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A1. Fisher NI, Tanaka Y and Woodall W: The Road to Quality Control: The Industrial Application of Statistical Quality Control, by H. M. Sarasohn. Wiley, USA, 2019, ISBN 978-1-119-51498-5, 160 pages.

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Chapters in Books

B1. Allen DE, Kalev P, Peiris MS and Singh AK: Currency Spillover Effects between the US Dollar and Some Major Currencies and Exchange Rate Forecasts Based on Neural Nets, Handbook of Global Financial Markets; Transformations, Dependence, and Risk Spillovers. World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2019, ISBN 978-981-3236-64-6, 197–218.

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B1. Muir MM, Drury H, Tarr G and White F: A strategy for enhancing academics’ cultural lens: the Knowing Your Students report, Strategies for Facilitating Inclusive Campuses in Higher Education: International Perspectives on Equity and Inclusion. Innovations in higher education teaching and learning, Emerald Publishing, Bingley, UK, 2019, ISBN 978-1-78756-065-9, 145–162.

Journal Articles

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