Open Access), 11 (Online) (2023), no.3, 19 pages.

C1. Allen DE and McAleer M
David E Allen and Michael McAleer: Drawbacks in the 3-Factor Approach of Fama and French (2018). Annals of Financial Economics, 18 (2023), no.1, Article 224001 (26 pages).

C1. Aminzadeh A, Roberts L, Young B, Chiang CI, Svalbe ID, Paganin DM and Kingston AM
Alaleh Aminzadeh, Lindon Roberts, Benjamin Young, Cheng-I Chiang, Imants D. Svalbe, David M. Paganin and Andrew M. Kingston: Mask design, fabrication, and experimental ghost imaging applications for patterned X-ray illumination. Optics Express, 31 (2023), 24328–24346.

C1. Andrews G, Dragović V and Radnović M
George Andrews, Vladimir Dragović, Milena Radnović: Combinatorics of periodic ellipsoidal billiards. Ramanujan journal, 61 (2023), 135–147 (published online in 2021). MR4584519

C1. Arendt W and Daners D
Wolfgang Arendt and Daniel Daners: Semilinear elliptic equations on rough domains. Journal of Differential Equations, 346 (2023), 376–415.

C1. Arias-Calluari K, Colin T, Latty T, Myerscough MR and Altmann EG
Karina Arias-Calluari, Theotime Colin, Tanya Latty , Mary Myerscough , Eduardo G Altmann: Modelling daily weight variation in honey bee hives. PLOS Computational Biology, 19 (Open Access) (2023), no.3, e1010880 (22 pages).

C1. Badziahin D and Shallit J
Dmitry Badziahin and Jeffrey Shallit: Badly approximable numbers, Kronecker's theorem, and diversity of Sturmian characteristic sequences. Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux, 35 (2023), no.1, 1–15.

C1. Bar-Natan D, Dancso Z and van der Veen R
Dror Bar-Natan, Zsuzsanna Dancso and Roland van der Veen: Over then under tangles. Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, Online (2023), Article 2340003.

C1. Battagliese D, Grazian C, Liseo B and Villa C
Diego Battagliese, Clara Grazian, Brunero Liseo, Cristiano Villa: Copula modelling with penalized complexity priors: the bivariate case. Test, 32 (2023), no.2, 542–565.

C1. Bertram CD and Davis MJ
C.D. Bertram and M.J. Davis: An enhanced 3D model of intravascular lymphatic valves to assess leaflet apposition and transvalvular differences in wall distensibility.. Biology (Basel), 12 (2023), no.3, 379 (20 pages).

C1. Biffis E, Goldys B, Prosdocimi C and Zanella M
Enrico Biffis, Beniamin Goldys, Cecilia Prosdocimi, Margherita Zanella: A pricing formula for delayed claims: appreciating the past to value the future. Mathematics and Financial Economics, 17 (2023), no.2, 175–202.

C1. Bostanara M, Rashidi TH, Khan NA, Auld J, Ghasri M and Grazian C
Maryam Bostanara, Taha Hossein Rashidi, Nazmul Arefin Khan, Joshua Auld, Milad Ghasri, Clara Grazian: The co-determination of home and workplace relocation durations using survival copula analysis. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 99 (2023), Article 101898 (21 pages).

C1. Brandolini B and Cîrstea FC
Barbara Brandolini and Florica C Cîrstea: Anisotropic elliptic equations with gradient-dependent lower order terms and L1 data. Mathematics in Engineering, 5 (2023), no.4, 1–33.

C1. Brandolini B and Cîrstea FC
Barbara Brandolini and Florica C. Cîrstea: Singular anisotropic elliptic equations with gradient-dependent lower order terms. Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications NoDEA, 30 (2023), no.5, 58 pp..

C1. Bulinski K and Fish A
Kamil Bulinski and Alexander Fish: Glasner property for linear group actions and their products. Mathematische Zeitschrift, 303 (2023), no.4, Article 99 (12 pages).

C1. Burby JW, Duignan N and Meiss JD
J W Burby, N Duignan, and J D Meiss: Minimizing separatrix crossings through isoprominence. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 65 (2023), no.4, Article 045004 (14 pages).

C1. Carlesso D, Nab JMM, Lustri CJ and Reid CR
Daniele Carlesso, Justin M McNab, Christopher J Lustri, Chris R Reid: A simple mechanism for collective decision-making in the absence of payoff information. PNAS, 120 (2023), no.29, article e2216217120 (11 pages).

C1. Chambers KL, Myerscough MR and Byrne HM
Keith L Chambers, Mary R Myerscough, Helen M Byrne: A new lipid-structured model to investigate the opposing effects of LDL and HDL on atherosclerotic plaque macrophages. Mathematical Biosciences, 357 (2023), 108971, 16 pp.

C1. Chen T, Liu R and Wu Z
Tian Chen, Ruyi Liu and Zhen Wu: Continuous-Time Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection Under Non-Markovian Regime-Switching Model with Random Horizon. Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, 36 (2023), 457–479.

C1. Christensen R, Bokor Bleile Y, Sørensen SS, Biscio CAN, Fajstrup L and Smedskjaer MM
Rasmus Christensen,Yossi Bokor Bleile, Søren S. Sørensen, Christophe A N Biscio, Lisbeth Fajstrup and Morten M Smedskjaer: Medium-Range Order Structure Controls Thermal Stability of Pores in Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14 (2023), 7469–7476.

C1. Coombs CEO, Allman BE, Morton EJ, Gimeno M, Horadagodad N, Tarr G and González LA
Cassius E O Coombs, Brendan E Allman, Edward J Morton, Marina Gimeno, Neil Horadagodad, Garth Tarr, Luciano A González: A preliminary investigation into the automatic detection of diseased sheep organs using hyperspectral imaging sensors. Smart Agricultural Technology, 3 (2023), Article 100122 (9 pages).

C1. Coulembier K
Kevin Coulembier: Homological kernels of monoidal functors. Selecta Mathematica, 29 (2023), no.Open Access, Article No. 24 (46 pages).

C1. Coulembier K, Etingof P, Ostrik V and Kleshchev A
Kevin Coulembier, Pavel Etingof, Victor Ostrik, Alexander Kleshchev: On Frobenius exact symmetric tensor categories. Annals of Mathematics (2), 197 (2023), no.3, 1235–1279.

C1. Coulembier K, Etingof P, Ostrik V and Pauwels B
Kevin Coulembier, Pavel Etingof, Victor Ostrik and Bregje Pauwels: Monoidal abelian envelopes with a quotient property.. Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 794 (2023), 179–214.

C1. D Battagliese, C Grazian, B Liseo and C Villa
D Battagliese, C Grazian, B Liseo and C Villa: Copula modelling with Penalised Complexity Priors. TEST, (2023), NA.

C1. Dancso Z, Halacheva I and Robertson M
Zsuzsanna Dancso, Iva Halacheva and Marcy Robertson: A topological characterisation of the Kashiwara–Vergne groups. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 376 (2023), no.5, 3265–3317.

C1. Daners D, Glück J and Mui J
Daniel Daners, Jochen Glück and Jonathan Mui: Local uniform convergence and eventual positivity of solutions to biharmonic heat equations. Differential and Integral Equations, 36 (2023), no.9/10, 727–756.

C1. Del Monte F, Desiraju H and Gavrylenko P
Fabrizio Del Monte, Harini Desiraju, Pavlo Gavrylenko: Isomonodromic Tau Functions on a Torus as Fredholm Determinants, and Charged Partitions. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 398 (2023), 1029–1084.

C1. Del Monte F, Desiraju H and Gavrylenko P
Fabrizio Del Monte, Harini Desiraju, Pavlo Gavrylenko: Isomonodromic Tau Functions on a Torus as Fredholm Determinants, and Charged Partitions. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 398 (2023), 1029–1084.

C1. Deng G and Lustri CJ
Guo Deng, Christopher J Lustri: Exponential asymptotics of woodpile chain nanoptera using numerical analytic continuation. Studies in Applied Mathematics, 150 (2023), 520–557.

C1. Dragović V and Radnović M
V. Dragović, M. Radnović: Billiards within ellipsoids in the 4-dimensional pseudo-Euclidean spaces. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 28 (2023), no.1, 14–43.

C1. Dragović V and Radnović M
Vladimir Dragović, Milena Radnović: Resonance of ellipsoidal billiard trajectories and extremal rational functions. Advances in Mathematics, 424 (2023), 109044.

C1. Duignan N and Meiss JD
Nathan Duignan, James D. Meiss: Distinguishing between regular and chaotic orbits of flows by the weighted Birkhoff average. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 449 Open Access (2023), Article 133749 (16 pages).

C1. Farhood H, Muller S and Beheshti A
Helia Farhood, Samuel Muller and Amin Beheshti: Surface Area Estimation Using 3D Point Clouds and Delaunay Triangulation. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 721 (2023), 28–39.

C1. Fazakerley DJ, van Gerwen J, Cooke KC, Duan X, Needham EJ, Díaz-Vegas A, Madsen S, Norris DM, Shun-Shion AS, Krycer JR, Burchfield JG, Yang P, Wade MR, Brozinick JT, James DE and Humphrey SJ
Daniel J Fazakerley, Julian van Gerwen, Kristen C Cooke , Xiaowen Duan , Elise J Needham , Alexis Díaz-Vegas , Søren Madsen , Dougall M. Norris , Amber S Shun-Shion, James R. Krycer, James G Burchfield, Pengyi Yang, Mark R .Wade, Joseph T Brozinick, David E James and Sean J Humphrey: Phosphoproteomics reveals rewiring of the insulin signaling network and multi-nodal defects in insulin resistance. Nature Communications, Published Online (2023), no.18 February 2023, 20 pages.

C1. Fialkowski J, Yanchuk S, Sokolov IM, Schöll E, Gottwald GA and Berner R
Jan Fialkowski, Serhiy Yanchuk, Igor M. Sokolov, Eckehard Schöll, Georg A. Gottwald, and Rico Berner: Heterogeneous Nucleation in Finite-Size Adaptive Dynamical Networks. Physical Review Letters, 130 (2023), 067402.

C1. Fieker C and Sutherland N
Claus Fieker, Nicole Sutherland: Computing splitting fields using Galois theory and other Galois constructions. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 116 (2023), no.May-June 2023, 243–262.

C1. Fu X, Patrick E, Yang YH, Feng DD and Kim J
Xiaohang Fu, Ellis Patrick, Jean Y H Yang, David Dagan Feng, Jinman Kim: Deep multimodal graph-based network for survival prediction from highly multiplexed images and patient variables. Computers in Biology and Medicine, (2023), N/A.

C1. Fung T and Seneta E
Thomas Fung, Eugene Seneta: On Familywise Error Rate Cutoffs under Pairwise Exchangeability. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 25 (2023), no.Article 59, 13 pages.

C1. Goldys B and Peszat S
Beniamin Goldys and Szymon Peszat: Linear parabolic equation with Dirichlet white noise boundary conditions. Journal of Differential Equations, 362 (2023), 56 pages.

C1. Grazian C and McInnes A
Grazian C. and McInnes A.: An application of copulas to OPEC's changing influence on fossil fuel prices. Econometric Reviews, 42 (2023), no.8, 676–699.

C1. Guillarmou C, Mazzucchelli M and Tzou L
Colin Guillarmou, Marco Mazzucchelli, Leo Tzou: Asymptotically Euclidean Metrics Without Conjugate Points are Flat. The Journal of Geometric Analysis, 33 (2023), no.2, Article no. 37.

C1. Halacheva I, Licata A, Losev I and Yacobi O
Iva Halacheva, Anthony Licata, Ivan Losev, Oded Yacobi: Categorical braid group actions and cactus groups. Advances in Mathematics, 429 (2023), Article 109190 (36 pages).

C1. Ham SL and Purcell JS
Sophie L Ham and Jessica S Purcell: Geometric triangulations and highly twisted links. Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 23 (2023), no.3, 1399–1462.

C1. Hao J, Zou J, Zhang J, Chen K, Wu D, Cao W, Shang G, Yang YH, Wong-Lin K, Sun H, Zhang Z, Wang X, Chen W and Zou X
Jie Hao, Jiawei Zou, Jiaqiang Zhang, Ke Chen, Duojiao Wu, Wei Cao, Guoguo Shang, Jean Y H Yang, KongFatt Wong-Lin, Hourong Sun, Zhen Zhang, Xiangdong Wang, Wantao Chen, Xin Zou: scSTAR reveals hidden heterogeneity with a real-virtual cell pair structure across conditions in single-cell RNA sequencing data. Briefings in Bioinformatics, (2023), no.24

C1. Haque MM, Gumbie M, Gu M and Dissanayake GS
Mohammad M Haque, Mutsa Gumbie, Megan Gu and Gnanadarsha Dissanayake: Factors associated with Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee decisions for listing medicines for diabetes and its associated complications. Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association, 47 (2023), no.2, 139–147.

C1. He Y and Kawai R
Yue He and Reiichiro Kawai: Dimension dependent properties of subdiffusions in damping force fields from an inference perspective. Physica Scripta, 98 (2023), Article 015006.

C1. He Y, Kawai R, Shimizu Y and Yamazaki K
Yue He, Reiichiro Kawai,Yasutaka Shimizu, Kazutoshi Yamazaki: The Gerber-Shiu discounted penalty function: A review from practical perspectives. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 109 (2023), no.March 2023, 1–28.

C1. Heu V, Joshi N and Radnović M
Viktoria Heu, Nalini Joshi, Milena Radnović: Global asymptotics of the sixth Painlevé equation in Okamoto’s space. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 11 (2023), e17.

C1. Holroyd J and Joshi N
Joshua Holroyd, Nalini Joshi: On the perturbed second Painlevé equation. Journal of Physics. A. Mathematical and General, 56 (2023), no.1, 014002.

C1. Hu J, Mathas A and Rostam S
Jun Hu, Andrew Mathas, and Salim Rostam: Skew cellularity of the Hecke algebras of type G(ℓ,p,n). Representation Theory, 27 (2023), 508–573.

C1. Huang S, Zhou J, Feng H and Zhou DX
Shuo Huang, Junyu Zhou, Han Feng, Ding-Xuan Zhou: Generalization Analysis of Pairwise Learning for Ranking With Deep Neural Networks. Neural Computation, 35 (2023), no.6, 1135–1158.

C1. Hui FKC, Muller S and Welsh AH
Francis K C Hui, Samuel Muller, A H Welsh: GEE-Assisted Variable Selection for Latent Variable Models with Multivariate Binary Data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 118 (2023), no.542, 1252–1263.

C1. Hunt RL, Peiris MS and Weber NC
Richard Hunt, Shelton Peiris and Nevlle Weber: Bayesian estimation of Gegenbauer processes. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 93 (2023), no.9, 1357–1377.

C1. Huszár K and Spreer J
Kristóf Huszár, Jonathan Spreer: On the Width of Complicated JSJ Decompositions. Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, LIPIcs, 258 (2023), no.1 June 2023, 42 (18 pages).

C1. Idrees M and Sohail A
Muhammad Idrees, Ayesha Sohail: Optimizing the dynamics of bone turnover with genetic algorithm. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 9 (2023), 1937–1947.

C1. James N, Menzies M and Chan J
Nick James, Max Menzies and Jennifer Chan: Semi-Metric Portfolio Optimization: A New Algorithm Reducing Simultaneous Asset Shocks. Econometrics, 11 (Open Access) (2023), no.1, Article 8 (33 pages).

C1. Jenner AL, Kelly W, Dallaston M, Araujo R, Parfitt I, Steinitz D, Pooladvand P, Kim PS, Wade SJ and Vine KL
Adrianne L Jenner, Wayne Kelly, Michael Dallaston, Robyn Araujo, Isobelle Parfitt, Dominic Steinitz, Pantea Pooladvand, Peter S Kim, Samantha J Wade, Kara L Vine: Examining the efficacy of localised gemcitabine therapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer using a hybrid agent-based model. PLOS Computational Biology, 19 (2023), no.1, Article number e1010104.

C1. Joshi N and Lasic Latimer T
Nalini Joshi, Tomas Lasic Latimer: Asymptotic Behaviours of \(q\)-orthogonal Polynomials from a \(q\)-Riemann Hilbert Problem. Constructive Approximation, online (2023), online.

C1. Joshi N and Lasic Latimer T
Nalini Joshi, Tomas Lasic Latimer: Asymptotics of discrete \(q\)-Freud II orthogonal polynomials from the \(q\)-Riemann Hilbert problem. Nonlinearity, 36 (2023), no.8, Article 3969 (39 pages).

C1. Joshi N and Roffelsen P
Nalini Joshi and Pieter Roffelsen: On symmetric solutions of the fourth q-Painlevé equation. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 56 (2023), no.18, Article no. 185201 (31 pages).

C1. Karunathilaka KGGS and Dissanayake GS
KGGS Karunathilaka, GS Dissanayake: Non-Communicable Diseases of Humans versus Palliative Care: An Insightful Data Centric Approach. Journal of Case Reports and Medical Images, 6 (2023), no.1, Article 1131 (5 pages).

C1. Kim HJ, O'Hara-Wright M, Kim D, Loi TH, Lim BY, Jamieson RV, Gonzalez-Cordero A and Yang P
Hani Jieun Kim, Michelle O'Hara-Wright, Daniel Kim, To Ha Loi, Benjamin Y. Lim, Robyn V. Jamieson, Anai Gonzalez-Cordero and Pengyi Yang: Comprehensive characterization of fetal and mature retinal cell identity to assess the fidelity of retinal organoids. Stem Cell Reports, 18 (2023), no.1, 175–189.

C1. Kingston AM, Aminzadeh A, Roberts L, Pelliccia D, Svalbe ID and Paganin DM
Andrew M. Kingston, Alaleh Aminzadeh, Lindon Roberts, Daniele Pelliccia, Imants D. Svalbe and David M. Paganin: Optimizing nonconfigurable, transversely displaced masks for illumination patterns in classical ghost imaging. Physical Review A, 107 (2023), no.2, 023524:1–023524:24.

C1. Lee JM and Lenells J
Jae Min Lee, Jonatan Lenells: The nonlinear Schrödinger equation on thehalf-line with homogeneous Robin boundaryconditions. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 126 (2023), no.1, 334–389.

C1. Lee JM and Park B
Jae Min Lee and Byungdo Park: The Superbundle Description of Differential K-Theory. Axioms, 12 (2023), no.82, 10 pages.

C1. Lehrer GI and Lyu M
Gus Lehrer and Mengfan Lyu: Generalised Temperley-Lieb algebras of type G(r, 1, n). Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 227 Open Access (2023), no.10, Article 107402 (36 pages).

C1. Lim J and Yacobi O
Jongmin Lim and Oded Yacobi: On Schützenberger modules of the cactus group. Algebraic Combinatorics, 632 (2023), no.3, 773–788.

C1. Liu C, Huang H and Yang P
Chunlei Liu, Hao Huang and Pengyi Yang: Multi-task learning from multimodal single-cell omics with Matilda. Nucleic Acids Research, 51 (2023), no.8, e45.

C1. Lizarraga I and Marangell R
Ian Lizarraga and Robert Marangell: Spectral Stability of Shock-fronted Travelling Waves Under Viscous Relaxation. Journal of Nonlinear Science, 33 (2023), no.5, 71 pages.

C1. Ly FK and Naibo V
Fu Ken Ly and Virginia Naibo: Fractional Leibniz Rules Associated to Bilinear Hermite Pseudo-Multipliers. International Mathematics Research Notices, 2023 (2023), no.7, 5401–5437.

C1. Mackaay M, Mazorchuk V, Miemietz V, Tubbenhauer D and Zhang X
Marco Mackaay, Volodymyr Mazorchuk, Vanessa Miemietz, Daniel Tubbenhauer, Xiaoting Zhang: Simple transitive 2-representations of Soergel bimodules for finite Coxeter types. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 126 (2023), no.5, 1585–1655.

C1. Mao T, Shi Z and Zhou DX
Tong Mao, Zhongjie Shi and Ding-Xuan Zhou: Approximating functions with multi-features by deep convolutional neural networks. Analysis and Applications, 21 (2023), no.1, 93–125.

C1. Mao T and Zhou Z
Tong Mao and Ding-Xuan Zhou: Rates of approximation by ReLU shallow neural networks. Journal of Complexity, 79 (2023), Article 101784 (21 pages).

C1. Mao Y, Gide TN, Adegoke NA, Quek C, Maher N, Potter A, Patrick E, Saw RM, Thompson JF, Spillane AJ, Shannon KF, Carlino MS, Lo SN, Menzies AM, da Silva IP, Long GV, Scolyer RA and Wilmott JS
Yizhe Mao, Tuba N Gide, Nurudeen A Adegoke, Camelia Quek, Nigel Maher, Alison Potter, Ellis Patrick, Robyn M Saw, John F Thompson, Andrew J Spillane, Kerwin F Shannon, Matteo S Carlino, Serigne N Lo, Alexander M Menzies, Inês Pires da Silva, Georgina V Long, Richard A Scolyer and James S Wilmott: Cross‑platform comparison of immune signatures in immunotherapy‑treated patients with advanced melanoma using a rank‑based scoring approach. Journal of Translational Medicine, 21 (2023), 257 (16 pages).

C1. Mathas A and Tubbenhauer D
Andrew Mathas and Daniel Tubbenhauer: Cellularity for weighted KLRW algebras of types B, A(2), D(2). Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 107 (2023), no.3, 1002–1044.

C1. Molev AI
A. I. Molev: Representations of the Yangians associated with Lie superalgebras osp(1|2n). Communications in Mathematical Physics, 398 (2023), 541–571.

C1. Molev AI
A. I. Molev: Representations of the super Yangians of types A and C. Algebras and Representation Theory, 26 (2023), 1007–1027.

C1. Moston-Duggan AJ, Porter MA and Lustri CJ
Aaron J Moston-Duggan, Mason A Porter, Christopher J Lustri: Nanoptera in higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equations. Journal of Nonlinear Science, 33 (2023), 12.

C1. Mui J
Jonathan Mui: Spectral properties of locally eventually positive operator semigroups. Semigroup Forum, 106 (2023), 460–480.

C1. Nitithumbundit T and Chan JSK
Thanakorn Nitithumbundit & Jennifer S K Chan: Maximum leave-one-out likelihood method for the location parameter of variance gamma distribution with unbounded density. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 93 (2023), no.15, 2642–2671.

C1. Nitschke MC, Black AJ, Bourrat P and Rainey PB
Matthew C Nitschke, Andrew J Black, Pierrick Bourrat, Paul B Rainey: The effect of bottleneck size on evolution in nested Darwinian populations. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 561 (2023), 111414 (12 pages).

C1. Nursultanov M, Trad W, Tzou J and Tzou L
Medet Nursultanov, William Trad, Justin Tzou, Leo Tzou: The narrow capture problem on general Riemannian surfaces. Differential Integral Equations, 36 (2023), no.11/12, 877–906.

C1. Parusinski A and Paunescu L
Adam Parusiński, Laurenţiu Păunescu: Lipschitz stratification of complex hypersurfaces in codimension 2. Journal of the European Mathematical Society (JEMS), 25 (2023), 1743–1781.

C1. Patrick E, Canete NP, Iyengar SS, Harman AN, Sutherland GT and Yang P
Ellis Patrick, Nicolas P Canete, Sourish S Iyengar, Andrew N Harman, Greg T Sutherland, Pengyi Yang: Spatial analysis for highly multiplexed imaging data to identify tissue microenvironments. Cytometry Part A, 103 (2023), no.7, 593–599.

C1. Peiris MS and Hunt RL
Shelton Peiris, Richard Hunt: Revisiting the Autocorrelation of Long Memory Time Series Models. Mathematics, 11 (Gold Open Access) (2023), no.4, Article 817 (8 pages).

C1. Perrella D, Duignan N and Pfefferie D
David Perrella, Nathan Duignan and David Pfefferie: Existence of global symmetries of divergence-free fields with first integrals. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 64 (2023), no.5, Article no. 052705 (31 pages).

C1. Qiu Q and Kawai R
Qinjing Qiu and Reiichiro Kawai: Iterative Weak Approximation and Hard Bounds for Switching Diffusion. Journal of Theoretical Probability, 36 (2023), 1003–1036.

C1. Rajchert A and Keich U
Andrew Rajchert, Uri Keich: Controlling the false discovery rate via competition: Is the +1 needed?. Statistics and Probability Letters, 197 (2023), Article 109819 (7 pages).

C1. Sandoz A, Ducret V, Gottwald GA, Vilmart G and Perron K
Antoine Sandoz , Verena Ducret , Georg A. Gottwald , Gilles Vilmart and Karl Perron: SINDy for delay-differential equations: application to model bacterial zinc response. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 479 Open Access (2023), no.2269, 20220556 (18 pages).

C1. Senior AM
Alistair M Senior: Estimating Genetic Variance in Life-Span Response to Diet: Insights From Statistical Simulation. Journals of Gerontology – Series A Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, 78 (2023), no.3, 392–396.

C1. Shade B and Altmann EG
Benjamin Shade and Eduardo G Altmann: Quantifying the Dissimilarity of Text. Information (Switzerland), 14 (2023), no.5, Article 271 (20 pages).

C1. Sherman A
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