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A1. Fisher NI, Tanaka Y and Woodall W
Nicholas Fisher, Yutaka Tanaka, William Woodall: The Road to Quality Control: The Industrial Application of Statistical Quality Control, by H. M. Sarasohn. Wiley, USA, 2019, ISBN 978-1-119-51498-5, 160 pages.

A1. Joshi N
Nalini Joshi: Discrete Painlevé Equations. CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, USA, 2019, ISBN 9781470450380, 146 pages.

A3. Mack JM and Vogeli B
John Mack and Bruce Vogeli: Mathematics and its Teaching in the Asia-Pacific Region. World Scientific Series on Mathematics Education, John Mack and Bruce Vogeli (ed.), World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2019, ISBN 978-981-1-3272-12-5, 324 pages.

Chapters in Books

B1. Allen DE, Kalev P, Peiris MS and Singh AK
David E Allen, Petko Kalev, Shelton Peiris and Abhay K Singh: Currency Spillover Effects between the US Dollar and Some Major Currencies and Exchange Rate Forecasts Based on Neural Nets, Handbook of Global Financial Markets; Transformations, Dependence, and Risk Spillovers. World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2019, ISBN 978-981-3236-64-6, 197–218.

B1. Bardsley JM and Cui T
Johnathan M. Bardsley and Tiangang Cui: A Metropolis-Hastings-within-Gibbs sampler for nonlinear hierarchical-Bayesian inverse problems, 2017 MATRIX Annals. MATRIX Book Series, Springer, Netherlands, 2019, ISBN 978-3-030-04160-1, 3–12.

B1. Berrick AJ and Hillman JA
A J Berrick and J A Hillman: Whitehead's asphericity question and its relation to other open problems, Algebraic Topology and Related Topics. Trends in Mathematics, Birkhäuser, Singapore, 2019, ISBN 978-981-13-5741-1 (print), 978-981-13-5742-8 (online), 27–49. MR3991175

B1. Muir MM, Drury H, Tarr G and White F
Meloni M. Muir, Helen Drury, Garth Tarr and Fiona White: A strategy for enhancing academics’ cultural lens: the Knowing Your Students report, Strategies for Facilitating Inclusive Campuses in Higher Education: International Perspectives on Equity and Inclusion. Innovations in higher education teaching and learning, Emerald Publishing, Bingley, UK, 2019, ISBN 978-1-78756-065-9, 145–162.

B1. Rousseau J, Grazian C and Lee J
J. Rousseau, C. Grazian, J. Lee: Bayesian mixture models: theory and method, Handbook of Mixture Analysis. Chapman & Hall, United Kingdom, 2019, ISBN 9781498763813, –.

B1. Ye N, Roosta-Khorasani F and Cui T
Nan Ye, Farbod Roosta-Khorasani and Tiangang Cui: Optimization methods for inverse problems, 2017 MATRIX Annals. MATRIX Book Series, Springer, Netherlands, 2019, ISBN 978-3-030-04160-1, 121–140.

Journal Articles

C1. Achar PN, Henderson A, Juteau D and Riche S
Pramod N. Achar, Anthony Henderson, Daniel Juteau and Simon Riche: Modular generalized Springer correspondence: an overview. Advanced Lectures in Mathematics, Tsinghua Lectures in Mathematics (2019), no.45, 77–99. MR3971548

C1. Achar PN, Makisumi S, Riche S and Williamson G
Pramod N Achar, Shotaro Makisumi, Simon Riche and Geordie Williamson: Koszul duality for Kac-Moody groups and characters of tilting modules. Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 32 (2019), no.1, 261–310. MR3868004

C1. Adabrah AK, Dragović V and Radnović M
Anani Komla Adabrah, Vladimir Dragović and Milena Radnović: Periodic Billiards Within Conics in the Minkowski Plane and Akhiezer Polynomials. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, 24 (2019), no.5, 464–501. MR4015392

C1. Adabrah AK, Dragović V and Radnović M
A. K. Adabrah, V. Dragović and M. Radnović: Elliptical Billiards in the Minkowski Plane and Extremal Polynomials. Russian Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics, 15 (2019), no.4, 397–407.

C1. Afsar Z, Brownlowe N, Larsen N and Stammeier N
Zahra Afsar, Nathan Brownlowe, Nadia Larsen, Nicolai Stammeier: Equilibrium states on right LCM semigroup \(C^*\)-algebras. International Mathematics Research Notices, March 2019 (2019), no.6, 1642–1698.

C1. Aksamit A, Deng S, Obłój J and Tan X
Anna Aksamit, Shuoqing Deng, Jan Obłój, Xiaolu Tan: The robust pricing–hedging duality for American options in discrete time financial markets. Mathematical Finance, 29 (2019), no.3, 861–897.

C1. Aksamit A and Fontana C
Anna Aksamit and Claudio Fontana: Martingale spaces and representations under absolutely continuous changes of probability. Electronic Communications in Probability, 24 (2019), no.62, 1–13. MR4017136

C1. Aksamit A, Jeanblanc M and Rutkowski M
Anna Aksamit, Monique Jeanblanc, Marek Rutkowski: Integral representations of martingales for progressive enlargements of filtrations. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 129 (2019), no.4, 1229–1258. MR3926554

C1. Alfimov GL, Korobeinikov AS, Lustri CJ and Pelinovsky DE
G L Alfimov, A S Korobeinikov, C J Lustri, D E Pelinovsky: Standing lattice solitons in the discrete NLS equation with saturation. Nonlinearity, 32 (2019), 3445.

C1. Allen DE and Luciano E
David Edmund Allen and Elisa Luciano: Risk Analysis and Portfolio Modelling. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 12 (2019), no.4, 154 (4 pages).

C1. Allen DE and McAleer M
David E Allen and Michael McAleer: Fake News and Propaganda: Trump’s Democratic America and Hitler’s National Socialist (Nazi) Germany. Sustainability, 11 (2019), Art. 5181 – 1.

C1. Allen DE, McAleer M and Singh AK
David E Allen, Michael McAleer and Abhay K Singh: Daily market news sentiment and stock prices. Applied Economics, Online (2019, 14 February), 24 pages.

C1. Alonso J, Dullin HR and Hohloch S
Jaume Alonso, Holger R Dullin and Sonja Hohloch: Taylor series and twisting-index invariants of coupled spin–oscillators. Journal of Geometry and Physics, 140 (2019), no.June 2019, 131–151.

C1. Anders EH, Manduca CM, Brown BP, Oishi JS and Vasil GM
Evan H Anders, Cathryn M Manduca, Benjamin P Brown, Jeffrey S Oishi and Geoffrey M Vasil: Predicting the Rossby Number in Convective Experiments. The Astrophysical Journal, 872 (2019), no.2, article 138, 7 pages.

C1. Arunasalam S, Ciappara J, Nguyen DMH, Tan SJ and Yacobi O
Suntharan Arunasalam, Joshua Ciappara, Diana M. H. Nguyen, Suo Jun Tan, Oded Yacobi: A note on categorification and spherical harmonics. Algebras and Representation Theory, Online First (2019), 1–11.

C1. Badziahin D
Dmitry Badziahin: Continued fractions of certain Mahler functions. Acta Arithmetica, 188 (2019), 53–81. MR3914935

C1. Baharlou H, Canete NP, Cunningham AL, Harman AN and Patrick E
Heeva Baharlou, Nicolas P Canete, Anthony L Cunningham, Andrew N Harman and Ellis Patrick: Mass Cytometry Imaging for the Study of Human Diseases—Applications and Data Analysis Strategies. Frontiers in Immunology, 10 (2019), Article number 2657, 14 November 2019.

C1. Bailey G, Cohen SD, Sutherland N and Trudgian T
Geoff Bailey, Stephen D Cohen, Nicole Sutherland,Tim Trudgian: Existence results for primitive elements in cubic and quartic extensions of a finite field. Mathematics of Computation, 88 (2019), no.316, 931–947. MR3882289

C1. Banterle M, Grazian C, Lee A and Robert CP
Banterle M., Grazian, C., Lee, A. and Robert, C.P.: Accelerating Metropolis-Hastings algorithms by Delayed Acceptance. Fundations of Data Science, 1 (2019), no.2, 103–128.

C1. Barakat-Johnson M, Lai M, Wand T, Li M, White K and Coyer F
Michelle Barakat-Johnson, Michelle Lai, Timothy Wand, Mengbo Li, Kathryn White, Fiona Coyer: The incidence and prevalence of medical device-related pressure ulcers in intensive care: a systematic review. Journal of Wound Care, 28 (2019), no.8, 512–521.

C1. Barnes DW
Donald W Barnes: Faithful irreducible representations of modular Lie algebras. Communications in Algebra, 47 (2019), no.8, 3198–3201. MR3963078

C1. Baumgartner U, Parkinson J and Ramagge J
U Baumgartner, J Parkinson, J Ramagge: Scale and tidy subgroups for Weyl-transitive automorphism groups of buildings. Journal of Algebra, 520 (2019), no.February 2019, 460–478. MR3884174

C1. Bayraktar E, Zhang J and Zhou Z
Erhan Bayraktar, Jingjie Zhang, and Zhou Zhou: Time Consistent Stopping for the Mean-Standard Deviation Problem—The Discrete Time Case. SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics, 10 (2019), no.3, 667–697.

C1. Bayraktar E and Zhou Z
Erhan Bayraktar and Zhou Zhou: No-arbitrage and hedging with liquid American options. Mathematics of Operations Research, 44 (2019), no.2, 468–486. MR3959081

C1. Bennett MR, Farnell L and Gibson WG
M R Bennett, L Farnell and W G Gibson: Quantitative relations between transient BOLD responses, cortical energetics, and impulse firing in different cortical regions. Journal of Neurophysiology, 122 (2019), no.3, 1226–1237.

C1. Bennett MR, Farnell L, Gibson WG and Lagopoulos J
M.R.Bennett, L.Farnell, W.G.Gibson and J.Lagopoulos: A model of amygdala function following plastic changes at specific synapses during extinction. Neurobiology of Stress, 10 (2019), 13 pages.

C1. Bertolacci M, Cripps E, Rosen O, Lau JW and Cripps S
Michael Bertolacci, Edward Cripps, Ori Rosen, John W Lau and Sally Cripps: Climate inference on daily rainfall across the Australian continent, 1876–2015. Annals of Applied Statistics, 13 (2019), no.2, 683–712.

C1. Bertram CD, Macaskill C and Moore JE Jr
C.D.Bertram, C. Macaskill and J.E. Moore, jr.: Inhibition of contraction strength and frequency by wall shear stress in a single-lymphangion model.. ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 141 (2019), no.11, 111006 (8 pages).

C1. Bischofberger SM, Hiabu M, Mammen E and Nielsen JP
Stephan M. Bischofberger, Munir Hiabu, Enno Mammen, Jens P. Nielsen: A comparison of in-sample forecasting methods. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 137 (2019), 133–154. MR3922198

C1. Björklund M and Fish A
Michael Björklund, Alexander Fish: Approximate invariance for ergodic actions of amenable groups. Discrete Analysis, 24 May 2019 (2019), paper no. 6 (56 pp). MR3964142

C1. Blåsten E, Tzou L and Wang JN
Emilia Blåsten, Leo Tzou and Jenn-Nan Wang: Uniqueness for the inverse boundary value problem with singular potentials in 2D. Mathematische Zeitschrift, Online (2019), 15 pages. MR4125698

C1. Booker AR, Cohen SD, Sutherland N and Trudgian T
Andrew R. Booker, Stephen D. Cohen, Nicole Sutherland and Tim Trudgian: Primitive values of quadratic polynomials in a finite field. Math. Comp., 88 (2019), no.318, 1903–1912.

C1. Brownlowe N, Hawkins M and Sims A
Nathan Brownlowe, Mitchell Hawkins and Aidan Sims: The Toeplitz noncommutative solenoid and its Kubo–Martin–Schwinger states. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 39 (2019), no.1, 105–131.

C1. Bruce C, Laca M, Ramagge J and Sims A
Chris Bruce, Marcelo Laca, Jacqui Ramagge and Aidan Sims: Equilibrium states and growth of quasi-lattice ordered monoids. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 147 (2019), no.6, 2389 – 2404. MR3951419

C1. Burrull G, Libedinsky N and Sentinelli P
Gaston Burrull, Nicolas Libedinsky, Paolo Sentinelli: \(p\)-Jones-Wenzl idempotents. Advances in Mathematics, 352 (2019), no.20 August 2019, 246–264.

C1. Cîrstea FC, Robert F and Vetois J
Florica C Cîrstea, Frederic Robert, Jerome Vetois: Existence of sharp asymptotic profiles of singular solutions to an elliptic equation with a sign-changing non-linearity. Mathematische Annalen, 375 (2019), 1193–1230. MR4023375

C1. Cadorel B, Rousseau E and Taji B
Benoît Cadorel, Erwan Rousseau and Behrouz Taji: Hyperbolicity of singular spaces. Journal de L'Ecole Polytechnique, 6 (2019), 1–18. MR3882579

C1. Cannon JJ, Holt DF and Unger WR
John J Cannon, Derek F Holt, William R Unger: The use of permutation representations in structural computations in large finite matrix groups. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 95 (2019), no.November-December 2019, 26–38. MR3951547

C1. Cao Y, Lin Y, Ormerod JT, Yang P, Yang YH and Lo KK
Yue Cao, Yingxin Lin, John T Ormerod, Pengyi Yang, Jean Y H Yang and Kitty K Lo: ScDC: Single cell differential composition analysis. BMC Bioinformatics, 20 (2019), no.Suppl 19:721, 12 pages.

C1. Carberry E and Ogilvie R
Emma Carberry and Ross Ogilvie: Whitham deformations and the space of harmonic tori in \(S ^ 3\). Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 99 (2019), no.3, 945–964. MR3977897

C1. Carnaffan S and Kawai R
Sean Carnaffan and Reiichiro Kawai: Optimal statistical inference for subdiffusion processes. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 52 (2019), no.13, 135001.

C1. Carnaffan S and Kawai R
Sean Carnaffan and Reiichiro Kawai: Analytic model for transient anomalous diffusion with highly persistent correlations. Physical Review E, 99 (2019), no.6, 062120.

C1. Cartis C, Fiala J, Marteau B and Roberts L
Coralia Cartis, Jan Fiala, Benjamin Marteau and Lindon Roberts: Improving the Flexibility and Robustness of Model-based Derivative-free Optimization Solvers. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 45 (2019), no.3, 32:1–41.

C1. Cartis C and Roberts L
Coralia Cartis and Lindon Roberts: A derivative-free Gauss–Newton method. Mathematical Programming Computation, 11 (2019), no.4, 631–674.

C1. Cartwright M and Gottwald GA
Madeleine Cartwright and Georg A. Gottwald: A collective coordinate framework to study the dynamics of travelling waves in stochastic partial differential equations. Physica D, 397 (2019), 54–64. MR3987335

C1. Chan JSK, Ng KH, Nitithumbundit T and Peiris MS
Jennifer So Kuen Chan, Kok-Haur Ng, Thanakorn Nitithumbundit, Shelton Peiris: Efficient estimation of financial risk by regressing the quantiles of parametric distributions: An application to CARR models. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, 23 (2019), no.2, 1–22. MR3948450

C1. Chan JSK, Ng KH and Ragell R
Jennifer So-Kuen Chan, Kok-Haur Ng, Rachel Ragell: Bayesian return forecasts using realised range and asymmetric CARR model with various distribution assumptions. International Review of Economics & Finance, 61 (2019), no.May 2019, 188–212.

C1. Chandra R, Azam D, Müller RD, Salles T and Cripps S
Rohitash Chandra, Danial Azam, R Dietmar Müller, Tristan Salles, Sally Cripps: Bayeslands: A Bayesian inference approach for parameter uncertainty quantification in Badlands. Computers and Geosciences, 131 (2019), no.October 2019, 89–101.

C1. Chandra R, Jain K, Deo RV and Cripps S
Rohitash Chandra, Konark Jain, Ratneel V Deo, Sally Cripps: Langevin-gradient parallel tempering for Bayesian neural learning. Neurocomputing, 359 (2019), no.September 2019, 315–326.

C1. Chen C, Kerr B and Mohammadi A
Chunghao Chen, Bryce Kerr and Ali Mohammadi: A new sum-product estimate in prime fields. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 100 (2019), 268–280. MR4001544

C1. Chiscop I, Dullin HR, Efstathiou K and Waalkens H
Irina Chiscop, Holger R Dullin, Konstantinos Efstathiou and Holger Waalkens: A Lagrangian fibration of the isotropic 3-dimensional harmonic oscillator with monodromy. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 60 (2019), Art. 032103. MR3927837

C1. Chu M and Tillmann S
Michelle Chu and Stephan Tillmann: Reflections on trisection genus. Revue Roumaine de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees, 64 (2019), no.4, 395–402. MR4049694

C1. Chui CK, Lin SB and Zhou DX
Charles K Chui, Shao-Bo Lin and Ding-Xuan Zhou: Deep Net Tree Structure for Balance of Capacity and Approximation Ability. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 5 (2019), no.46, 11 pages.

C1. Chui CK, Lin SB and Zhou DX
Charles K Chui, Shao-Bo Lin, Ding-Xuan Zhou: Deep neural networks for rotation-invariance approximation and learning. Analysis and Applications, 17 (2019), 737–772.

C1. Clauß K, Altmann EG, Backer A and Ketzmerick R
Konstantin Clauß, Eduardo G Altmann, Arnd Backer and Roland Ketzmerick: Structure of resonance eigenfunctions for chaotic systems with partial escape. Physical Review E, 100 (2019), no.5, Art. 052205 (11 pages).

C1. Cliff E
Emily Cliff: Universal factorization spaces and algebras. Mathematical Research Letters, 26 (2019), no.4, 1059–1096. MR4028111

C1. Coulembier K, Mazorchuk V and Zhang X
Kevin Coulembier, Volodymyr Mazorchuk, Xiaoting Zhang: Indecomposable manipulations with simple modules in category \(\mathcal{O}\). Mathematical Research Letters, 26 (2019), no.2, 447–499.

C1. Coulembier K and Penkov I
K Coulembier and I Penkov: On an infinite limit of BGG categories \(\mathcal{O}\). Moscow Mathematical Journal, 19 (2019), no.4, 655–693.

C1. Coulembier K and Zhang RB
Kevin Coulembier, Ruibin Zhang: Borelic pairs for stratified algebras. Advances in Mathematics, 345 (2019), 53–115. MR3898256

C1. Crean AJ and Senior AM
Angela J Crean, Alistair M Senior: High‐fat diets reduce male reproductive success in animal models: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. Obesity Reviews, 20 (2019), no.6, 921–923.

C1. Cui T, Fox C and O'Sullivan MJ
Tiangang Cui, Colin Fox and Michael J. O'Sullivan: A posteriori stochastic correction of reduced models in delayed-acceptance MCMC, with application to multiphase subsurface inverse problems. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 118 (2019), no.10, 578–605.

C1. Cui T, Fox C, O'Sullivan MJ and Nicholls GK
T. Cui, C. Fox, M. J. O'Sullivan and G. K. Nicholls: Using parallel Markov chain Monte Carlo to quantify uncertainties in geothermal reservoir calibration. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 9 (2019), no.3, 295–310.

C1. Cuthbertson H, Tarr G and González LA
Holly Cuthbertson, Garth Tarr and Luciano A. González: Methodology for data processing and analysis techniques of infrared video thermography used to measure cattle temperature in real time. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 167 (2019), 105019.

C1. da Silva IP, Wang KYX, Wilmott JS, Holst J, Carlino MS, Park JJ, Quek C, Wongchenko M, Yan Y, Mann G, Johnson DB, Quade JLM, Rai R, Kefford RF, Rizos H, Scolyer RA, Yang YH, Long GV and Menzies AM
Inês Pires da Silva, Kevin Y.X. Wang, James S. Wilmott, Jeff Holst, Matteo S. Carlino, John J. Park, Camelia Quek, Matthew Wongchenko, Yibing Yan, Graham Mann, Douglas B. Johnson, Jennifer L. McQuade, Rajat Rai, Richard F. Kefford, Helen Rizos, Richard A. Scolyer, Jean Y.H. Yang, Georgina V. Long and Alexander M. Menzies: Distinct molecular profiles and immunotherapy treatment outcomes of V600E and V600K BRAF-mutant melanoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 25 (2019), no.4, 1272–1279.

C1. Dancer EN
E Norman Dancer: On a degree associated with the Gross-Pitaevskii system with a large parameter. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, 12 (2019), no.7, 1835–1839. MR3984724

C1. Dancer EN, Yang H and Zou W
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Hugh Z Ford, Lynda Zeboudj , Gareth S D Purvis , Annemieke ten Bokum , Alexander E Zarebski, Joshua A Bull , Helen M Byrne , Mary R Myerscough and David R Greaves: Efferocytosis perpetuates substance accumulation inside macrophage populations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 286 (2019), no.1904, Article number 20190730.

C1. Garifullin RN, Gubbiotti Giorgio and Yamilov RI
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C1. Gerrard R, Hiabu M, Kyriakou I and Nielsen JP
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C1. Ghazanfar S, Strbenac D, Ormerod JT, Yang YH and Patrick E
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