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Statistics Seminar: Weng Kee Wong -- Using Animal Instincts to Find Efficient Experimental Designs for Biomedical Studies Munir Hiabu7 Jul
PDE Seminar: Sickel -- The interplay of smoothness and regularity in case of radial functions Daniel Daners5 Jul
Day of Geometry and Integrable Systems: Eastwood, Radnovic,Tavokol, Vollmer, Wheeler Emma Carberry4 Jul
Change of date for Alexandru Hening seminars: Alexandru Hening -- Stochastic population dynamics Ben Goldys3 Jul
PDE Seminar: Roman Cherniha -- Can we solve analytically nonlinear mathematical models describing some processes in biology? Daniel Hauer25 Jun
3 Lectures on Stochastic Population Dynamics: Alexandru Hening -- Stochastic population dynamics Ben Goldys9 Jun
Algebra Seminar: Buciumas -- Whittaker functions on p-adic groups and solvable lattice models Kevin Coulembier6 Jun
Applied Maths Seminar: Rajagopal -- Dissecting the role of the internal architecture of cardiac cells on calcium signaling in the heart using computational models Eduardo Altmann5 Jun
Dynamics and Number Theory 2019 Alexander Fish4 Jun
Statistics Seminar: Sergey Dolgov -- Low-rank tensor decompositions for sampling of high-dimensional probability distributions Munir Hiabu4 Jun
Informal Friday Seminar: Ciappara -- Tensor products of finite and infinite dimensional representations of semisimple Lie algebras Anna Romanov28 May
PDE Seminar: Hauer -- Fractional powers of monotone operators in Hilbert spaces Daniel Daners24 May
Algebra Seminar: Campbell -- A counterexample in quasi-category theory Kevin Coulembier16 May
PDE Seminar: Marcin Preisner -- Hardy spaces and Schroedinger operators Daniel Hauer16 May
Algebra Seminar: Thomas -- Platonic lattices for trivalent Platonic polygonal complexes Kevin Coulembier15 May
Applied Maths Seminar: Dragovic -- Triangular Schlesinger systems, Painleve VI equations, and superelliptic curves Eduardo Altmann15 May
International Women in Maths Day at UTS (16th May) -- Panel Q&A breaking myths/sterotypes in STEM David Easdown13 May
Algebra Seminar: Gibson -- A Demazure Character formula for the product monomial crystal, and connections to generalised Schur modules Kevin Coulembier9 May
Statistics Seminar: Mehdi Maadooliat -- Collective Nonparametric Density and Spectral Density Estimation with Applications in Bioinformatics Munir Hiabu8 May
Applied Maths Seminar: Griffiths -- Temperature dependent viscosity flows - analysis and applications Eduardo Altmann8 May
Applied Maths Seminar: McCreadie -- Autonomous Curve Fitting of the Dst index during Geomagnetic Storms Eduardo Altmann30 Apr
Statistics Seminar: Ioannis Kasparis -- Regressions with Heavy Tailed Weakly Nonstationary Processes Munir Hiabu29 Apr
Algebra Seminar: Loseu -- Representations of quantized Gieseker varieties and higher rank Catalan numbers Kevin Coulembier29 Apr
Algebra Seminar: Lesch -- The KO valued spectral flow for skewadjoint Fredholm operators Kevin Coulembier23 Apr
Algebra Seminar: Halacheva -- Branching in Schubert calculus and self-dual puzzles Kevin Coulembier17 Apr
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Joel Gibson -- An introduction to error-correcting codes Eric Hester14 Apr
Statistics Seminar: Noel Cressie -- Statistics Seminar: Inference for Spatio-Temporal Changes of Arctic Sea Ice Munir Hiabu12 Apr
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Carol Badre -- An Introduction to Bass-Serre Theory Eric Hester8 Apr
Algebra Seminar: Bellamy -- Resolutions of symplectic quotient singularities Kevin Coulembier5 Apr
Langlands Program Seminar: Lehrer Gus Lehrer3 Apr
Statistics Seminar: Linh Nghiem -- Estimation in linear errors-in-variables models with unknown error distribution Munir Hiabu1 Apr
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Claire Jiao -- Duality-based approach to stochastic control Eric Hester30 Mar
Langlands Program Seminar: Lehrer -- Artin L functions and induction theorems Gus Lehrer28 Mar
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alice Belliere -- Desynchronization of the Kuramoto model using the collective coordinates Eric Hester24 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Courtney -- Amalgamated free products of strongly residually finite dimensional C*-algebras over central subalgebras Kevin Coulembier22 Mar
PDE Seminar: Pierre Portal -- An operator theoretic approach to pseudo-differential calculus Daniel Hauer18 Mar
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Nathan Duignan -- Simultaneous Binary Collisions and the Mysterious 8/3 Eric Hester18 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Yi Ming -- Linear Dynamical Systems over Finite Commutative Rings Kevin Coulembier13 Mar
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Giulian Wiggins -- Abstract Voting Theory Eric Hester11 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Lehrer -- The Temperley-Lieb tangle category of type B and some infinite dimensional representations of quantum sl2 Kevin Coulembier8 Mar
Statistics Seminar: Peter Robinson -- Long-Range Dependent Curve Time Series Shelton Peiris8 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Coquereaux -- Honeycombs, polytopes, and orbital measures: another look at representation theory Kevin Coulembier6 Mar
Applied Maths Seminar: Cudmore -- On Emergence in Complex Physical Systems Eduardo Altmann4 Mar
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Eric Hester -- Understanding multi-scale Partial Differential Equations on arbitrary domains using the straightforward differential geometry of the signed distance function Eric Hester3 Mar
PDE Seminar: Lan Tang -- On the fractional Navier-Stokes equations Daniel Hauer1 Mar
Geordie’s Seminars: Geordie Williamson -- Langlands correspondence and Bezrukavnikov’s equivalence Laurentiu Paunescu20 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Garner -- V, J--T, F and L Kevin Coulembier18 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Barnes -- Faithful irreducible representations of modular Lie algebras Kevin Coulembier15 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Marin -- New algebras associated to reflection groups Kevin Coulembier15 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Tubbenhauer -- Handlebodies, Artin-Tits and HOMFLYPT Kevin Coulembier15 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Ryom-Hansen -- Graded cellular basis and Jucys-Murphy elements for the generalized blob algebra Kevin Coulembier15 Feb
PDE Seminar: Hassell -- Spaces of functions invariant under Fourier integral operators of order zero Daniel Daners3 Feb
Differential Geometry Seminar: Jianquan Ge -- Isoparametric Polynomials and Hilbert’s 17th Problem on Sums of Squares Zhou Zhang23 Jan
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Lun -- Challenges and future directions in single-cell data analysis Shila Ghazanfar12 Dec
PDE Seminar: Lutz Weis -- Global solutions of nonlinear stochastic Schroedinger equations Daniel Hauer3 Dec
Algebra Seminar: Beliakova -- Quantized annular Khovanov homology Ulrich Thiel6 Nov
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Mar -- One of these cells is not like the other - how variability of gene expression highlights regulatory control Shila Ghazanfar18 Nov
PDE Seminar: Ngan Le -- Existence, uniqueness and regularity of the solution of the time-fractional Fokker-Planck equation with general forcing Daniel Hauer18 Nov
Algebra Seminar: Romanov -- An orbit model for the spectra of nilpotent Gelfand pairs Ulrich Thiel16 Nov
Braid groups course: Licata -- What I would like to prove about braid groups Ulrich Thiel13 Nov
Algebra Seminar: Licata -- Homological algebra and the growth of braids Ulrich Thiel9 Nov
Course on Coxeter groups and braid groups - Talks of B. Howlett and T. Licata Thomas Gobet31 Oct
Algebra Seminar: Warnaar -- The Selberg integral and representation theory Ulrich Thiel26 Oct
MATRIX Satellite Workshop at the University of Sydney -- Recent trends in nonlinear in PDEs Daniel Hauer23 Oct
MATRIX Satellite Workshop at the University of Sydney -- Recent trends in nonlinear in PDEs Daniel Hauer23 Oct
Group Actions Seminar: Schillewaert, Muehlherr Timothy Bywaters23 Oct
CRM Seminar: Gagen -- Stories you might use to show that mathematics is alive David Easdown19 Oct
Algebra Seminar: Yakimova -- Complete integrability on non-regular coadjoint orbits and flag varieties Ulrich Thiel19 Oct
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Kristen Emery -- An introduction to FDR control and its application in Target-Decoy Competition Alexander Kerschl19 Oct
Joint Colloquium: Le Donne -- Mathematical appearances of sub-Riemannian geometries Leo Tzou18 Oct
Group Actions Seminar: Piggott, Naqvi Timothy Bywaters16 Oct
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Jonathon Tidswell -- An Introduction to Monte-Carlo Arithmetic (aka Floating Point Arithmetic) Alexander Kerschl13 Oct
Algebra Seminar: Naqvi -- Symmetries in binomial coefficients for Jack polynomials Ulrich Thiel12 Oct
Statistics Seminar: Wang -- Metropolis-Hastings MCMC with dual mini-batches Garth Tarr10 Oct
PDE Seminar: Petr Gurka -- Concentration-Compactness Principle for generalized Trudinger inequalities Daniel Hauer10 Oct
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Joseph Baine -- An introduction to the representation theory of algebraic groups Alexander Kerschl8 Oct
PDE Seminar: Kwok-Kun Kwong -- Weighted isoperimetric inequalities in warped product manifolds Daniel Hauer6 Oct
PDE Seminar: Kwok-Kun Kwong -- Weighted isoperimetric inequalities in warped product manifolds Daniel Hauer4 Oct
Applied Maths Seminar: Tran -- Bayesian Deep Net GLM and GLMM Eduardo Altmann2 Oct
Algebra Seminar: Henderson -- Complementary symmetry for Slodowy varieties of classical groups Ulrich Thiel28 Sep
Statistics Seminar: de Silva -- The spiral of normalcy: on communicating in the data sciences Garth Tarr26 Sep
2018 AustMS/AMSI Mahler Lecture: Corwin -- Random permutations, partitions and PDEs Anthony Henderson26 Sep
Statistics Seminar: Campello -- Non-Parametric Density Estimates for Data Clustering, Visualisation, and Outlier Detection Garth Tarr26 Sep
Statistics Seminar: Ipsen -- New Class of Random Discrete Distributions on Infinite Simplex Derived from Negative Binomial Processes Garth Tarr26 Sep
PDE Seminar: David Hartley -- On the existence of stable unduloids of dimension eight Daniel Hauer20 Sep
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Timothy Roberts -- Thermoregulation: A Three Timescales Problem Alexander Kerschl14 Sep
Algebra Seminar: Nguyen -- Type A-admissible cells are Kazhdan-Lusztig Ulrich Thiel14 Sep
Algebra Seminar: Mkrtchyan -- Gradings on the Brauer algebra Ulrich Thiel14 Sep
Algebra Seminar: Przezdziecki -- Affine Lie algebras and rational Cherednik algebras via the Suzuki functor Ulrich Thiel14 Sep
Applied Maths Seminar: Smith -- Chaos and the flow capture problem: Polluting is easy, cleaning is hard Eduardo Altmann12 Sep
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alexander Kerschl -- Graded Cellularity and Diagrams Alexander Kerschl9 Sep
Algebra Seminar: Wilbert -- Exotic Springer fibers and two-boundary Temperley-Lieb algebras Ulrich Thiel5 Sep
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Hazel Browne -- Singular Knots and Finite Type Invariants Alexander Kerschl2 Sep
Algebra Seminar: Neeman -- Approximable triangulated categories Ulrich Thiel31 Aug
PDE Seminar: Yuhan Wu -- The ideal curve flow with free boundary conditions Daniel Hauer28 Aug
Applied Maths Seminar: Tzou -- Stability analysis of localised patterns in two and three spatial dimensions Eduardo Altmann28 Aug
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Gaston Burrull -- Towards the p-canonical basis in \tilde{A}_1 Alexander Kerschl25 Aug
CTDS Seminar: Girolami -- Retail Planning in Future Cities: A stochastic formulation of a dynamical singly constrained spatial interaction model Garth Tarr22 Aug
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Madeleine Cartwright -- Power Grids and the Second Order Kuramoto Model Eric Hester20 Aug
Algebra Seminar: Stroppel -- Infinite tilting theory Ulrich Thiel17 Aug
Applied Maths Seminar: Araujo -- Robust Perfect Adaptation in Complex Bionetworks Eduardo Altmann16 Aug
Statistics Seminar: Girolami -- Markov Transition Operators defined by Hamiltonian Symplectic Flows and Langevin Diffusions on the Riemannian Manifold Structure of Statistical Models Garth Tarr16 Aug
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Haruki Osaka -- Introduction to Singular Learning Theory Eric Hester13 Aug
Algebra Seminar: Scherich -- Discrete Representations of the Braid Groups Ulrich Thiel8 Aug
Statistics Seminar: Sasaki -- Inference for Moments of Ratios with Robustness against Large Trimming Bias and Unknown Convergence Rate Garth Tarr7 Aug
Statistics Seminar: Krivitsky -- Inference for Social Network Models from Egocentrically-Sampled Data Garth Tarr7 Aug
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Dickson Annor -- Representation Varieties for SL(3,C): The Trefoil Knot Alexander Kerschl5 Aug
PDE Seminar: Valentina Mira Wheeler -- Rigidity and stability of spheres in the Helfrich model Daniel Hauer2 Aug
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Eric Hester -- How do you simulate a PDE? (with Dedalus) Eric HesterJul 18
Algebra Seminar: Howse -- Invariants of Kazhdan-Lusztig cells Ulrich ThielJul 18
Algebra Seminar: Bapat -- Perverse sheaves on hyperplane arrangements and gluing Ulrich ThielJul 18
Braid Groups: Thomas Gobet and Geordie Williamson -- Braid Groups Laurentiu PaunescuJul 18
Geometry & Topology: Matsumoto & Segerman -- Non-euclidean virtual reality Stephan TillmannJun 18
Algebra Seminar: Cooney -- The (parabolic) exotic t-structure Kevin CoulembierJun 18
Statistics Seminar: Cao -- Statistical Methods for Integrative Analysis of Multi-Omics Data Garth TarrJun 18
Statistics Seminar: Gagnon-Bartsch -- The LOOP Estimator: Adjusting for Covariates in Randomized Experiments Garth TarrJun 18
Algebra Seminar: Thiel -- Hyperplane arrangements associated to symplectic quotient singularities Kevin CoulembierJun 18
PDE Seminar: Frederic Weber -- The Gamma-calculus of Bakry Emery and Phi-entropy inequalities Daniel HauerJun 18
Algebra Seminar: Vertesi -- Combinatorial Tangle Floer homology Kevin CoulembierJun 18
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Marcy Robertson -- An action of the Grothendieck-Teichmuller group on stable curves of genus zero Boris LishakJun 18
Sydney Data Stories Master Class: Murphy -- Managing the astronomy data deluge Di WarrenMay 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Zeina Haidar, Adarsh Kumbhari Eric HesterMay 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Samuel Jelbart -- Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory for Dummies Giulian WigginsMay 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: James Parkinson (Sydney) -- Opposition diagrams for automorphisms of spherical buildings Haotian WuMay 18
PDE Seminar: Giles Auchmuty -- The Singular Value Decomposition of the Poisson Kernel Daniel HauerMay 18
Algebra Seminar: Gobet -- On some generalizations of Soergel categories in small ranks Kevin CoulembierMay 18
Tensor categories seminar: Gibson, Wiggins -- Graphical calculus in tensor categories Ulrich ThielMay 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Vlad Yaskin (University of Alberta) -- On polynomially integrable convex bodies Haotian WuMay 18
Seminar: Masoud Kamgarpour -- Hitchin system and ramifications Oded YacobiMay 18
Algebraic Genomics seminar: Nandakumar -- Algebraic geometry in statistical genomics (Expository) Vinoth NandakumarMay 18
Higher representation theory seminar (expository): Nandakumar -- Proof of Lusztig’s conjectures I: Uniqueness and existence of tensor product categorifications Vinoth NandakumarMay 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Vanessa Robins (ANU) -- Geometry and Topology of Crystals Haotian WuMay 18
Differential Geometry Seminar: Zheng Huang -- Minimal Foliations on Fibered Hyperbolic Three-Manifolds Zhou ZhangMay 18
joint seminar day -- Analysis and PDE seminar Daniel HauerMay 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Sarah Romanes -- An Introduction to Machine Learning Eric HesterMay 18
Algebra Seminar: Parkinson -- On Lusztig’s conjectures P1-P15 Kevin CoulembierMay 18
Statistics Seminar: Scealy -- Scaled von Mises-Fisher distributions and regression models for palaeomagnetic directional data Garth TarrMay 18
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Jonathan Bowden -- From Foliations to Contact Structures Boris LishakMay 18
Statistics Seminar: Bagui -- Convergence of Known Distributions to Normality or Non-normality: An Elementary Ratio Technique Garth TarrMay 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Steven Luu -- Sums for divergent series Alexander KerschlMay 18
Algebra Seminar: Yacobi -- On the category O of affine Grassmannian slices Kevin CoulembierMay 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Jonathan Mui -- Symmetry in Musical Structures Eric HesterApr 18
Statistics Seminar: Fisher -- The Good, the Bad, and the Horrible: Interpreting Net-Promoter Score and the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire in the light of good market research practice Garth TarrApr 18
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bauch -- Montes Algorithm In Function Fields Bill UngerApr 18
Algebra Seminar: Scrimshaw -- Rigged configuration bijection for nonexceptional affine types Kevin CoulembierApr 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Ali Mohammadi -- On collinear triples formed by grids over finite fields Eric HesterApr 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Dongrui Wan (Shenzhen University) -- The quaternionic Monge-Ampere equation and methods of pluripotential theory Haotian WuApr 18
Algebra Seminar: Yang -- Double current algebras and applications Kevin CoulembierApr 18
PDE Seminar: Shibing Chen -- Boundary $C^{1,\alpha}$ regularity of optimal transport maps Daniel HauerApr 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Loo -- Mathematical modelling of the evolution of human behavioural strategies Eric HesterApr 18
Algebra Seminar: Barter -- Fusion categories and (2+1)-dimensional topological quantum field theory Kevin CoulembierApr 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Swan -- Timid frogs and hyperbolic magnets are isomorphic Eric HesterApr 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Timothy Buttsworth (Queensland) -- The Einstein Equation on Manifolds with Large Symmetry Groups Haotian WuApr 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Jonathan Hillman (Sydney) -- Quotients of S^2xS^2 by groups of order 4 Haotian WuApr 18
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Ghazanfar -- Investigating combinatorial expression of delta-protocadherins in single olfactory sensory neurons Shila GhazanfarApr 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Klinger Giulian WigginsMar 18
PDE Seminar: Brandolini -- Sharp bounds for Neumann eigenvalues Daniel DanersMar 18
PDE Seminar: Uhlmann -- Journey to the Center of the Earth Daniel DanersMar 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt) -- Conjugacy growth in groups Haotian WuMar 18
Special Public Lecture: Uhlmann -- Sydney Ideas: Inverse Problems and Harry Potter’s Cloak Stephen MorganMar 18
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Lo -- Novel alternative splicing in TDP-43 mutant mouse models of ALS Shila GhazanfarMar 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Pooladvand -- Do T cells compete for antigen? Eric HesterMar 18
Joint Colloquium: Gannon -- Moonshine: Old and New Leo TzouMar 18
Algebra Seminar: Pauwels -- The etale site of the stable module category of a finite group Kevin CoulembierMar 18
PDE Seminar: Julie Clutterbuck -- On a geometric Schroedinger equation on curves Daniel HauerMar 18
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Stephan Tillmann (Sydney) -- Computing trisections of 4-manifolds Haotian WuMar 18
PDE Seminar: Clutterbuck -- On a geometric Schroedinger equation on curves Daniel DanersMar 18
Algebra Seminar: Khare -- Entrywise functions preserving positivity: from Schur to Schoenberg, to Schur Kevin CoulembierMar 18
Algebra Seminar: Queffelec -- Link invariants from a doubled Schur algebra Kevin CoulembierMar 18
Computational Algebra Seminar: Roney-Dougal -- Backtrack search problems in permutation groups Bill UngerMar 18
CTDS and SIH Data seminar: Shelton Peiris, Richard Hunt, Hao Wu -- Modeling data with unbounded spectra and applications Shelton PeirisMar 18
Statistics Seminar: Olivier -- The importance of statistics in shaping public policy Garth TarrMar 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Joel Gibson -- A Brief Introduction to Differential Forms Dominic TateMar 18
Algebra Seminar: Molev -- Vinberg’s problem for classical Lie algebras Kevin CoulembierMar 18
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bauch -- Fast Arithmetic in the Divisor Class Group Bill UngerMar 18
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Pascovici -- DIA/SWATH - challenges and opportunities for bioinformatics Shila GhazanfarMar 18
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Zeaiter -- The Effect of Thermoregulation on Honey Bee Colony Health and Survival Dominic TateMar 18
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Colin Guillarmou (Faculte des Sciences d’Orsay Universite Paris-Sud) -- Boundary rigidity for non-convex domains Boris LishakMar 18
Macquarie University Mathematics Colloquium: Nalini Joshi -- Symmetry through geometry Stephanie SwansonFeb 18
Applied Maths Seminar: Pelinovsky -- ogue periodic waves in the focusing MKDV and NLS equations Eduardo AltmannFeb 18
Applied Maths Seminar: Wechselberger -- Two-stroke relaxation oscillators Eduardo AltmannFeb 18
Algebra Seminar: East -- Congruences on diagram monoids Kevin CoulembierFeb 18
PDE Seminar: Paul Bryan -- Finite time blow up for harmonic map heat flow Daniel HauerFeb 18
Geometry and Topology Seminar: William Worden (Temple University) -- Veering triangulations: theory and experiment Boris LishakFeb 18
Algebra Seminar: Doty -- Integral Schur-Weyl duality for partition algebras Kevin CoulembierFeb 18
Algebra Seminar: Graham -- Some Reflections on Root Systems Kevin CoulembierFeb 18
Statistics Seminar: Jorgensen -- Using routinely collected data in aged care research: a grey area Garth TarrFeb 18
Statistics Seminar: Swartz -- A buffet of problems in sports analytics Garth TarrFeb 18
Applied Maths Seminar: Huppert -- How to frack into and out of trouble Eduardo AltmannFeb 18
Joint Colloquium: Vinet -- $osp(1,2)$, the Bannai-Ito Algebra and Generalizations Leo TzouFeb 18
Gang Tian’s 59/60th Birthday Event at Sydney: Tian -- Differential Geometry Zhou ZhangFeb 18
Algebra Seminar: Bufetov -- On the Vershik-Kerov Conjecture Concerning Typical Dimensions of Representations of Finite Symmetric Groups Kevin CoulembierFeb 18
Statistics Seminar: Victoria-Feser -- A prediction divergence criterion for model selection and classification in high dimensional settings Garth TarrJan 18
Seminar: Ay -- Introduction to Information Geometry Eduardo AltmannJan 18
Joint Colloquium: Tracy -- Beyond the Bell-Shaped Curve: A New Universal Law Leo TzouJan 18
PDE Seminar: James Kennedy -- Asymptotically optimal Laplacian eigenvalues and Polya’s conjecture Daniel HauerJan 18
Applied Maths Seminar: Peet -- Overlapping and Moving Grid Approaches with Spectral-Element Methods: Concepts and Applications Eduardo AltmannDec 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Jonathan Zhu (Harvard) -- Entropy and self-shrinkers of the mean curvature flow Haotian WuDec 17
Statistics Seminar: Richard Hunt (USyd) -- A New Look at Gegenbauer Long Memory Processes John OrmerodDec 17
Joint Colloquium: Isenberg -- Strong Cosmic Censorship Leo TzouNov 17
PDE Seminar: Lopez-Gomez -- Nodal solutions for a class of degenerate nonlinear boundary value problems Daniel DanersNov 17
Algebra Seminar: Michel -- Quasisemisimple classes Kevin CoulembierNov 17
PDE Seminar: Massimo Grossi -- Radial nodal solutions for Moser-Trudinger problems Daniel HauerNov 17
Algebra Seminar: Romanova -- A Kazhdan-Lusztig algorithm for Whittaker modules Kevin CoulembierNov 17
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Signal -- Machine learning annotation of branchpoints and in silico modelling of functional splicing events Shila GhazanfarNov 17
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Mason -- Modelling transcriptional variability in single cell RNA-seq data during human embryogenesis captures changes in the regulation of critical developmental genes Shila GhazanfarNov 17
Bioinformatics Seminar by Sonja Greven (LMU, Germany) -- Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis for Data Observed on Different (Dimensional) Domains Samuel MuellerNov 17
Joint Colloquium: Makowsky -- Integer Sequences Arising from Graph Polynomials: An Application of a Theorem by C. Blatter and E. Specker Leo TzouNov 17
PDE Seminar: Noureddine Igbida -- Hamilton-Jacobi equation and least worst strategy Daniel HauerNov 17
Computational Algebra Seminar: Creutz -- Arithmetic of Bielliptic Surfaces donnellyNov 17
Statistics Seminar: Prof. Sally Cripps -- A spatio-temporal mixture model for Australian daily rainfall, 1876--2015 Modeling daily rainfall over the Australian continent John OrmerodNov 17
Statistics Seminar: Charles Gray (La Trobe) -- The Curious Case of the Disappearing Coverage: a detective story in visualisation John OrmerodNov 17
NSW ANZIAM One Day Meeting Robert MarangellNov 17
Algebra Seminar: Brundan -- The oriented skein category Kevin CoulembierNov 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Ofer Shwartz (Weizmann Institute of Science) -- Thermodynamic Formalism for Countable Markov Shifts Haotian WuNov 17
PDE Seminar: Siyuan Li -- Monge-Ampere Type Equations and Their Applications Daniel HauerNov 17
Seminar: Ruskuc -- Finite index and preservation of finiteness conditions for groups, semigroups and rings David EasdownNov 17
Special Public Lecture: Ghoussoub -- Sydney Ideas - Mathematical Heroes and Social Justice Leo TzouOct 17
Sydney Dynamics Group: Jason Frank (Utrecht) -- Tangent-space splittings for data assimilation Georg GottwaldOct 17
Algebra Seminar: Nandakumar -- Modular representations of sl_n with two-row nilpotent p-character Kevin CoulembierOct 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Giulian Wiggins (Sydney University) -- Representation categories and reductive Lie algebras Alex CasellaOct 17
2017 AAO Anna Levick Lecture: Murphy -- The detection of gravitational waves Nalini JoshiOct 17
Colloquium at Macquarie University: Daniel Hauer -- Non-concavity of Robin eigenfunctions Daniel HauerOct 17
Sydney Dynamics Group: Sophie Calabretto -- Sydney Dynamics Group: Extraction of submesoscale eddies -- Sophie Calabretto Georg GottwaldOct 17
Algebra Seminar: Burke -- Invariants of modular representations of a finite group Kevin CoulembierOct 17
Computational Algebra Seminar: Joux -- A crossbred algorithm for solving Boolean polynomial systems Bill UngerOct 17
Computational Algebra Seminar: Carlson -- Orbits of Subspaces Bill UngerOct 17
Algebra Seminar: Wenzl -- Centralizer algebras for spin representations Kevin CoulembierOct 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Yee Yau (Sydney University) -- Finite State Automata for Coxeter Groups Alex CasellaOct 17
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Thorne -- Clinical bioinformatics - what does it really take to translate research into practise? Shila GhazanfarOct 17
Joint PDE and Geometric & Topology Seminar: Nassif Ghoussoub -- Dynamic and Stochastic Brenier Transport via Hopf-Lax formulae on Wasserstein Space Daniel HauerOct 17
PDE Seminar: Adam Sikora -- Riesz transform and and harmonic functions Daniel HauerOct 17
Carslaw 375: Jones -- Z/2Z permutation gauging of modular tensor categories Kevin CoulembierOct 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Ishraq Uddin (Sydney University) -- Cell crowding effects and tissue growth models: an incomplete survey Alex CasellaOct 17
Algebra Seminar: Wedrich -- Extremal weight projectors and categorification of skein algebras Kevin CoulembierOct 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Changwei Xiong (ANU) -- Homotopy type of manifolds with partially positive curvature Haotian WuOct 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Qirui Li (ANU) -- Minkowski type problems in convex geometry Haotian WuOct 17
Sydney Dynamics Group seminar: Vladimir Gaitsgory -- Averaging of singularly perturbed deterministic and stochastic control systems Georg GottwaldOct 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: John Wormell (Sydney University) -- A user’s guide to chaotic systems Alex CasellaOct 17
Algebra Seminar: Schopieray -- Symmetries of the Weyl Alcove Kevin CoulembierOct 17
Joint Colloquium: Kim -- Modelling evolution of post-menopausal human longevity: The Grandmother Hypothesis Leo TzouOct 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Smith -- Nonlocal Problems for Linear Evolution Equations Eduardo AltmannOct 17
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Freytag -- Cluster Headache: Comparing Clustering Tools for 10X Single Cell Sequencing Data Shila GhazanfarOct 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Daniel Mathews (Monash) -- Plane graphs, special alternating links, and contact geometry Haotian WuOct 17
Statistics Seminar: Kim-Anh Le Cao (University of Melbourne) -- Challenges in microbiome data analysis (also known as "poop analyses") John OrmerodSep 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Mitchell -- Information flows in online social networks Eduardo AltmannSep 17
Joint Colloquium: Williamson -- Challenges in the representation theory of finite groups Leo TzouSep 17
Joint Colloquium: Ghoussoub -- On the structure of optimal martingale transport plans in general dimensions Leo TzouSep 17
JARCSVII - The Australian-Japanese workshop on real and complex singularities -- Real and Complex Singularities Laurentiu PaunescuSep 17
Statistics Seminar: Sharon Lee (UQ) -- Clustering and classification of batch data John OrmerodSep 17
Algebra Seminar: Yacobi -- On equations defining the affine Grassmannian of SL_n Kevin CoulembierSep 17
Statistics Seminar: Emi Tanaka (Uinversity of Sydney) -- Outlier detection for a complex linear mixed model: an application to plant breeding trials John OrmerodSep 17
PDE Seminar: Piotr Rybka -- A story about variational linear growth functionals Daniel HauerSep 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Ikhimwin -- Computational Model of an Initial Lymphatic Network Dominic TateSep 17
Algebra Seminar: Pinhas Grossman -- Some examples of Brauer-Picard groups of fusion categories Kevin CoulembierSep 17
MaPSS: Mathematics Postgraduate Seminar Series: Pooladvand -- Modelling Diffusion of Anti-Cancer Viruses in Solid Tumours Dominic TateSep 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Yong Wei (ANU) -- Laplacian flow for closed G_2 structures Haotian WuSep 17
Mini-Workshop at University of Wollongong -- Mini-Workshop at Wollongong in PDE and Stochastics Daniel HauerAug 17
PDE Seminar: Yanqin Fang -- Regularity and classification of solutions to static Hartree equations involving Fractional Laplacians Daniel HauerAug 17
Algebra Seminar: Mautner -- From the general linear group to matroids Kevin CoulembierAug 17
Algebra Seminar: Xu -- Drinfeld realisation and highest weight representations of quantum affine osp(1|2n) Kevin CoulembierAug 17
Algebra Seminar: Elias -- Categorical diagonalization Kevin CoulembierAug 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Jenner -- How does pressure within a tumour affect the outcome of cancer treatment? Dominic TateAug 17
PDE Seminar: Xiao Zhang -- Some mathematical problems in gravitational waves Daniel HauerAug 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Majee -- On stochastic optimal control in ferromagentism Eduardo AltmannAug 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Calabretto -- Flow external to a rotating torus (or a sphere) Eduardo AltmannAug 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Duignan -- Regularisation for Singular Points of Planar Vector Fields Dominic TateAug 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Wolfgang Globke (Adelaide) -- Compact pseudo-Riemannian homogeneous spaces Haotian WuAug 17
Algebra Seminar: Dancso -- Lattices and homological algebra Kevin CoulembierAug 17
Statistical Society of Australia Meeting: Williamson -- Automated vehicles, big data and road safety Emi TanakaAug 17
PDE Seminar: Michael Cowling -- Almost everywhere matters Daniel HauerAug 17
SUMS: Bar-Natan (Uni of Toronto) -- Nobody solves the quintic Kevin WangAug 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Krishnendu Gongopadhyay (IISER Mohali) -- Quaternionic Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates Haotian WuAug 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Patrick Eades -- An Introduction to Geometric Optimisation Algorithms and Uncertainty Dominic TateAug 17
PDE Seminar: Xuan Duong -- Some recent progress on estimates of singular integrals Daniel HauerAug 17
Statistics Seminar: Ming Yuan (University of Wisconsin-Madison) -- Quantitation in Colocalization Analysis: Beyond "Red + Yellow = Green" John OrmerodAug 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Artem Pulemotov (Queensland) -- The Ricci iteration on homogeneous spaces Haotian WuAug 17
Algebra Seminar: Bar-Natan -- The Dogma is Wrong Kevin CoulembierAug 17
PDE Seminar: Jan Rozendaal -- Stability theory for semigroups using (Lp,Lq) Fourier multipliers Daniel HauerAug 17
Algebra Seminar: Libedinsky -- The anti-spherical category Kevin CoulembierAug 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Armstrong -- Group actions, groupoids, and their C*-algebras Dominic TateAug 17
Group Actions Seminar: Gardam, Elder Timothy BywatersJul 17
Algebra Seminar: Hu -- On the center of cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebras and cyclotomic Hecke algebras of type A Kevin CoulembierJul 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (Vienna University of Technology) -- Transformations Haotian WuJul 17
Algebra Seminar: Rostam -- A KLR-like presentation for the Hecke algebra of G(r,p,n) Kevin CoulembierJul 17
Algebra Seminar: Qiao -- Improved lower bound on the number of finite p-groups Kevin CoulembierJul 17
WIMSIG Conference 2017 -- Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences Daniel HauerJul 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Wang -- Boundary layers arising from chemotaxis models Eduardo AltmannJul 17
PDE Seminar: El Maati Ouhabaz -- Lions’ maximal regularity problem for non-autonomous evolution equations Daniel HauerJul 17
Analysis and PDE Seminar -- AMSI-Workshop in Harmonic Analysis & PDE Daniel HauerJul 17
Statistics Seminar: Irene Gijbels (KU Leuven) -- Robust estimation and variable selection in linear regression John OrmerodJul 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Rodrigo -- On a fractional matrix exponential and an explicit method for its calculation Eduardo AltmannJun 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Kajiwara -- Construction and simulation of discrete integrable model for soil water infiltration problem Eduardo AltmannJun 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Khesin -- Hamiltonian dynamics of vortex membranes Eduardo AltmannJun 17
CATS 2017: Computational & Algorithmic Topology Stephan TillmannJun 17
Statistics Seminar: Ines Wilms -- Sparse cointegration John OrmerodJun 17
Geordie’s Seminar: Williamson -- Modular Representations Laurentiu PaunescuJun 17
PDE Seminar: Yalcin Kaya -- Optimal Control with Minimum Total Variation Daniel HauerJun 17
PDE Seminar: Regina S. Burachik -- Asymptotic Lagrangian duality for nonsmooth optimization Daniel HauerJun 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Dzmitry Badziahin (Sydney) -- Cantor-winning sets in Diophantine approximation Haotian WuJun 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Matthew Cassel (Sydney University) -- A Multiple Scales Approach to Sunspots Alex CasellaJun 17
Seminar: Dr. Stephen Leslie -- Genetics and Geography: Using genomic data to understand population history and demography Jean Yee Hwa YangMay 17
Group Actions Seminar: Armstrong, Li (Update) Timothy BywatersMay 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Joel Gibson (Sydney University) -- A different approach to representations of the symmetric group Alex CasellaMay 17
Algebra Seminar: Zhang -- Noncommutative classical invariant theory for the quantum general linear supergroup Kevin CoulembierMay 17
Algebra Seminar: Ostafe -- Multiplicatively dependent points on curves and applications to algebraic dynamical systems Kevin CoulembierMay 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Jessica Purcell (Monash) -- Geometric limits of knot complements Haotian WuMay 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Zihua Guo (Monash) -- Fourier restriction estimate and its application in PDEs Haotian WuMay 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Sarah Romanes (Sydney University) -- Thinking like a Bayesian - an Introduction to Bayesian Inference Alex CasellaMay 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Galloway -- Slow-burning instabilities of Dufort-Frankel finite differencing Eduardo AltmannMay 17
Geometric Structures: Craig Westerland -- Braid groups and quantum shuffle algebras Stephan TillmannMay 17
PDE Seminar: Ricardo Parreira da Silva -- Thin domains with highly oscillating boundaries Daniel HauerMay 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Wolfgang Schief (UNSW) -- The geometry and algebraic integrability of discrete confocal quadrics Haotian WuMay 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Gennady Notowidigdo (UNSW) -- Tetrahedron centres over a general metrical framework Alex CasellaMay 17
Statistics Seminar: Dianne Cook (Monash) -- The glue that binds statistical inference, tidy data, grammar of graphics, data visualisation and visual inference John OrmerodMay 17
Joint Colloquium: Nikshych -- The Witt group of braided fusion categories Leo TzouMay 17
Algebra Seminar: Ehrig -- The periplectic Brauer algebra and its Deligne category Kevin CoulembierMay 17
Algebra Seminar: Du -- q-Schur algebras and integral quantum affine gl(n) Kevin CoulembierMay 17
Joint Colloquium: Okawa -- Derived equivalence and Grothendieck ring of varieties Leo TzouMay 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Craig Westerland (University of Minnesota) -- Fox-Neuwirth/Fuks cells, quantum shuffle algebras, and Malles conjecture for function fields Haotian WuMay 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Paul Norbury (Melbourne) -- A new cohomology class in the moduli space of stable curves Haotian WuMay 17
Algebra Seminar: Williamson -- Modular representations, tilting modules and the p-canonical basis Kevin CoulembierMay 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Philip Bos (Sydney University) -- Modular Forms and Number Theory - an insight into the Ramanujan conjectures Alex CasellaMay 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Brent Giggins (Sydney University) -- How to Predict the Weather - An introduction to Chaos, Data Assimilation and Ensemble Forecasting Alex CasellaApr 17
Statistics Seminar: Peter Straka (UNSW) -- Extremes of events with heavy-tailed inter-arrival times John OrmerodApr 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Radnovic -- Geometry, billiards, integrability Eduardo AltmannApr 17
Algebra Seminar: Saunders -- The Exotic Robinson-Schensted Correspondence Kevin CoulembierApr 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Amie Wilkinson (University of Chicago) -- Geometry, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity Haotian WuApr 17
Tutorials on uncertainty quantification in complex models: Botond Szabo --- Leiden University Lamiae AziziApr 17
Algebra Seminar: Dyer -- Bruhat order, weak order and closure operators on root systems Kevin CoulembierApr 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alexander Kerschl (Sydney University) -- Solving polynomial equations with radicals or why there are no general solutions for polynomial equations of degree 5 and higher Alex CasellaApr 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Diarmuid Crowley (Melbourne) -- Diffeomorphisms of discs and positive scalar curvature Haotian WuApr 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Josh Howie (Monash) -- Hyperbolic geometry of weakly generalised alternating links Haotian WuApr 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Dewar -- Variational constructions of almost-invariant tori for 1 1/2-D Hamiltonian systems Eduardo AltmannApr 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Dullin -- A new twisting somersault - 513XD Eduardo AltmannApr 17
PDE Seminar: Yong Wei -- Volume preserving flow by powers of kk-th mean curvature Daniel HauerApr 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Hugh Ford (Sydney University) -- Inflammation and PDEs Structured in Cellular Quantities Alex CasellaApr 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Nicolai Stammeier (University of Oslo) -- The internal structure of Zappa-Szep products of right LCM semigroups Haotian WuApr 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Peng -- Backward Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by G-Brownian Motion in Finance Eduardo AltmannApr 17
Joint Colloquium: Shige Peng -- Data-based Quantitative Analysis under Nonlinear Expectations Leo TzouApr 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Erwan Rousseau (Universite d’Aix-Marseille) -- On Lang’s conjectures Haotian WuMar 17
Statistics Seminar: John Ormerod (Sydney) -- Bayesian hypothesis tests with diffuse priors: Can we have our cake and eat it too? John OrmerodMar 17
PDE Seminar: Ji Li (Macquarie University) -- Commutators, factorizations and function spaces associated with operators Daniel HauerMar 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alexander Majchrowski (Sydney University) -- Mean curvature flow with surgeries and the level set flow Alex CasellaMar 17
PDE Seminar: Serena Dipierro -- An introduction to nonlocal minimal surfaces Daniel HauerMar 17
Algebra Seminar: De Bie -- On the algebra of symmetries of Dirac operators Kevin CoulembierMar 17
Joint Colloquium: Wilkinson -- Robust mechanisms for chaos Leo TzouMar 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Jakub Tomczyk (Sydney University) -- Gaussian Product Conjecture Alex CasellaMar 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Behrouz Taji (Northwestern) -- Uniformization of singular varieties Haotian WuMar 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Hung Tran (UC Irvine) -- Index of A Free Boundary Minimal Surface Haotian WuMar 17
PDE Seminar: Enrico Valdinoci -- Regularity of nonlocal minimal surfaces in the plane Daniel HauerMar 17
Algebra Seminar: Thiel -- Introduction to the Calogero-Moser vs. Kazhdan-Lusztig program Kevin CoulembierMar 17
Algebra Seminar: Abdelgadir -- Tensor McKay Correspondence: ADE case Kevin CoulembierMar 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Giulia Codenotti (Freie University, Berlin) -- Triangulated spheres and Pachner moves Alex CasellaMar 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Hang Wang (Adelaide) -- Index Theory and Character Formula Haotian WuMar 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Joel Gibson (Sydney University) -- A different approach to representations of the symmetric group Alex CasellaMar 17
PDE Seminar: Changwei Xiong -- Gap theorems involving second fundamental form: from closed surfaces to open surfaces Daniel HauerMar 17
SDG meeting: Ian Melbourne -- The Lorenz attractor mixes exponentially quickly Georg GottwaldMar 17
Algebra Seminar: Denham -- Rational models for matroids Kevin CoulembierMar 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Ay -- Information Geometry and its Application to Complexity Theory Eduardo AltmannMar 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Sasha Fish (Sydney) -- On the values of quadratic forms on difference sets or on non-periodic Bohr sets (or what did I do this summer) Haotian WuMar 17
Seminar: SUMS - Edric Wang -- generatingfunctionology Kevin WangMar 17
Seminar -- Call for SUMS Speakers Kevin WangMar 17
Statistics Seminar: Joe Neeman (University of Texas Austin) -- Gaussian vectors, half-spaces, and convexity John OrmerodMar 17
Carslaw 375: Corran -- Root systems for complex reflection groups Kevin CoulembierMar 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Eric Hester (Sydney University) -- Fresh Insights on Dead Water Alex CasellaMar 17
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Dominic Tate (Sydney University) -- Introduction to (G, X)-Structures Alex CasellaMar 17
Algebra Seminar: Lemire -- Twisted Grassmannians and Torsion in Codimension 2 Chow groups Kevin CoulembierMar 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Olver -- Solving PDEs on triangles using multivariate orthogonal polynomials Eduardo AltmannMar 17
Algebra Seminar: Panyushev -- Minimal inversion complete sets in Weyl groups and maximal abelian ideals Kevin CoulembierMar 17
Algebra Seminar: Yakimova -- Symmetric invariants and polynomial rings Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Boris Lishak (Sydney) -- Complexity of untying 2-knots Haotian WuMar 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Lecoanet -- Measuring Core Stellar Magnetic Field using Wave Conversion Eduardo AltmannFeb 17
Statistics Seminar: Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University) -- Modularity, classification and networks in analysis of big biomedical data John OrmerodFeb 17
Group Actions Seminar: Tornier, Vas Timothy BywatersFeb 17
International Conference -- PDEs, Geometric Analysis and Functional Inequalities Daniel HauerFeb 17
PDE Seminar: Shahar Nevo -- Differential inequalities and normality Daniel HauerFeb 17
Algebra Seminar: Tingley -- PBW bases and KLR algebras Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Algebra Seminar: Weekes -- An introduction to Coulomb branches Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Algebra Seminar: Weekes -- An introduction to Coulomb branches Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Algebra Seminar: Weekes -- An introduction to Coulomb branches Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Min-Chun Hong (Queensland) -- Some results on the Yang-Mills flow and its application Haotian WuFeb 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Greg Conner (Brigham Young University) -- Locally Complicated Spaces Haotian WuFeb 17
Algebra Seminar: Wu -- BV-algebra structure over Poisson cohomology Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Algebra Seminar: Zinn-Justin -- Loop Models and K theory Kevin CoulembierFeb 17
Network of mind Workshop --- Venue changes Lamiae AziziJan 17
Computational Algebra Seminar: Holt -- Hyperbolicity of groups donnellyJan 17
INED/MASTER: Pardo, Bokosmaty -- Flip or Flop? Di WarrenJan 17
Network of Mind workshop Lamiae AziziJan 17
Differential Geometry Mini-Course : Zhang -- Geometric Convergence of Kahler-Ricci Flow Zhou ZhangJan 17
Special Public Lecture: Allen -- Networks for Big Biomedical Data Anthony HendersonNov 16
Applied Maths Seminar: Vlassiou -- Heavy-traffic limits for layered queueing networks Eduardo AltmannJan 17
Applied Maths Seminar: Griffiths -- Shear-thinning: A stabilising effect? Yes, no, maybe? Eduardo AltmannJan 17
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Zhenlei Zhang (Capital Normal University) -- Regularity of Kahler-Ricci flow Haotian WuJan 17
Statistics Seminar: Allen -- A Multi-Criteria Portfolio Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies Shelton PeirisDec 16
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Gerhard Huisken (Tubingen/Oberwolfach) -- Mean curvature flow encoding mass and center of mass in asymptotically flat 3-manifolds Haotian WuNov 16
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Xianzhe Dai (UC Santa Barbara) -- Perelman’s Functional for Manifolds with Conical Singularities Haotian WuNov 16
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Guofang Wei (UC Santa Barbara) -- Isoperimetric and Sobolev Constant Estimate for Integral Ricci Curvature Haotian WuNov 16
Statistics Seminar: Professor Melanie Bahlo (WEHI) -- Expectation-Maximisation Algorithms and Hidden Markov Models applied to Malaria Genomic Data John OrmerodNov 16
Algebra Seminar: Moreau -- Mishchenko-Fomenko algebras and nilpotent bicone Kevin CoulembierNov 16
Geometry & Topology Seminar: David Baraglia (Adelaide) -- Integrability of the moduli stack of parahoric Higgs bundles Haotian WuNov 16
Joint Colloquium: Tomoyuki Arakawa -- Moore-Tachikawa conjecture and chiral algebras of class S Leo TzouNov 16
Joint Colloquium: Tomoyuki Arakawa -- Moore-Tachikawa conjecture and chiral algebras of class S Leo TzouNov 16
Colloquium at University of Wollongong: Professor Sir John Ball (University of Oxford) -- The mathematics of liquid crystals Daniel HauerNov 16
Two-day Miniworkshop in Nonlinear PDEs Daniel HauerNov 16
Algebra Seminar: Gurevich -- Decomposition rules for representations of p-adic groups Kevin CoulembierNov 16
Statistics Seminar: Joanna Wang (UTS) -- Non-ignorable missingness in logistic regression: an application to the 45 and Up Study John OrmerodNov 16
PDE Seminar: Jesse Gell-Redman -- Non-elliptic Fredholm problems Daniel HauerOct 16
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Colin Guillarmou (Universite Paris-Sud) -- Lens rigidity in negative curvature Haotian WuNov 16
Algebra Seminar: Voineagu -- Topological comparisons for Bredon motivic cohomology Kevin CoulembierNov 16
Special lecture series: Yamada-- Pade method for isomonodromic equations: Yasuhiko Yamada -- Integrable systems Yang ShiNov 16
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Ali Mohammadi (Sydney) -- Szemeredi-Trotter theorem in general finite fields Haotian WuOct 16
Algebra Seminar: Iohara -- On classification of Z^N-graded Lie algebras and their representations Kevin CoulembierOct 16
Algebra Seminar: Robertson -- Framed Little Discs and The Grothendieck-Teichmuller Group Kevin CoulembierOct 16
SUMS: Corrigan, Liang, Wang -- Lightning Talks Sean GardinerOct 16
Group Actions Seminar: Li, Thomas Timothy BywatersOct 16
Statistics Seminar: Aurore Delaigle (UMelb) -- New methods for Analyzing Partially Observed Functional Data John OrmerodOct 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Stephan Tornier (ETH Zurich) -- On Property (T) and amenability Alex CasellaOct 16
Geometry & Topology: Alex Casella (Sydney) -- Fock and Goncharov Moduli Space and its Poisson Structure Haotian WuOct 16
Algebra Seminar: Iohara -- Towards Adjoint Quotient map for 2-toroidal Lie Algebras Kevin CoulembierOct 16
NSW Stats Society October Meeting: Zammit Mangion -- Answering important questions about the environment using multivariate space-time modelling Michael StewartOct 16
SUMS: Garner -- On dithering, uncertainty and loping basslines Sean GardinerOct 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Sean Carnaffan -- Numerically solving Fractional Fokker-Planck equations Alex CasellaOct 16
Geometry & Topology: Alessandro Ottazzi (UNSW) -- Isometries in homogeneous metric manifolds Haotian WuOct 16
PDE Seminar: Herbert E. Huppert -- Some fluid flows in porous media: theories, experiments and applications Daniel HauerOct 16
Joint Colloquium: McEwan and Samore -- Electrical Impedance Tomography in Cardiology and Neurology Leo TzouOct 16
PDE Seminar: Ben Goldys -- Heat equation perturbed by boundary noise Daniel HauerOct 16
Geometry & Topology: Bea Bleile (University of New England) -- Fundamental Triples and Poincare Duality Complexes with Highly Connected Universal Covers Haotian WuOct 16
Carslaw 375: Mazorchuk -- 2-representations of Soergel bimodules Kevin CoulembierOct 16
Algebra Seminar: Coulembier -- The periplectic Brauer algebra Kevin CoulembierOct 16
Joint Colloquium: Norman Wildberger -- Primes, Complexity and Computation: How Big Number theory resolves the Goldbach Conjecture Leo TzouOct 16
Joint Colloquium: Ken Dykema -- Single commutators and beyond Leo TzouOct 16
SUMS: Huang -- Demystifying Quantum Computing Sean GardinerOct 16
PDE Seminar: Derek W. Robinson -- Hardy-Rellich inequalities and local Dirichlet forms Daniel HauerOct 16
Geometry & Topology: Stephan Tillmann (Sydney) -- Multisections of manifolds Haotian WuOct 16
Algebra Seminar: Kozic -- Quasi-particle bases of standard affine sl2-modules Kevin CoulembierSep 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Mark Greenaway -- Music: A Mathematical Offering Alex CasellaSep 16
Algebra Seminar: Garner -- The Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff adjunction Kevin CoulembierSep 16
PDE Seminar: Melissa Tacy -- Quantisation and localisation of dynamical observables Daniel HauerSep 16
Geometry & Topology: Yann Bernard (Monash) -- Energy quantisation for the Willmore functional Haotian WuSep 16
Geometry & Topology: Satoshi Koike (Hyogo) -- Finiteness theorem for Blow-Nash triviality of a family of Nash surfaces Haotian WuSep 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alex Casella -- Geometric Structures and FG Moduli Space Alex CasellaSep 16
Geometry & Topology: Cameron Rogers (Newcastle) -- Investigating the connections between the convergence properties of return probabilities and Folner sequences Haotian WuSep 16
Statistics Seminar: John Robinson (USyd) -- Nonparametric Tests for Multi-parameter M-estimators John OrmerodSep 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Edwin Spark -- The McKay Correspondence: An introduction to ADE Classification Alex CasellaSep 16
Colloquium: Voloch -- The ABC conjecture Leo TzouSep 16
Colloquium: Galbraith -- Linear Algebra with Errors, Coding Theory, Cryptography and Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups Leo TzouSep 16
SUMS: Collins -- Knitting Mathematics Sean GardinerSep 16
PDE Seminar: Anh Bui -- Maximal function characterizations for new local Hardy type spaces on spaces of homogeneous type Daniel HauerSep 16
Algebra Seminar: Ehrig -- Finite dimensional representations for orthosymplectic supergroups Kevin CoulembierSep 16
Geometry & Topology: Robert Haraway (Sydney) -- Heegaard realizability Haotian WuSep 16
Statistics Seminar: Tong Li (Vanderbilt University) -- Quantile Treatment Effects in Difference in Differences Models with Panel Data John OrmerodSep 16
PDE Seminar: James MacLaurin -- Chaos and Synchronisation in Large Systems of Interacting Particles with Random Connections Daniel HauerAug 16
SUMS: Wong -- Triangle Transformations and the Euler Line Sean GardinerAug 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Kamil Bulinski -- Equidistribution and Unique Ergodicity Alex CasellaAug 16
Geometry & Topology: Valery Alexeev (University of Georgia) -- Tilings in algebraic geometry Haotian WuAug 16
Algebra Seminar: Thomas -- Bowditch’s JSJ tree and the quasi-isometry classification of certain right-angled Coxeter groups Kevin CoulembierAug 16
Algebra Seminar: Xue -- The Springer correspondence for symmetric spaces and Hessenberg varieties Kevin CoulembierAug 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Montek Gill -- Stiefel-Whitney classes and real division algebras Alex CasellaAug 16
Group Actions Seminar: Dooley, Ferov Timothy BywatersAug 16
SUMS: Wormell -- The Mathematics of Biological Pattern Formation, or How the Leopard Got Its Spots Sean GardinerAug 16
PDE Seminar: Gary Froyland -- Dynamic isoperimetry and slow mixing in fluids Daniel HauerAug 16
Geometry & Topology: Xiao Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) -- Nonexistence of time-periodic solutions of the Dirac equation in nonextreme Kerr-Newman-AdS spacetime Haotian WuAug 16
Algebra Seminar: Nandakumar -- Categorification via blocks of modular representations in type A Kevin CoulembierAug 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Timothy Bywaters -- An introduction to scale theory for totally disconnected locally compact groups Alex CasellaAug 16
Algebra Seminar: Xu -- Quantum correspondences of Lie superalgebras Kevin CoulembierAug 16
Geometry & Topology: Montek Gill (Michigan) -- Are compact 3-manifold groups residually PSL(2,R) for finite, commutative R? Haotian WuAug 16
PDE Seminar: Haotian Wu -- Linear and dynamical stability in Ricci flow Daniel HauerAug 16
Geometry & Topology: Haotian Wu (Sydney) -- Metrics with non-negative Ricci curvature on convex three-manifolds Stephan TillmannAug 16
Colloquium: Bill Banks -- On repeated values of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line Leo TzouAug 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: George Papadopoulos -- What is "mathematics education" and why should we care? Alex CasellaAug 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Bernard Ikhimwin -- Computational modelling of the lymphatic vascular system Alex CasellaAug 16
Statistics Seminar: Lancelot F. James (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) -- Some aspects of Bayesian non-parametrics and Combinatorial Stochastic processes John OrmerodAug 16
Algebra Seminar: Prof Jun Hu -- Modified affine Hecke algebras and quiver Hecke algebras of type A Andrew MathasAug 16
SUMS: Zheng -- "1 = 1+1" Sean GardinerAug 16
PDE Seminar: Eric Kwok -- Dynamic isoperimetry on weighted Riemannian manifolds Daniel HauerAug 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Robert Tang -- Wall spaces and CAT(0)-cube complexes Alex CasellaAug 16
Statistics Seminar: Shelton Peiris (USyd) -- Generalized Fractional Long Memory Time Series with GARCH and SV Innovations: Applications in Finance John OrmerodJul 16
Geometry & Topology: Cristian Virdol (Yonsei) -- Artin’s conjecture for abelian varieties Stephan TillmannJul 16
Geometry & Topology: Robert Tang (Oklahoma) -- Veech surfaces and simple closed curves Stephan TillmannJul 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Michael Twiton -- Introduction To The Painleve’ Equations Alex CasellaJul 16
Algebra Seminar: Saunders -- Exotic Springer Correspondence Kevin CoulembierJul 16
PDE Seminar: Ricardo Parreira da Silva (University of Brasilia, Brasil) -- Semilinear problems in thin domains Daniel HauerJul 16
Lecture Series on Multiphase Modelling: Professor Helen Byrne -- Note change of time on Tuesday Mary MyerscoughJul 16
Analysis and PDE (joint seminar day) Daniel HauerJul 16
Algebra Seminar: Hall -- The telescope conjecture for algebraic stacks Kevin CoulembierJul 16
Ergodic Theory and its Applications Alexander FishJul 16
Ergodic Theory and its Applications Alexander FishJul 16
Ergodic Theory and its Applications Alexander FishJul 16
Ergodic Theory and its Applications Alexander FishJul 16
Ergodic Theory and its Applications Alexander FishJul 16
Geometry & Topology: Martin Schmidt (Mannheim) -- The analysis of constrained Willmore surfaces from the viewpoint of quaternionic function theory Stephan TillmannJul 16
Algebra Seminar: Pauwels -- Separable and Galois extensions in symmetric monoidal categories Kevin CoulembierJun 16
Colloquium: Janos Pach -- Towards a semi-algebraic combinatorics Leo TzouJun 16
Algebra Seminar: Chan -- 2-hereditary algebras and almost Fano weighted projective surfaces Kevin CoulembierJun 16
Algebra Seminar: Ram -- Combinatorics of affine Springer fibres Kevin CoulembierJun 16
Algebra Seminar: Ram -- Combinatorics of representations of affine Lie algebras Kevin CoulembierJun 16
Algebra Seminar: Ram -- Combinatorics of the Loop Grassmannian Kevin CoulembierJun 16
Geometry & Topology: Katharine Turner (EPFL) -- Persistent homology: an introduction and some example applications Stephan TillmannJun 16
SUMS: Myerscough -- Mathematics and healthy hearts Sean GardinerJun 16
Geometry & Topology: Christian Haesemeyer (UCLA/Melbourne) -- K-theory of singularities Stephan TillmannMay 16
Algebra Seminar: Yacobi -- Highest weight theory for truncated shifted Yangians Kevin CoulembierMay 16
Statistical Society NSW Monthly Meeting: Howley -- National and local initiatives in Statistics Education Michael StewartMay 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Gennady Notowidigdo (UNSW) -- Rational trigonometry of a tetrahedron Alex CasellaMay 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Ross Ogilvie -- Stratified Morse Theory Alex CasellaMay 16
Statistics Seminar: Scott Scisson (UNSW) -- Symbolic data analysis for extremes John OrmerodMay 16
Algebra Seminar: Molev -- Generators of affine W-algebras Kevin CoulembierMay 16
SUMS: Wang, Lan, Gruenewald -- Lightning Talks Sean GardinerMay 16
Geometry & Topology: Daryl Cooper (UCSB) -- Abundant Quasi-Fuchsian Surfaces in Cusped Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds Stephan TillmannMay 16
Geometry & Topology: Catherine Greenhill (UNSW) -- Colouring random graphs and hypergraphs Stephan TillmannMay 16
Algebra Seminar: Zhang -- Second fundamental theorem of invariant theory Kevin CoulembierMay 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Jack Moon -- Lax pair equations and harmonic maps Alex CasellaMay 16
PDE Seminar: Maolin Zhou -- Long time behavior of solutions of a reaction-diffusion equation on unbounded intervals with Robin boundary conditions Daniel DanersMay 16
Geometry & Topology: Feng Luo (Rutgers) -- A Discrete Uniformization Theorem for Polyhedral Surfaces Stephan TillmannMay 16
PDE Seminar: Gregoire Loeper -- Option pricing with market impact and non-linear Black and Scholes equations Daniel HauerMay 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alexander Majchrowski -- Mean Curvature Flow Surgery - How to deal with necks Alex CasellaMay 16
Algebra Seminar: Valeri -- Classical affine W-algebras for gl(N) and associated integrable hierarchies Kevin CoulembierMay 16
Geometry & Topology: Jonathan Hillman (Sydney) -- Complements of connected hypersurfaces in \(S^4\) Stephan TillmannApr 16
Geometry & Topology: Joan Porti (UAB) -- Reidemeister torsion and hyperbolic 3-manifolds Stephan TillmannApr 16
Algebra Seminar: Mathas -- Alternating Hecke algebras Kevin CoulembierApr 16
Algebra Seminar: Muthiah -- The Iwahori-Hecke algebra for p-adic loop groups Kevin CoulembierApr 16
SUMS: Long -- Introduction to Julia Sets and Their Dynamics Sean GardinerApr 16
Joint Colloquium: Steve Flammia -- Quantum information science: a grand mathematical challenge Leo TzouApr 16
SUMS: Worthington -- The Sound of Science: Describing Sounds Using Mathematics Sean GardinerApr 16
MATH2916 Working Seminar: Anton Baychkov -- Random walks on Z Alexander FishApr 16
MATH2916 Working Seminar: Hugo Walker-Smith -- Classical Markov chains Alexander FishApr 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Alexander Kerschl -- Young tableaux and their application in the representation theory of the symmetric group Alex CasellaApr 16
Joint Colloquium: Berry -- Divergent series: from Thomas Bayes’s bewilderment to today’s resurgence via the rainbow Leo TzouApr 16
PDE Seminar: Jiakun Liu -- Optimal transportation on the hemisphere Daniel HauerApr 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: James Diaz -- Handlebodies and the high-dimensional Poincare conjecture Alex CasellaApr 16
SUMS: Tran -- The Base 12 Counting System: A Superior Alternative to the Decimal System Sean GardinerApr 16
Geometry & Topology: Tyrone Ghaswala (Waterloo) -- Superelliptic Covers and the Lifting Mapping Class Group Stephan TillmannApr 16
Algebra Seminar: McNamara -- The categorifed braid group action and its consequences Kevin CoulembierApr 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: David Lee -- Diophantine Approximation and Liouville’s Number Alex CasellaApr 16
Algebra Seminar: Ridout -- Admissible level affine vertex operator algebras Kevin CoulembierApr 16
PDE Seminar: Yihong Du -- Free boundary problems and spreading of species Daniel HauerMar 16
Geometry & Topology: Alexandru Dimca (Sophia Antipolis) -- A computational approach to Milnor fiber cohomology Stephan TillmannMar 16
PDE Seminar: Zdzislaw Brzezniak -- The existence of solutions and of invariant measures to stochastic Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains Daniel HauerMar 16
PDE Seminar: Shibing Chen -- Strict convexity and C^{1,\alpha}-regularity of potential functions in optimal transportation under condition (A3w) Daniel HauerMar 16
Lecture series: Bjorklund -- Quasi-crystals, Fourier analysis and ergodic theory Alexander FishMar 16
SUMS: Gruenewald -- Calculating the date of Easter Sean GardinerMar 16
Algebra Seminar: Barnes -- Faithful completely reducible representation of modular Lie algebras Kevin CoulembierMar 16
Geometry & Topology: Jonathan Hillman -- Complements of connected hypersurfaces in \(S^4\) Stephan TillmannMar 16
Joint Colloquium: Geraint Lewis -- The maths (and physics) of gravitational waves Leo TzouMar 16
MaPSS: Mathematical Postgraduate Seminar Series: Robert Haraway -- Chern’s proof of Gauss-Bonnet Alex CasellaMar 16
Geometry & Topology: Michael Bjorklund (Chalmers University) -- Why one should fry pancakes in \(SL_3(\mathbb{R})\) Stephan TillmannMar 16
SUMS: Greenaway -- How I learned to stop worrying and love floating point numbers Sean GardinerMar 16
Geometry & Topology: Kamil Bulinski -- Twisted multiple recurrence and patterns in large sets Stephan TillmannMar 16
Algebra Seminar: McKinnie -- Essential dimension of generic symbols Kevin CoulembierMar 16
PDE Seminar: Leo Tzou -- Detecting magnetic gauge by wave scattering Daniel HauerMar 16
Geometry & Topology: Eric Chesebro -- Using character varieties to find closed surfaces in 3-manifolds Stephan TillmannMar 16
Statistics Seminar: CY SIN -- Asymptotic inefficiency of BIC and asymptotic efficiency of TSIC: the case of an I(d) process John OrmerodMar 16
Algebra Seminar: Terpereau -- Invariant Hilbert schemes and resolutions of quotient singularities Kevin CoulembierMar 16
PDE Seminar: Hauer -- A nonlinear interpolation result with application to nonlinear semigroups Daniel DanersMar 16
Algebra Seminar: Evseev -- Turner doubles and RoCK blocks of symmetric groups Kevin CoulembierFeb 16
PDE Seminar: Qirui Li -- The Monge mass transfer problem Daniel HauerFeb 16
Geometry & Topology: Peter Scott (Michigan) -- Combinatorial Harmonic Maps Stephan TillmannFeb 16
Algebra Seminar: Easdown -- Minimal Faithful Permutation Representations of Groups with Focus on Pathological Behaviour with Respect to Direct Products Kevin CoulembierFeb 16
Computational Algebra Seminar: Yokoyama -- On elliptic curves with everywhere good reduction over certain number fields donnellyFeb 16
PDE Seminar: Szymon Peszat -- On some smoothing effects of transition semigroups Daniel HauerFeb 16
Geometry & Topology: Weimin Sheng (Zhejiang University) -- K-Yamabe Problems Stephan TillmannFeb 16
Geometry & Topology: Adam Parusinski (Sophia Antipolis) -- Local topological algebraicity of analytic function germs Stephan TillmannFeb 16
Statistics Seminar: Can Le (University of Michigan) -- Latent structure of sparse random networks John OrmerodJan 16
Joint Colloquium: Alex Townsend -- Continuous analogues of matrix factorizations Leo TzouJan 16
Joint Colloquium: Vaughan Jones -- Some unitary representations of Thompson’s groups F and T Leo TzouJan 16
Analysis and PDE seminar Daniel HauerJan 16
Statistics Seminar: Mireille Regnier -- Repetitive structures in random sequences John OrmerodDec 15
Geometry & Topology: Jon Berrick (Yale-NUS College) -- Exact sequences of braid and mapping class groups Stephan TillmannDec 15
PUBLIC EVENT: Professor Keith Baggerly (MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA) -- MATHEMATICS SAVES LIVES John OrmerodDec 15
PDE Seminar: Yuri Latushkin -- The Morse and Maslov indices for theta-periodic and generalized Robin multidimensional boundary value problems Daniel HauerNov 15
PDE Seminar: Barbara Brandolini -- An inverse problem for the Hermite operator Daniel HauerNov 15
Algebra Seminar: Anthony Henderson (Sydney) -- Involutions on the affine Grassmannian and moduli spaces of principal bundles Oded YacobiNov 15
PDE Seminar: Jochen Glueck -- Spectrum and Asymptotics of Contraction Semigroups Daniel HauerNov 15
Algebra Seminar: Uri Onn (Ben-Gurion University and the ANU) -- A variant of Harish-Chandra functors Oded YacobiNov 15
Bodies in Space -- Mathematics of Platform and Springboard Diving Holger DullinNov 15
UNSW Computational Maths Seminar: Iserles -- Fast computation of the semiclassical Schrodinger equation Sheehan OlverNov 15
Faculty Forum: Prof Adam Bridgeman -- Does the lecture have a future? Andrew MathasNov 15
Algebra Seminar: Ole Warnaar (The University of Queensland) -- Virtual Koornwinder integrals and Rogers-Ramanujan identities Oded YacobiNov 15
Joint Colloquium: Persi Diaconis -- Adding Numbers and Shuffling Cards Leo TzouOct 15
Algebra Seminar: Xiuping Su (University of Bath) -- A categorification of Grassmannian cluster algebras Oded YacobiOct 15
Geometry & Topology: Lawrence Reeves (Melbourne) -- Commutators in groups of piecewise projective homeomorpisms Stephan TillmannOct 15
Algebra Seminar: Alistair Savage (Ottawa) -- A general approach to Heisenberg categorification Oded YacobiOct 15
Geometry & Topology: Pierre Milman (Toronto) -- A Valuation Criterion of Hironaka Stephan TillmannOct 15
Workshop: Recent Trends in Nonlinear Evolution Equations -- Please register Daniel HauerOct 15
Mini-Lecture Series: Li -- Embeddings of Surfaces in Differentiable 4-Manifolds Zhou ZhangOct 15
PDE Seminar: Valentina-Mira Wheeler -- Rotationally symmetric mean curvature flow with free boundaries Daniel HauerOct 15
Algebra Seminar: Pinhas Grossman (UNSW) -- Quadratic fusion categories Oded YacobiOct 15
Geometry & Topology: Satoshi Koike (Hyogo) -- Relative Kuo’s condition and Thom’s type inequality Stephan TillmannOct 15
SUMS: Joshi -- When applied mathematics collided with algebra Sean GardinerOct 15
Stats Society NSW Monthly Talk: Hafen -- Visualising large complex data with Trelliscope Michael StewartOct 15
Statistics Seminar: Ashnil Kumar (Usyd) -- Computing the Similarity of Medical Images John OrmerodOct 15
Geometry & Topology: Banghe Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences) -- What is Hilbert’s 15th Problem? Stephan TillmannOct 15
PDE Seminar: Leo Tzou -- Topology, Index Theory, and Scattering on Surfaces With Euclidean Ends Daniel HauerOct 15
SUMS: Zhang -- Breaking (badly constructed) 1024-bit RSA Sean GardinerOct 15
Joint Colloquium: Banghe Li -- Starting from the Blog of Terence Tao on Nonstandard Analysis Leo TzouOct 15
Stats Society NSW Monthly Talk: Roughan -- Abstract Algebras and the Record Linkage Problem Michael StewartSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Albert Zhou -- The Perron method & the Dirichlet problem Daniel HauerSep 15
Seminar: Jurco -- Operads, homotopy algebras and strings Ruibin ZhangSep 15
Geometry & Topology: Robert Marangell -- The Space of Lagrangian Planes: A Gentle Introduction Stephan TillmannSep 15
Cancellation: PDE-seminar: Valentina-Mira Wheeler Daniel HauerSep 15
Western Sydney Colloquium: Easdown -- Minimal faithful permutation representations of groups David EasdownSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Radman Le Zhang -- Poissonkernel & the Dirichlet problem on the Half-space Daniel HauerSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Alexander Phillips -- Harmonic Polynomials Daniel HauerSep 15
PDE Seminar: Valentina-Mira Wheeler -- Rotationally symmetric mean curvature flow with free boundaries Daniel HauerSep 15
Statistics Seminar: Prof. Tonghui Wang (New Mexico State University) -- Skew normal distributions, properties and applications John OrmerodSep 15
SUMS: Ogilvie -- Mobius, Klein and Real Projective Space Sean GardinerSep 15
Geometry & Topology: Thomas Leistner (Adelaide) -- Geodesic completeness of compact Lorentzian manifolds Stephan TillmannSep 15
Public Lecture at UNSW: Philip Maini FRS -- Using Mathematics to Understand Biology Mary MyerscoughSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Amol Verma -- Dirichlet problem on exterior domains, symmetry & Schwarz Reflection Principle Daniel HauerSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Angus S. B. Johnson -- Kelvin transform & harmonicity at infinity Daniel HauerSep 15
UNSW L&T Seminar: Poladian -- Using journal articles to build and assess communication skills in undergraduate mathematics (CHANGE OF DATE) Leon PoladianAug 15
Joint Colloquium: Sinai Robins -- Asymptotics of cone theta functions, Gauss sums over parallelepipeds, and generalized Gram relations for polyhedra Leo TzouSep 15
Geometry & Topology: Wolfgang Schief (UNSW) -- (Discrete) projective minimal surfaces Stephan TillmannSep 15
SUMS: McGregor -- Modal Logic: Formalising the Necessary and Possible Sean GardinerSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Longen Lan -- Isolated Singularities & Bocher’s Theorem Daniel HauerSep 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Timothy A. Collier -- Liouville’s theorem & Harnack’s principle Daniel HauerSep 15
PDE Seminar: Daniel Daners -- Uniform convergence of solutions to elliptic equations on domains with shrinking holes Daniel HauerSep 15
SUMS: Calisa, Tran, Wong, Zheng -- Lightning Talks Sean GardinerSep 15
Statistics Seminar: Min Ngoc Tran (USyd) -- Exact Bayesian Inference for Approximate Bayesian Computation John OrmerodAug 15
SSP - Working Seminar: David Merrick Long -- Maximum principles and limit along rays of harmonic functions Daniel HauerAug 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Wenqi Yue -- Liouville’s theorem, isolated singularities & Cauchy estimates of harmonic functions Daniel HauerAug 15
Stats Society NSW Monthly Talk: Mueller -- Interactive and data adaptive model selection with mplot Michael StewartAug 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Oliver Alexander -- Real analycity of harmonic functions Daniel HauerAug 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Courtney L. Darville -- Poissonkernel and the Dirichlet problem for the ball Daniel HauerAug 15
PDE Seminar: Federica Masiero -- Some results on Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations in infinite dimensional spaces Daniel HauerAug 15
SUMS: Wang -- Australia won the Ashes, statistically Sean GardinerAug 15
Geometry & Topology: Bin Zhou (ANU) -- Modified Futaki invariant and equivariant Riemann-Roch formula Stephan TillmannAug 15
Geometry & Topology: Sasha Fish -- Recurrence, measure rigidity and characteristic polynomial patterns in difference sets of matrices Stephan TillmannAug 15
Sydney Science Festival: Anderson, Anderson, Poladian, Hochuli and Ann-Williams -- Forum: Exploring the Creativity of STEM in the classroom Andrew MathasAug 15
Statistics Seminar: Chris Oates (UTS) -- Probabilistic Integration John OrmerodAug 15
Science Week Public Lecture: Ryan -- The impact of coal dust in the Hunter Valley Michael StewartAug 15
SSP - Working Seminar: Angus Leck -- Introduction to harmonic functions Daniel HauerAug 15
Joint Colloquium: Blower -- On tau functions arising from linear systems Leo TzouAug 15
PDE Seminar: Glen Wheeler -- A tale of two geometric biharmonic heat flows Daniel HauerAug 15
Geometry & Topology: Robert Haraway -- Hyperbolicity and \(T^2\times I\) Stephan TillmannAug 15
SUMS: Ryba -- Differential equations with trees Sean GardinerAug 15
SUMS: Gardiner -- How to win (variants of) Tic-Tac-Toe Sean GardinerAug 15
Maple TA: Ghous -- Web-based testing and assessment Leon PoladianAug 15
PDE Seminar: Jeff Hogan -- Clifford-Fourier analysis Daniel HauerAug 15
Joint Colloquium: Zsuzsanna Dancso -- The Kashiwara-Vergne problem and flying rings in R^3 Leo TzouJul 15
Joint Colloquium: Aidan Sims -- Graphs, C*-algebras and equilibrium states Leo TzouJul 15
Joint Colloquium: Alexander Bobenko -- Quadrilateral Surfaces Leo TzouJul 15
Geometry & Topology: Basudeb Datta -- Tight and stacked triangulations of manifolds Stephan TillmannJul 15
One day event at UOW: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Daniel DanersJul 15
Statistical Society NSW Monthly Meeting: Menéndez -- Statistical Methods to Study the Effect of the 2014 Lockout Laws in Sydney Michael StewartJun 15
Geometry & Topology: Hyam Rubinstein (Melbourne) -- Minimal surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds Stephan TillmannMay 15
Special lecture course: Kumar -- Verlinde dimension formula Anthony HendersonJun 15
Geometry & Topology: David Harvey (UNSW) -- Some new point-counting algorithms Stephan TillmannMay 15
Geometry & Topology: Hemanth Saratchandran (Oxford) -- Complements of tori in closed smooth simply connected 4-manifolds that admit a hyperbolic structure Stephan TillmannMay 15
PDE Seminar: Gomes -- Quantum Ergodicity for Mixed Systems Daniel DanersMay 15
Seminar: Professor Vaughan Pratt -- Euclid’s Elements as an Equational Theory Andrew MathasMay 15
Stats Society NSW Monthly Meeting: Anderson -- Identifying Boundaries in Spatial Modelling Michael StewartMay 15
Statistics Seminar: Francis Hui (ANU) -- Joint Effect Selection in Mixed Models using CREPE John OrmerodMay 15
SUMS: Myerscough -- Multiscale, multidisciplinary and multi-method: How (mathematical) honey bees find a home Sean GardinerMay 15
Special Lecture Series: Webster -- Representation theory through the lens of categorical actions Anthony HendersonApr 15
Geometry & Topology: Kamil Bulinski (Sydney) -- Ergodic Plünnecke inequalities Stephan TillmannMay 15
SUMS: Lee -- Diophantine Analysis and Transcendental Numbers Sean GardinerMay 15
Statistics Seminar: Ke Zhu (Harvard) -- A bootstrapped spectral test for adequacy in weak ARMA models John OrmerodMay 15
Geometry & Topology: Laura Schaposnik (UIUC) -- Higgs bundles, spectral data, and applications Stephan TillmannMay 15
PDE Seminar: Jerome Droniou -- Existence of solutoins of a degenerate parabolic equation and numerical approximation Daniel HauerApr 15
Geometry & Topology: Joachim Gudmundsson (School of IT, Sydney) -- Augmenting Graphs to Minimize the Diameter Stephan TillmannApr 15
Geometry & Topology: Adam Parusinski (Sophia Antipolis) -- Proof of Whitney’s fibering conjecture Stephan TillmannApr 15
SUMS: Tillmann -- Scissors Congruence and Hilbert’s 3rd Problem Sean GardinerApr 15
NSW Stats Society Monthly Meeting: Delaigle -- An introduction to functional data analysis Michael StewartApr 15
PDE Seminar: Andrew Hassell (ANU) -- Spectral asymptotics for the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator at high frequency Daniel HauerApr 15
PDE Seminar: Xiaolong Han (ANU) -- Spherical harmonics with maximal norm growth Daniel HauerApr 15
SUMS: Myerson -- Consequences of a combinatorial theorem Sean GardinerApr 15
Geometry & Topology: Scott McCallum (Macquarie) -- Quantifier Elimination (QE) and Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition (CAD) Stephan TillmannApr 15
Statistics Seminar: K.B. Kulasekera (University of Louisville) -- Personalized Plans with Multiple Treatments John OrmerodApr 15
PDE Seminar: Frédéric Robert -- On the Hardy-Schrödinger operator with a singularity on the boundary Daniel HauerApr 15
Statistics Seminar: Moshe Haviv (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) -- The conditional distribution of the remaining service or vacation time in the single server queue with state dependent arrival rates John OrmerodApr 15
SUMS: Poladian -- Work Like an Egyptian Sean GardinerMar 15
Geometry & Topology: Jeanne Clelland (Colorado) -- Isometric embedding via strongly symmetric positive systems Stephan TillmannMar 15
Geometry & Topology: Peter Samuelson (Toronto) -- Deformations of the peripherial map for knot complements Stephan TillmannMar 15
Computational Algebra Seminar: Unger -- Recognising the giant permutation groups donnellyMar 15
SUMS: White -- Counterfeit Coin Conundrums Sean GardinerMar 15
Statistics Seminar: Thomas Fung (Macquarie University) -- Semiparametric generalized linear models for time-series data John OrmerodMar 15
Joint Colloquium (CANCELLED): Zsuzsanna Dancso CANCELLED -- CANCELLED The Kashiwara-Vergne problem and flying rings in R^3 CANCELLED Leo TzouMar 15
SUMS: Joshi et al. -- Women in Maths & Maths in the World Sean GardinerMar 15
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Andy Hammerlindl -- Geometry and Dynamics Stephan TillmannMar 15
CANCELLED: Joint Colloquium: Aidan Sims -- CANCELLED : Graphs, C*-algebras and equilibrium states Leo TzouFeb 15
SUMS: Gardiner -- The Maths of SET Sean GardinerMar 15
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Laurentiu Paunescu -- A’Campo Curvature Bumps and the Dirac Phenomenon Near A Singular Point Stephan TillmannMar 15
Statistics Seminar: Jennifer Chan -- Quantile regression for conditional autoregressive range model John OrmerodMar 15
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Zhou Zhang (Sydney) -- Kähler-Ricci Flow with Cuspidal Spatial Asymptotic Behavior Stephan TillmannMar 15
Computational Algebra Seminar: Elsenhans -- Point counting on algebraic surfaces donnellyMar 15
Algebra Seminar: Len Scott -- From Forced Gradings to Q-Koszul algebras Leo TzouFeb 15
Joint Colloquium: Barnsley -- Approximation of fractal functions by Weierstrass nowhere differentiable functions Leo TzouFeb 15
Joint Kyushu-Sydney AGR seminar: Yasuhide Fukumoto and Peter Kim -- Topological magnetohydrodynamics and and the dynamics of anti-cancer immunotherapy Andrew MathasFeb 15
PDE Seminar: Kennedy -- Eigenvalue Estimates on Quantum Graphs Daniel DanersFeb 15
Lecture series on "Stochastic limits for deterministic dynamical system": Ian Melbourne Georg GottwaldFeb 15
GTA Seminar: Zhu -- On Four-Manifolds With Positive Scalar Curvature Zhou ZhangFeb 15
WOMASY - Geometric and Harmonic Analysis meets PDE (at Macquarie Uni) Daniel DanersFeb 15
PDE Seminar: Chipot -- Nonlocal p-Laplace equations depending on the Lp-norm of the gradient Daniel DanersJan 15
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Mihai Tibar (Lille 1) -- Fibrations of polynomial functions and singularities at infinity Stephan TillmannDec 14
Much more than U-statistics: A Symposium to celebrate Neville C Weber Samuel MuellerDec 14
Algebra Seminar: Peter D Jarvis -- Ribbon Hopf algebras from group character rings Ruibin ZhangNov 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Jonathan Spreer (Queensland) -- Triangulations of the K3 surface Stephan TillmannNov 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Neil Hoffman (Melbourne) -- Verified canonical triangulations of hyperbolic 3-manifolds Stephan TillmannNov 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Holt -- Computing in finite matrix groups donnellyNov 14
Statistics Seminar: David Allen (The University of Sydney and the University of South Australia) -- European Market Portfolio Diversification Strategies across the GFC John OrmerodNov 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Elsenhans -- Computation of Galois groups donnellyOct 14
Stats Society Talk: Carlin -- Assessing the risk of a rare adverse outcome following rotavirus vaccination: a case study in biostatistical methods and collaborative engagement Michael StewartOct 14
Joint Colloquium: Alvaro Pelayo -- Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems Leo TzouOct 14
PDE Seminar: Ching -- Existence and classification of singular solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations with a gradient term Daniel DanersOct 14
Joint Colloquium: Tim Dokchitser -- Average ranks of curves Leo TzouOct 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Watkins -- Numerical linear algebra in Magma donnellyOct 14
Joint Colloquium: Geronimo -- The Fejer-Reisz Factorization Lemma Leo TzouOct 14
PDE Seminar: Vetois -- The extremal functions of the anisotropic Sobolev inequalities Daniel DanersOct 14
SUMS: Gruenewald -- An overview of magic squares Sean GardinerOct 14
Statistics Seminar: Louise Ryan (UTS) -- Analysis of correlated multiple outcome data, with application to human reproduction John OrmerodOct 14
AGR Seminar: A/Prof Regina Burachik (University of South Australia) -- An additive subfamily of enlargements of a maximally monotone operator Andrew MathasOct 14
SDG meeting: Hammerlindl -- Ergodic components of partially hyperbolic systems Georg GottwaldOct 14
PDE Seminar: Andersson -- Estimates with a priori bound for inverse local Radon transforms Daniel DanersOct 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Sasha Fish (Sydney) -- Ergodic theorems for amenable groups Stephan TillmannOct 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Adam Piggott (Bucknell) -- The Bieri-Neumann-Strebel Invariant Stephan TillmannOct 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Jonathan Hillman (Sydney) -- Sections of Surface Bundles Stephan TillmannOct 14
SUMS: Rylands -- Rubik’s Cube and related puzzles Sean GardinerOct 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Pep Burillo (Catalunya) -- The growth rate for Baumslag-Solitar groups Stephan TillmannOct 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Fisher -- Higher descents on an elliptic curve with a rational 2-torsion point donnellySep 14
SUMS: Wormell -- Minding your p’s and q’s: adventures in statistical inference Sean GardinerSep 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Murray Elder -- The complexity of solutions to equations in free groups Stephan TillmannSep 14
PDE Seminar: Eastwood -- The projective rigidity of projective space Daniel DanersSep 14
PDE Seminar: Ainsworth -- Geometric Inverse Problems and Magnetic Flows Daniel DanersSep 14
Statistics Seminar: Dongsheng Wu (University of Alabama) -- Regularity of Local Times of Fractional Brownian Sheets John OrmerodSep 14
WOMASY - Geometric and Harmonic Analysis meets PDE Daniel DanersSep 14
SUMS: Cresswell -- What mathematics do we see in artwork? Sean GardinerSep 14
Applied Maths Seminar: Tsuda Sarah LobbSep 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Satoshi Koike -- Finiteness on semialgebraic types of Nash mappings defined on a Nash surface Stephan TillmannSep 14
PDE Seminar: Daners -- Eventually Positive Semigroups Daniel DanersSep 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Saunders -- Exceptional Quotients of Permutation Groups donnellySep 14
SUMS: Tillmann -- Three Angles on Tropical Geometry Sean GardinerSep 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: James Parkinson -- A Multiplicative Ergodic Theorem for p-adic Lie groups Stephan TillmannSep 14
Joint Colloquium: Professor Sir John Ball -- Mathematics of interfaces in solids Martina Chirilus-BrucknerSep 14
PDE Seminar: Brzezniak -- Quasipotential and exit time for 2D Stochastic Navier-Stokes equations driven by space time white noise Daniel DanersSep 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Alan McCarthy -- Flat Tori of Finite Type in S3 Stephan TillmannSep 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Fisher and Watkins donnellySep 14
Statistics Seminar: Inge Koch (Adelaide) -- Analysis of Spatial Data from Proteomics Imaging Mass Spectrometry John OrmerodAug 14
AGR Seminar: Christophe Vignat (Tulane University) -- An introduction to umbral calculus with applications Andrew MathasAug 14
PDE Seminar: Cirstea -- On a singular elliptic equation with a sign-changing nonlinearity Daniel DanersAug 14
SDG meeting: Kathrin Padberg-Gehle -- On coherent structures, transport, and mixing Georg GottwaldAug 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Emma Carberry -- Toroidal Soap Bubbles Stephan TillmannAug 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Timos Sellis (RMIT University) -- Managing Big Trajectory Data: Online Processing of Positional Streams Andrew MathasAug 14
Joint Stat Soc/Sydney Users of R Forum Talk: FitzJohn -- Reproducible Research using R (and other tools) Michael StewartAug 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Mark Burgman -- Experts, judgements and intelligence Andrew MathasAug 14
SDG meeting: Jean-Luc Thiffeault -- Einstein on the beach: fluid flow on a curved space Georg GottwaldAug 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Tony Bahri (Rider) -- Recent results about polyhedral products and toric spaces Stephan TillmannAug 14
SUMS: Poladian -- Gauss, the heptadecagon and the freemasons Sean GardinerAug 14
Colloquium at Macquarie University: Lars Grune -- Model predictive control as a device to approximate infinite horizon by finite horizon optimal control problems Georg GottwaldAug 14
SUMS: Liang -- Programming with Fractions Sean GardinerAug 14
Statistics Seminar: Ganes S Ganeslingam (Massey University) -- Ranked Set Sampling versus Simple Random Sampling in the Estimation of the Mean and the Ratio John OrmerodAug 14
SDG meeting: Freddy Dumortier -- Relaxation oscillations in slow-fast systems Georg GottwaldAug 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Terry Speed -- Comparing and combining mutation callers Andrew MathasAug 14
SUMS: Gardiner -- Circle Packing Sean GardinerAug 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Peter Abramenko -- On finite and elementary generation of \(SL_2(R)\) Stephan TillmannAug 14
Joint Colloquium: Kang Zuo -- Higgs-de Rham flow in the non-abelian p-adic Hodge theory and a p-adic analogue of the uniformization theory of a hyperbolic Riemann surface Martina Chirilus-BrucknerAug 14
Joint Colloquium: Kate Juschenko -- Amenability via actions of groups Martina Chirilus-BrucknerAug 14
AGR Seminar: Dr Julia Polak (University of Melbourne) -- A functional data approach to the analysis of gait patterns and kinematics indices Andrew MathasAug 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Rob J Hyndman (Monash University) -- Forecasting hierarchical and grouped time series Andrew MathasAug 14
Statistics Seminar: Jingjing Wu (Calgary) -- An Efficient and Robust Estimation Based on Profiling John OrmerodAug 14
Integrable Systems Seminar: Dzhamay -- Discrete Schlesinger Transformations and Difference Painlevé Equations Sarah LobbAug 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Thomas -- Quasi-isometry and commensurability for right-angled Coxeter groups Stephan TillmannJul 14
Geometry-Topology-Analysis Seminar: Maher -- The Casson invariants of random Heegaard splittings Stephan TillmannJul 14
SDG meeting: Laurie Field -- Conformally invariant processes and the Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE) Georg GottwaldJul 14
Statistics Seminar: Rachel Wang (Berkeley) -- New gene coexpression measures in large heterogenous samples using count statistics John OrmerodJul 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Gebhardt -- Normal forms of random braids donnellyJul 14
GTA Seminar: Kwong -- New Monotone Quantities along Inverse Curvature Flows and Minkowski Type Formulas Zhou ZhangJun 14
Stats Society Monthly Talk: Luts -- Data Science @ The Search Party Michael StewartJun 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Mark Giesbrecht (University of Waterloo) -- Algorithms and statistics for additive polynomials Andrew MathasJun 14
Statistics Seminar: Ciprian A. Tudor (Paris 1) -- Stein method and Malliavin calculus: the basics and some new results John OrmerodJun 14
Applied Maths Seminar: Lobb -- Initial value space of discrete Painlevé equations Sheehan OlverJun 14
Statistics Seminar: Michael Stewart - Sydney University -- Mixture Detection for Exponential Families John OrmerodJun 14
PDE Seminar: Sikora -- Bochner-Riesz profile of anharmonic oscillator Daniel DanersMay 14
SDG meeting: Andrey Shilnikov -- Symbolic quest into homoclinic chaos Georg GottwaldMay 14
SDG meeting: Andy Hammerlindl -- Lecture on "Ergodicity and Partial Hyperbolicity" Georg GottwaldMay 14
SDG meeting: Andy Hammerlindl -- Lecture on "Stable Ergodicity on Surfaces" Georg GottwaldMay 14
Mathematical Physics Seminar: Tsulaia -- Higher Spins and Sp(2n) Symmetry Ruibin ZhangMay 14
SUMS: Worthington -- Algorhythms Sean GardinerMay 14
Joint Colloquium Sydney–UNSW: David Jordan -- Quantum groups, then and now Martina Chirilus-BrucknerMay 14
Statistics Seminar: Ian Marschner - Macquarie University -- Constrained GLMs using combinatorial EM algorithms with biostatistical applications John OrmerodMay 14
SUMS: Chang, Gardiner, Ge, Poladian, Wang -- Lightning Talks Sean GardinerMay 14
NSW Stat Society Monthly Talk: Simpson -- Analysis of Linked Data in Perinatal Population Health Research Michael StewartMay 14
Applied Maths Seminar: Slevinsky -- On the Use of Conformal Maps for the Acceleration of Convergence of the Trapezoidal Rule and Sinc Numerical Methods Sheehan OlverMay 14
PDE Seminar: Wheeler -- Curvature contraction of convex hypersurfaces by non-smooth speeds Daniel DanersMay 14
GTA Seminar : Cooper -- Projective Stuctures on Manifolds Zhou ZhangMay 14
Joint Colloquium Sydney–UNSW: Karen Parshall (University of Virginia) -- "A New Era in the Development of Our Science": The American Mathematical Research Community, 1920-1950 Martina Chirilus-BrucknerMay 14
Applied Maths Seminar: Rutkowski -- Random Times and Martingales Sheehan OlverMay 14
Statistics Seminar: Ngoc Tran -- Title: Size-biased permutation for a finite i.i.d sequence John OrmerodMay 14
Mathematical Methods Seminar: Radnovic -- Introduction to Elliptic Curves Milena RadnovicMay 14
SUMS: Tang -- Shapes of Triangles and Musical Chords Sean GardinerApr 14
GTA Seminar : Zhou -- the Bernstein Theorem for a Class of Fourth Order Equations Zhou ZhangApr 14
Applied Maths Seminar: Duncan Sutherland -- Numerics, Fluid Dynamics Geoff VasilApr 14
Joint Colloquium Sydney–UNSW: Viktoria Heu (IRMA, University of Strasbourg) -- Some aspects of the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence Martina Chirilus-BrucknerApr 14
GTA Seminar : Wheeler -- Some Free Boundary Value Problems in Mean Curvature Flow and Fully Nonlinear Curvature Flows Zhou ZhangApr 14
PDE Seminar: Li -- Littlewood-Paley and Hardy space theory on spaces of homogeneous type in the sense of Coifman and Weiss via orthonormal wavelet bases Daniel DanersApr 14
GTA Seminar : Friedl -- Decision Problems for Fundamental Groups of 3-manifolds Zhou ZhangApr 14
PDE Seminar: McCoy -- Curvature contraction of convex hypersurfaces Daniel DanersApr 14
SUMS: Schleimer -- Puzzling the 120-cell Sean GardinerApr 14
SUMS: Vasak -- "Everyone Hates Vector Calculus" Sean GardinerApr 14
Statistics Seminar: Yuliya Karpievitch (UTAS) -- Quantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data John OrmerodMar 14
PG/4th year course on Representation Theory: McNamara Peter McNamaraMar 14
Joint Colloquium Sydney–UNSW: Prof. David Evans -- The search for the exotic - subfactors and conformal field theory Martina Chirilus-BrucknerMar 14
SUMS: Large -- Curvature: From Euclid to Einstein Sean GardinerMar 14
Joint Financial Mathematics & Statistics Seminar: Professor David Allen -- Nonparametric Multiple Change Point Analysis of the Global Financial Crisis Shelton PeirisMar 14
Statistics Seminar: Pierre Del-Moral -- Particle Monte Carlo methods in statistical learning and rare event simulation John OrmerodMar 14
PDE Seminar: Coulhon -- Sobolev type inequalities for doubling metric measure spaces Daniel DanersMar 14
SUMS: Gardiner -- Game Theory and Nimbers Sean GardinerMar 14
GTA Seminar: Tillmann -- Normal Surfaces in 3-Manifolds: Algorithms, Experiments and Questions Discrete Uniformization Theorem for Polyhedral Surfaces Zhou ZhangMar 14
PDE Seminar: Hauer -- The p-Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator Daniel DanersMar 14
GTA Seminar : Bierstone -- Resolution Preserving Normal Crossings Singularities Zhou ZhangMar 14
SUMS: Guo -- Lengths, Areas and Projections Sean GardinerMar 14
PDE Seminar: Metcalfe -- Local well-posedness for quasilinear Schrödinger equations with rough data Daniel DanersMar 14
PDE Seminar: Kennedy -- On Payne’s nodal line conjecture Daniel DanersMar 14
GTA Seminar: Zhang -- Boundary Value Problems for the Dirac Operator with Applications Zhou ZhangMar 14
GTA Seminar: Tang -- Short Curves on Flat Surfaces and the Curve Graph Zhou ZhangMar 14
Computational Algebra Seminar: Jahnel -- K3 surfaces with real multiplication donnellyFeb 14
Summer School in Hefei (China): ICTP and USTC -- Advanced School on PDEs in Geometry and Physics Zhou ZhangFeb 14
Computational & Algorithmic Topology, Sydney Stephan TillmannFeb 14
AGR Seminar: A/Prof Paul Kabaila (La Trobe University) -- The Harmful Effect of Preliminary Model Selection on Confidence Intervals Andrew MathasFeb 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Pierre L’Ecuyer -- On the distribution of integration error by randomly-shifted lattice rules Andrew MathasJan 14
GTA Seminar: Li -- Embedded Constant Mean Curvature Tori in the Three-Sphere Zhou ZhangJan 14
Earthbyte Seminar: Coltice -- Tectonics of Convection Models Bruce JansonJan 14
AGR Seminar: Professor Rick Kenyon and Professor Wendelin Werner -- "Limit shapes for random surfaces" and "Phase transitions and conformal invariance within planar fractal carpets" Andrew MathasDec 13
AGR Seminar: Oleg Burdakov (Linköping University, Sweden) -- An approach to solving decomposable optimization problems with coupling constraints Andrew MathasDec 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Mark James Fielding (DHI Water & Environment) -- Statistical Analyses dealing with Water & Environment Andrew MathasDec 13
PDE Seminar: Cabre -- Front propagation for reaction equations with fractional diffusion Daniel DanersDec 13
Integrable/Dynamical Systems : Babelon -- On the symplectic geometry of the Jaynes-Cummings model Holger DullinNov 13
Integrable Systems Seminar: Yamaguchi -- Rigidity index and q-middle convolution of q-difference equations Sarah LobbNov 13
Integrable Systems Seminar: Boll -- Multi-time Lagrangian 1-forms for families of Bäcklund transformations. Relativistic Toda-type systems Sarah LobbNov 13
GTA Seminar : Spreer -- Parameterized Complexity of Discrete Morse Theory Zhou ZhangNov 13
Workshop -- Integrable Systems Sarah LobbNov 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Tony Guttmann -- Self-avoiding walks - rigorous and non-rigorous results Andrew MathasOct 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Lange and Bernstein donnellyOct 13
AGR Seminar: Mr Daniel Sutherland (CARMA, The University of Newcastle) -- Hankel Determinants Reduced to Naught Andrew MathasOct 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Grant Cairns (La Trobe University) -- Generalizations of Wilson’s Theorem for Double-, Hyper-, Sub- and Super-factorials Andrew MathasOct 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Carlson -- Cohomology of nilpotent Lie algebras donnellyOct 13
Statistics Seminar: Matt Wand -- SEMIPARAMETRIC MEAN FIELD VARIATIONAL BAYES John OrmerodOct 13
SUMS: Zhang -- The Inner Workings of JPEG Sean GardinerOct 13
AGR Seminar: Jon Borwein and Heinz Bauschke -- Double AGR seminar Andrew MathasOct 13
AGR Seminar: Prof Andrew Eberhard (School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences, RMIT University) -- On the Maximal Extensions of Monotone Operators, Criteria for Maximality, and the Sum Theorem Andrew MathasOct 13
GTA Seminar: Jöricke -- Braids, Conformal Module and Entropy Zhou ZhangOct 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Chris J. Lloyd (Melbourne Business School) -- Computing highly accurate frequentist confidence limits from discrete data Andrew MathasOct 13
PDE Seminar: Hastings -- A Comparison of Classical and Modern Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations Daniel DanersOct 13
SUMS: Gardiner -- Four-Dimensional Doughnut Tic-Tac-Toe Sean GardinerOct 13
Joint Colloquium: Bryant -- Convex Billiards and Nonholonomic Systems Alexander FishOct 13
Algebra Mini-Course: Williamson -- Soergel bimodules and representation theory Anthony HendersonOct 13
GTA Seminar: Steinle -- Hurwitz Monodromy Zhou ZhangOct 13
Distinguished Women in Mathematics Lecture Series: Smith-Miles -- Footprints in Instance Space: steps towards a free lunch Emma CarberrySep 13
Statistics Seminar: Jiming Jiang (University of California, Davis) -- The E-MS Algorithm: Model Selection with Incomplete Data John OrmerodSep 13
PDE Seminar: Mihailescu -- The asymptotic behavior of some power-law functionals in Sobolev spaces with variable exponents Florica CirsteaSep 13
PDE Seminar: Marangell -- Morse and Maslov Indices for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems Daniel DanersSep 13
Conference: February, 2014 -- Geometric Invariance and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Zhou ZhangSep 13
Algebra Seminar: Enyang -- Homomorphisms between cell modules of the Brauer algebra John EnyangSep 13
Special Public Lecture: Gentry -- Faster, safer, healthier: adventures in operations research Anthony HendersonSep 13
Special Public Lecture: Venkatesh -- Two centuries of prime numbers Anthony HendersonSep 13
AGR Seminar -- Dynamics and the geometry of numbers Andrew MathasSep 13
Statistics Seminar: Murray Cameron -- Evolving the PhD in mathematics and statistics John OrmerodSep 13
AGR Seminar -- Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Andrew MathasSep 13
AGR Seminar -- Performance Bounds and Suboptimal Policies for Multi-Period Investment Andrew MathasSep 13
AGR Seminar -- The Cohen-Lenstra heuristics: from arithmetic to topology and back again Andrew MathasSep 13
Algebra Seminar: Yadav -- Class-preserving automorphisms and central quotients of finite \(p\)-groups John EnyangSep 13
BioInfoSummer 2013 Susan LiddellSep 13
Algebra Seminar: East -- Idempotent generators in partition monoids John EnyangSep 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Claus Ringel (University of Bielefeld, Germany) -- Fibonacci Numbers and Linear Algebra Andrew MathasAug 13
AGR Seminar: Prof Wadim Zudilin (University of Newcastle) -- Mock theta functions Andrew MathasAug 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Mumtaz Hussain (La Trobe University) -- Measure theoretic results for small linear forms Andrew MathasAug 13
Applied Maths Seminar: Sheehan Olver -- Numerical Random Matrix Theory Mary MyerscoughAug 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Yadav -- Central factor and commutator subgroup of nilpotent groups Brendan CreutzAug 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Hamish Waterer (CARMA, University of Newcastle) -- A Bucket Indexed Formulation for Nonpreemptive Single Machine Scheduling Problems Andrew MathasAug 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Davide Ferrari (The University of Melbourne) -- Confidence sets for variable selection Andrew MathasAug 13
AGR Seminar: Professor G. Beliakov (Deakin University) -- Averaging in the right way: how to combine data into a representative value Andrew MathasAug 13
Integrable Systems Seminar: Fordy -- Periodic Cluster Mutation and Related Integrable Maps Sarah LobbAug 13
GTA Seminar: Kerr -- Character Sums Over Shifted Primes Zhou ZhangAug 13
PDE Seminar: Vetois -- Sign-Changing blow-up for scalar curvature type equations Daniel DanersAug 13
Algebra Seminar: Lanini -- Towards a moment graph approach to critical level representation theory John EnyangAug 13
Algebra Seminar: Stapledon -- Representations on the cohomology of hypersurfaces and mirror symmetry John EnyangAug 13
SDG meeting: Karsten Peters -- Modelling the observed stochasticity of tropical convection Georg GottwaldAug 13
AGR Seminar: Pierre Del Moral (INRIA/École Polytechnique) -- Particle Monte Carlo methods in statistical learning and rare event simulation Andrew MathasAug 13
AGR Seminar: Prof Frank Garvan, University of Florida -- Dyson’s Rank Function and Andrews’s SPT Function Andrew MathasAug 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Elena Kulinskaya (University of East Anglia) -- Sequential meta-analysis or how many more studies do we need? Andrew MathasAug 13
JARCS V -- Real and complex singularities Laurentiu PaunescuAug 13
Algebra Seminar: Foda -- Classical and quantum integrability in maximally supersymmetric gauge theories John EnyangAug 13
Algebra Seminar: Wan -- Presenting queer Schur superalgebras John EnyangAug 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Paul Grassia (CEAS, University of Manchester, UK) -- Three Films Good, Four Films Bad! Andrew MathasAug 13
GTA Seminar: Marshall -- L^p Bounds for Eigenfunctions on Locally Symmetric Spaces Zhou ZhangAug 13
GTA Seminar: Parusinski -- Introduction to Abhyankar-Jung Theorem Zhou ZhangJul 13
Algebra Seminar: McNamara -- Representations of KLR algebras John EnyangJul 13
PDE Seminar: Santra -- Non-existence of bounded entire solution for a fourth order ODE on R Daniel DanersJul 13
PDE Seminar: Parusinski -- Perturbations of Complex Polynomials: Regularity of the Roots Daniel DanersJul 13
PDE Seminar: Daners -- Non-Positivity of the semigroup generated by the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator Daniel DanersJul 13
Algebra Seminar: Henderson -- The modular generalized Springer correspondence John EnyangJul 13
Algebra Seminar: Yacobi -- Yangians and slices in the affine Grassmannian John EnyangJul 13
Algebra Seminar: Ram -- Views from Castalia John EnyangJul 13
UWS Colloquium: Mitchel -- The lattice of semigroups of the semigroup of all mappings on an infinite set John EnyangJul 13
UWS Colloquium : Mitchell -- Computing with finite semigroups John EnyangJul 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Slattery -- Character degrees of some maximal class p-groups Brendan CreutzJul 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Zhang -- Verifying p-valuation of class numbers Brendan CreutzJun 13
Group Actions Seminar: Dani, Gardam Anne ThomasJun 13
Algebra Seminar: Taylor -- Gaussian elimination in groups of Lie type John EnyangJun 13
Algebra Seminar: Achar -- The topology of the affine Grassmannian and the Mirkovic-Vilonen conjecture John EnyangJun 13
Algebra Seminar: Ortiz -- Schubert calculus for complex reflection groups John EnyangJun 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Watkins, Creutz Brendan CreutzJun 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Joerg Fliege, The University of Southampton -- Optimisation in Space: Problems in Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization Andrew MathasJun 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Roberts -- Motivic Computations in Magma Brendan CreutzJun 13
PDE Seminar: Stolovitch -- Normal forms of analytic vector fields Daniel DanersJun 13
Statistics Seminar: Pascal Vallotton -- Size matters: Vortex formation and colony expansion in Paenibacillus vortex interstitial biofilms John OrmerodJun 13
GTA Seminar: Johnson -- The Structure of High Distance Heegaard Splittings Zhou ZhangJun 13
Statistics Seminar: Cressie -- Statistical Modeling of Big, Spatial, Non-Gaussian Data: The MODIS Cloud Mask Product John OrmerodJun 13
Algebra Seminar: Thomas -- Infinite reduced words and the Tits boundary of Coxeter groups John EnyangJun 13
Algebra Seminar: Kamgarpour -- On the center of Lie algebras John EnyangJun 13
AMSI AGR Short Course Winter 2013: Prof. Emeritus Alexander Ioffe, Technion, Israel -- Variational analysis and metric regularity theory Andrew MathasMay 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Liangjin Yao, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, The University of Newcastle -- Analysis of the convergence rate for the cyclic projection algorithm applied to semi-algebraic convex sets Andrew MathasMay 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Elvezio Ronchetti (Research Center for Statistics and Department of Economics, University of Geneva) -- Accurate Robust Inference Andrew MathasMay 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Denis Ilyutko (Moscow University, Russia) -- Four-valent graphs with a cross structure: Euler tours, chord diagrams, embeddings in surfaces Andrew MathasMay 13
SUMS: Cresswell -- Mathematics and sex and... Giles GardamMay 13
Sydney Dynamics Group Meeting: Cristian Franzke -- Predicting Climate Tipping Points using Stochastic Models Georg GottwaldMay 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Hugh Possingham (University of Queensland) -- The mathematics of conservation decisions Andrew MathasMay 13
AGR Seminar: Mr Matt Skerritt, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, The University of Newcastle -- Computation of an Improved Lower Bound to Giuga’s Primality Conjecture Andrew MathasMay 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Agus Salim (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, La Trobe University) -- Secondary analysis of nested case-control data: methods and practical implications Andrew MathasMay 13
AGR Seminar: Prof Brian Davey (LTU) -- Abelian groups: their role in the pathological behaviour of braids and the downfall of democracy! Andrew MathasMay 13
GTA Seminar: Wheeler -- The Willmore Flow in Riemannian Spaces Zhou ZhangMay 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Pearce -- Sparse Polynomials in Maple Brendan CreutzMay 13
SUMS: Gibson -- What is Quantum Computing? Giles GardamMay 13
Algebra Seminar: Voineagu -- Equivariant motivic cohomologies John EnyangMay 13
Algebra Seminar: Hain -- The Beauville splitting of the Chow groups of the Jacobian of a general curve John EnyangMay 13
Algebra Seminar: Grossman -- Fusion categories and finite groups John EnyangMay 13
Statistics Seminar: Bondell -- Consistent high-dimensional Bayesian variable selection via penalized credible regions John OrmerodMay 13
SUMS: Worthington -- The Mathematics of Sound Design Giles GardamMay 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Glen Wheeler, University of Wollongong -- Geometric Flows of Curves Andrew MathasMay 13
Algebra Seminar: Jing -- Spin representations of wreath products John EnyangMay 13
Seminar: Trogdon -- A numerical Riemann--Hilbert approach for the Korteweg--de Vries equation Sheehan OlverMay 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Joakim Westerlund (Deakin University) -- Asymptotic redundance results for the use of GLS detrending in panel unit root testing Andrew MathasMay 13
SUMS: Wong -- Scissors Congruence Giles GardamApr 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Steel -- Discrete Logarithms in Finite Fields of Small Characteristic in Magma Brendan CreutzApr 13
Algebra Seminar: Bowman -- Schur-Weyl dualities, diagram algebras, and the Kronecker problem John EnyangApr 13
Statistics Seminar: Gerlach -- Bayes Factors for Assessing Dynamic Quantile Forecasts John OrmerodApr 13
Group Actions Seminar: Cleary -- The bizarre world of Thompson’s groups Anne ThomasApr 13
AGR Seminar: A/Prof Regina Burachik, The University of South Australia -- Conditions for zero duality gap in convex programming Andrew MathasApr 13
AGR Seminar: Matt Tam, CARMA, The University of Newcastle -- Cyclic Douglas-Rachford Iterations Andrew MathasApr 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Martin Savelsbergh (University of Newcastle) -- Incremental Network Design Andrew MathasApr 13
Integrable Systems Seminar: Ormerod -- Twisted reductions of partial difference equations Sarah LobbApr 13
PDE Seminar: Tzou -- The inverse Calderón problem for Schrödinger operators on Riemann surfaces Daniel DanersApr 13
Minicourse extended: Arakawa -- Introduction to W-algebras Alexander MolevApr 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Gruenewald -- Heuristics on pairing-friendly abelian varieties Brendan CreutzApr 13
GTA Seminar: Burton -- Untangling Knots Using Combinatorial Optimisation Zhou ZhangApr 13
SUMS: Zaman -- Proofs.jpeg Giles GardamApr 13
Algebra Seminar: Arakawa -- Affine W-algebras and Vinberg’s problem for centralizers John EnyangApr 13
GTA Seminar: Licata -- Reeb Dynamics and Topological Decompositions Zhou ZhangApr 13
Algebra Seminar: Lyle -- Symmetric group algebras, Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras and Specht modules John EnyangApr 13
Algebra Seminar: Thomas -- Rescheduled: Infinite reduced words and the Tits boundary of Coxeter groups John EnyangApr 13
SUMS: Gardiner -- Knot Theory Giles GardamApr 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- Recent techniques for the discrete log problem in finite fields, part 2 Brendan CreutzApr 13
PDE Seminar: Hauer -- Convergence of bounded solutions of nonlinear parabolic problems on a bounded interval: the singular case Daniel DanersApr 13
Algebra Seminar: Barnes -- Character clusters for Lie algebra modules over a field of non-zero characteristic John EnyangApr 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- Recent techniques for the discrete log problem in finite fields Brendan CreutzApr 13
Group Actions Seminar: Thomas, Friedl Anne ThomasMar 13
AGR Seminar: Laureate Prof Jon Borwein, CARMA, The University of Newcastle Andrew MathasMar 13
Geometry seminar: Rice -- The Hitchin Fibration - an entrée to Langlands duality Emma CarberryMar 13
Algebra Seminar: Dimca -- Characteristic varieties and resonance varieties John EnyangMar 13
Algebra Seminar: Donovan -- Numerical testing of the Riemann Hypothesis John EnyangMar 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Harrison -- Algebraic Surfaces in Magma II Brendan CreutzMar 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Tamsin E. Lee (University of Reading, UK) -- Modelling time-dependent partial differential equations using a moving mesh approach based on conservation Andrew MathasMar 13
PDE Seminar: Arendt -- Maximal regularity and applications to non-linear equations Daniel DanersMar 13
Algebra Seminar: Karolyi -- Some applications of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz John EnyangMar 13
PDE Seminar: Matveev -- Non-existence & existence of integrals that are polynomial in momenta Daniel DanersMar 13
PDE Seminar: Ogawa -- Global existence and blow up for a weak solution to a degenerate drift-diffsion system between two critical cases Daniel DanersMar 13
AGR national seminar series: The Life of Pi: Professor Jon Borwein Andrew MathasMar 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Tassos Bountis (University of Patras, Greece) -- Complex dynamics and statistics of multidimensional Hamiltonian systems Andrew MathasMar 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Jahnel -- Experiments with the Brauer-Manin obstruction Brendan CreutzMar 13
Algebra Seminar: Du -- Representations of \(q\)-Schur superalgebras at a root of unity John EnyangFeb 13
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Scott -- The Legacy of the Wall and Guralnick Conjectures Zhou ZhangFeb 13
Algebra Seminar: Alper -- Stability for (bi)canonical curves John EnyangFeb 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Jahnel -- K3 surfaces and their Picard groups Bill UngerFeb 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Winkler -- Classification of algebraic differential equationsw.r.t. rational solvability Bill UngerFeb 13
Group Actions Seminar: Burillo, Tang Anne ThomasFeb 13
Computational Algebra Seminar: Lauder -- Elliptic curves and p-adic L-functions Bill UngerFeb 13
AGR Seminar: Dr Musa Mammadov (University of Ballarat) -- Drug-drug interactions: A Data Mining Approach Andrew MathasFeb 13
AGR Seminar: Yoshitaka Sasaki (Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences, Japan) -- On poly-Euler numbers and the related L-function Andrew MathasFeb 13
GTA Seminar: Pulemotov -- The Dirichlet Problem for The Prescribed Ricci Curvature Equation Zhou ZhangFeb 13
GTA Seminar: Do -- Orbifold Hurwitz Numbers and Topological Recursion Zhou ZhangFeb 13
GTA-Seminar: Schmidt -- On Spectral Curves of CMC Annuli of Finite Type in S^3 Zhou ZhangFeb 13
AGR Seminar: Abrams and Devlin -- The AGR National Seminar Series Andrew MathasJan 13
Seminar: Hewlett -- The demand driven-system and its impact on quality in higher education Leon PoladianJan 13
AMSI Workshop: Abrams and others -- Graph C*-algebras, Leavitt Path Algebras and Symbolic Dynamics Zhou ZhangJan 13
PDE Seminar: Du -- Regularity and long-time behaviour of the nonlinear Stefan problem Daniel DanersJan 13
GTA Seminar: Segerman -- Regular Triangulations and the Index of a Cusped Hyperbolic 3-Manifold Zhou ZhangJan 13
AGR Seminar: Professor Simon A. Levin (Princeton University) -- Collective phenomena, collective motion, and collective action in ecological systems Andrew MathasJan 13
GTA Seminar: Dwilewicz -- Hartogs Type Holomorphic Extensions Zhou ZhangJan 13
AGR Seminar: Levin -- Collective Phenomena, Collective Motion, and Collective Action in Ecological Systems Zhou ZhangJan 13
PDE Seminar: Kennedy -- Analytical aspects of isospectral gongs and drums Daniel DanersDec 12
GTA mini-workshop -- Geometry and Topology Laurentiu PaunescuDec 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Vercauteren -- Learning with errors over rings and homomorphic encryption Bill UngerDec 12
PDE Seminar: Galakhov -- On blow-up for some nonlinear partial differential equations Daniel DanersDec 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Harrison -- Algebraic Surfaces in Magma Bill UngerDec 12
AGR Seminar: Dr Victoria Martín-Márquez, Department of Mathematical Analysis, University of Seville, Spain -- On Iterative Methods for Solving Convex Feasibility Problems and applications Andrew MathasDec 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Yuri Nikonorov (Southern Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences) -- The signature of the Ricci operator of left-invariant Riemannian metrics on Lie groups Andrew MathasDec 12
Algebra Seminar: Koonin -- Topology of eigenspace posets for unitary reflection groups John EnyangDec 12
AGR Seminar: Prof. Andrei Okounkov (Columbia University) -- The index and the vertex Andrew MathasNov 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Yuri Nikonorov (Southern Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences) -- On Killing vector fields of constant length on Riemannian manifolds Andrew MathasNov 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Harvey -- Counting points on hyperelliptic curves Bill UngerNov 12
Algebra Seminar: Friedlander -- Invariants for representations (following Quillen’s equivariant cohomology) John EnyangNov 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium : Joswig -- Tropical Combinatorics Zhou ZhangNov 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium : Friedlander -- Active Scalar Equations and a Geodynamo Model Zhou ZhangNov 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Yuri Nikonorov (Southern Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences) -- Asymptotic behaviour of the mean-value points in classical mean-value theorems Andrew MathasNov 12
GTA: Suciu -- Real Toric Varieties Laurentiu PaunescuNov 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Geoff Prince (LTU and AMSI) -- Geometric Methods for the Integration of PDEs Andrew MathasNov 12
AGR Seminar: Professor Jeff Linderoth (University of Wisconsin-Madison) -- Multi-term Relaxations for Multi-linear Programs Andrew MathasNov 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Elsenhans -- Computation of Galois groups Bill UngerNov 12
Algebra Seminar: Fu -- The dominance partial ordering in Coxeter groups John EnyangNov 12
PDE Seminar: Mihailescu -- Classification of isolated singularities for equations involving the Finsler-Laplace operator Daniel DanersNov 12
Applied Maths/Sydney Dynamics Group: Proctor -- Melting convection Dave GallowayNov 12
Applied Maths/Sydney Dynamics Group: Proctor -- Melting convection Dave GallowayNov 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Pfaffenholz -- Polyhedral Adjunction Theory Bill UngerNov 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Quas -- Low Complexity Alpern Lemmas: How Can You Tile a Floor With a Mixture of Metric and Imperial Tiles? Zhou ZhangNov 12
AGR Seminar: Dr David Harvey (UNSW, Australia) -- Counting points on hyperelliptic curves Andrew MathasNov 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Pfaffenholz -- Polyhedral Adjunction Theory Bill UngerNov 12
Algebra Seminar: Li -- An integral basis theorem for cyclotomic KLR algebras of type A John EnyangNov 12
AGR Seminar: Dr Jean Yee Hwa Yang (The University of Sydney) -- Statistical issues with quantitative proteomics data Andrew MathasNov 12
AGR Colloquium on Maths Skills: Deborah Jackson (LaTrobe University) David EasdownNov 12
AGR Seminar: Computing a Counterexample to Giuga’s Conjecture: Matt Skerritt (CARMA, Australia) Andrew MathasNov 12
Algebra Seminar: Kim -- The Littlewood-Richardson rule and the hive model John EnyangNov 12
PDE Seminar: Zhang -- Some new results on variational methods and partial differential equations Daniel DanersOct 12
Algebra Seminar: Warnaar -- Characters of affine Lie algebras and Hall-Littlewood functions John EnyangOct 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kirschmer -- The explicit membership problem for discrete free subgroup of PSL(2,R) Bill UngerOct 12
GTA Seminar: Quas -- Embeddings of Dynamical Systems Zhou ZhangOct 12
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group -- ODE Models to Study the Population Level Effects of Preeclampsia Tim SchaerfOct 12
AGR Seminar: Dr Farshid Jamshidi -- Confidence bands in errors-in-variables nonparametric regression Andrew MathasOct 12
AGR Seminar: Dr. C Yalcin Kaya -- Finding Interpolating Curves Using Optimal Control Andrew MathasOct 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Watkins -- Hypergeometric Motives Bill UngerOct 12
Algebra Seminar: Terragni -- Euler characteristic of Hecke algebras John EnyangOct 12
PDE Seminar: Goldys -- On some gradient systems perturbed by noise Daniel DanersOct 12
GTA Seminar: Kwong -- On Nearly Schur-Type Theorems Zhou ZhangOct 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium : Fish -- Heisenberg-Weil Representation and Delay-Doppler Channel Estimation in Wireless Communication Zhou ZhangOct 12
Algebra Seminar: Street -- Variations on the monoidal theme John EnyangOct 12
Stats Society Monthly Talk: Venables -- O what a difference R makes - VENUE UPDATE Michael StewartOct 12
Algebra Seminar: Goodman -- Variations on the theme of cellularity John EnyangOct 12
SUMS: Poladian -- A geometric journey: Periodic geometry from art to biology Giles GardamOct 12
SUMS: Hendriksen -- The Mathematics of Juggling Giles GardamOct 12
Algebra Seminar: Brion -- Homogeneous bundles over abelian varieties and representation theory John EnyangOct 12
Algebra Seminar: Licata -- Hilbert schemes, affine Lie algebras and Khovanov homology John EnyangOct 12
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group: Nanan -- The potential adaptive value of preeclampsia in human life-history Tim SchaerfSep 12
GTA Seminar: Melrose -- Smooth Gluing of Kahler Metrics with Constant Scalar Curvature Zhou ZhangSep 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Melrose -- Towards Analysis on Loop Manifolds Zhou ZhangSep 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Verhulst -- Life and Work of Henri Poincaré Zhou ZhangSep 12
Algebra Seminar: Andersen -- Tensor powers of standard modules for quantum \(\mathfrak{sl}_2\) at roots of \(1\) John EnyangSep 12
SUMS: Large -- Inversion Giles GardamSep 12
GTA Seminar: Coward -- Unknotting Genus One Knots Zhou ZhangSep 12
SUMS: Menzies -- Van der Waerden’s theorem on monochromatic arithmetic progressions Giles GardamSep 12
16th Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC) Susan LiddellSep 12
PDE Seminar: Cirstea -- Local behaviour of singular solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations in divergence form Daniel DanersSep 12
Algebra Seminar: Matsumoto -- Symmetries of the squashed sigma models John EnyangSep 12
GTA Seminar: Koike -- Sequence Selection Property and Bi-Lipschitz Homeomorphism Zhou ZhangSep 12
PDE Seminar: Santra -- On a perturbed q-curvature problem in S4 Daniel DanersSep 12
SUMS: Lo -- Misère Play Games - Why Losing Is Harder Than Winning Giles GardamSep 12
GTA Seminar: Bohmann -- The Equivariant Generating Hypothesis Zhou ZhangAug 12
PDE Seminar: Mihailescu -- PDE’s involving variable exponents Daniel DanersAug 12
Algebra Seminar: Sobaje -- Infinitesimal one-parameter subgroups and exponentiation John EnyangAug 12
SUMS: Zhu -- Modular forms - How to prove Fermat in four easy steps Giles GardamAug 12
PDE Seminar: Tzou -- The Aharonov-Bohm effect and the Calderón problem for connection Laplacians large interaction problems Daniel DanersAug 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Viallet -- Discrete-time Dynamical System: Integrable Or Not Integrable? Zhou ZhangAug 12
SUMS: White -- Automorphism groups of rigid vs flexible graphs Giles GardamAug 12
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group: Nanan -- The Adaptive Value of Pre-eclampsia in Human Lifehistory Tim SchaerfAug 12
SUMS: Menzies -- Complex elliptic curves Giles GardamAug 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Burns -- Algebraicization of Complex Manifolds and the Complex Monge-Ampère Equation Zhou ZhangAug 12
GTA Seminar: Mondal -- Normal Compactifications of the Complex Plane Zhou ZhangAug 12
GTA Seminar: Burns -- Holomorphic Extension and the Complex Monge-Ampère Equation Zhou ZhangAug 12
SUMS: McLellan -- P vs NP: The Problem of Insight Giles GardamAug 12
Algebra Seminar: Molev -- Yangian characters and classical \(W\)-algebras John EnyangAug 12
Applied Maths Seminar: Grotberg -- Multiphase flow in the lung Chris BertramAug 12
Geometry Seminar: Coward -- An Upper Bound on Reidemeister Moves Zhou ZhangJul 12
Geometry Seminar: Brander -- Recent Work on Integrable Surfaces Via the Generalized Weierstrass Representation Zhou ZhangJul 12
Geometry Seminar: Tillmann -- Finite Volume Projective Manifolds II Zhou ZhangJul 12
Algebra Seminar: Nandakumar -- Exotic t-structures for two-block Springer fibres John EnyangJul 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Dubrovin -- On Geometrical Structures and Properties of Solutions to Hamiltonian Partial Differential Equations Zhou ZhangJul 12
Geometry Seminar: Segerman -- Triangulations of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds Admitting Strict Angle Structures Zhou ZhangJul 12
Algebra Seminar: East -- Idempotent generators in partition monoids John EnyangJun 12
Geometry Seminar: Zhang -- Continuity of Extremal Transitions for Calabi-Yau Manifolds Zhou ZhangJun 12
Group Actions Seminar: Tillmann, Maher Anne ThomasJun 12
Stats Soc NSW Monthly Talk: Embrechts -- Extreme-Quantile Tracking for Financial Time Series Michael StewartJun 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Carlson -- Algebraic Geometry in Representation Theory Bill UngerJun 12
Geometry Seminar: Carberry -- The Periodicity Problem for Harmonic Maps of the Plane (Postponed) Zhou ZhangJun 12
Algebra Seminar: Deng -- Identification of simple representations for affine \(q\)-Schur algebras John EnyangJun 12
SUMS: Gardam -- Expander Graphs Giles GardamJun 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Le Borgne -- Effective computations for some Galois representations Bill UngerJun 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Maher -- Random Walks on Graphs and Groups Zhou ZhangJun 12
SUMS: Campbell -- Linear Algebra via Complex Analysis Giles GardamMay 12
Geometry Seminar: Bahri -- On the Topology of Weighted Projective Spaces Zhou ZhangMay 12
Geometry Seminar: Bahri -- New Topological Constructions in Toric Geometry and Topology Zhou ZhangMay 12
Algebra Seminar: Mathas -- Graded Specht modules John EnyangMay 12
Statistics Seminar: John Robinson -- Relative Error of the Bootstrap for Serial Correlation Uri KeichMay 12
Geometry: Norbury -- Geometry Laurentiu PaunescuMay 12
PDE Seminar: Vetois -- Instability of the Yamabe Equation Daniel DanersMay 12
Algebra Seminar: Thomas -- Cocompact lattices on \(\tilde{A}_n\) buildings John EnyangMay 12
Statistics Seminar: Barry Quinn -- Estimating the period of a Point Process/ Estimating the parameters in an exponentially damped sinusoid Uri KeichMay 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Taylor -- A survey of finite nearfields in Magma Bill UngerMay 12
Group Actions Seminar: Kalka, Reid Anne ThomasMay 12
SUMS -- Cake Bake Giles GardamMay 12
Geometry Seminar: Milman -- Nash Desingularization for Binomial Varieties as Euclidean Multidimensional Division, Part II Zhou ZhangMay 12
Statistics Seminar: Chris Lloyd -- Computing Highly Accurate Confidence Limits from Discrete data using Importance Sampling Uri KeichMay 12
SUMS: Zhou -- Dictatorships are Flawless Democracies -- Voting Design and Impossibility Results Giles GardamMay 12
Algebra Seminar: Mukhin -- Minimal affinizations John EnyangMay 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Detinko -- Algorithms for finitely generated linear groups Bill UngerMay 12
Geometry Seminar: Milman -- Nash Desingularization for Binomial Varieties as Euclidean Multidimensional Division Zhou ZhangMay 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Carlson -- Computing with Matrix Algebras Bill UngerMay 12
Statistics Seminar: Ray Chambers -- M-Quantile Regression for Binary Data wih Application to Small Area Estimation Uri KeichApr 12
Seminar: Guo -- Tiling Problems Giles GardamApr 12
PDE Seminar: Ivers -- Potential Problems in Geomagnetism Daniel DanersApr 12
Algebra Seminar: Carlson -- Thick subcategories of the bounded derived category John EnyangApr 12
Statistics Seminar: Simon Ho -- Estimating evolutionary timescales using DNA Uri KeichApr 12
PDE Seminar: Stroffolini -- Harmonic type approximation lemmas and applications to regularity Daniel DanersApr 12
Geometry Seminar: Stanhope -- The Spectrum of the Laplace Operator of a Riemannian Orbifold Zhou ZhangApr 12
Algebra Seminar: Henderson -- Geometric Satake, Springer correspondence, and small representations John EnyangApr 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Olver -- Numerical Free Probability: Computing Eigenvalue Distributions of Large Random Matrices Zhou ZhangApr 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Boris Kruglikov -- A tale of two \(G_2\) Andrew MathasApr 12
SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Dimca -- On the Monodromy of Hyperplane Arrangements Zhou ZhangMar 12
Mathematical Physics Seminar: Chaichian -- CPT and Lorentz Invariance: Their Relation and Violation Zhou ZhangApr 12
SDG meeting: Arieh Iserles -- Splittings, commutators and the linear Schrödinger equation Georg GottwaldApr 12
PDE Seminar: Dancer -- Large Interaction Problems Daniel DanersMar 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Jambor -- The L_2-quotient and L_3-U_3-quotient algorithms Bill UngerMar 12
Group Actions Seminar: Gebhardt, Egri-Nagy Anne ThomasMar 12
SUMS: Vasak -- P-adic Numbers, Modular Arithmetic and Strange Geometry Giles GardamMar 12
Geometry Seminar: Tureanu -- Symmetry and Dynamics of Quantum Field Theories on Noncommutative Spaces Zhou ZhangMar 12
Algebra Seminar: Dimca -- Jacobian ideal: syzygies and Hodge theory John EnyangMar 12
Faculty of Science Teaching Tips Seminars: George -- Blackboard or black boards – back to basics Leon PoladianMar 12
PDE Seminar: Mingione -- Glimpses from the Dark Side of the Calculus of Variations Daniel DanersMar 12
Joint Colloquium: Kristensen -- Metrical Musings on Littlewood and Friends Zhou ZhangMar 12
Geometry Seminar: Dimca -- Chebyshev Curves and Hodge Theory Zhou ZhangMar 12
Statistics Seminar: Hobson -- Robust hedging of variance swaps Uri KeichMar 12
Algebra Seminar: Mathas -- Quiver Schur algebras and decomposition numbers Anne ThomasMar 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Simon Kristensen (Aarhus University, Denmark) -- Metrical musings on Littlewood and friends Andrew MathasMar 12
SUMS: Sutherland -- Pedestrian dynamics, or: Why you want to punch slow moving people in the back of the head Giles GardamMar 12
Macquarie Colloquium Lecture (CANCELLED): Pomerance -- Sums and products Zhou ZhangMar 12
Geometry Seminar: Zhang -- Ricci Lower Bound for Kahler-Ricci Flow Zhou ZhangMar 12
Statistics Seminar: Kolassa -- Infinite Parameter Estimates in Polytomous Regression Uri KeichMar 12
Algebra Seminar: Kuniba -- Combinatorics of Bethe ansatz and ultradiscrete integrable systems John EnyangMar 12
Algebra Seminar: Kruglikov -- Global Lie-Tresse theorem John EnyangMar 12
Algebra Seminar: Hazrat -- On classification of path algebras John EnyangMar 12
Statistics Seminar: Proietti -- The Exponential Model for the Spectrum of a Time Series: Extensions and Applications Uri KeichMar 12
Algebra Seminar: Robert Bédard (UQAM) -- Tight objects in Lie Theory John EnyangFeb 12
Joint Colloquium: Olver -- Moving Frames in Applications Zhou ZhangFeb 12
Joint Colloquium: Boland -- W. S. Gosset or ’Student’ Guinness Brewer in Charge of Statistics Zhou ZhangFeb 12
Joint Colloquium: Zinchenko -- Nonlinear Fourier Analysis Zhou ZhangFeb 12
PDE Seminar: Kozono -- Existence and uniqueness theorem of weak solutions to the parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel system Daniel DanersFeb 12
AGR Seminar: Prof Peter J. Olver, University of Minnesota, USA -- Dispersive Quantization – the Talbot Effect Andrew MathasFeb 12
Joint Colloquium: Skripka -- Applications of Noncommutative Analysis Zhou ZhangFeb 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Holt -- Computing in Large Matrix Groups Bill UngerFeb 12
Group Actions Seminar: Holt, Thomas Anne ThomasFeb 12
Special Public Lecture: Hoyles -- Mathematics, standards, teacher shortages Leon PoladianFeb 12
Macquarie Mathematics Colloquium Lecture: Baez -- Probabilities versus Amplitudes Zhou ZhangJan 12
SDG meeting: Gottwald -- Diffusion and anomalous diffusion in spatially extended systems Georg GottwaldJan 12
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kasprzyk -- Computational aspects extremal Laurent polynomials and Fano varieties Bill UngerJan 12
Magma -- 17th Anniversary Bill UngerJan 12
Seminar : Richard Dipper -- Unipotent Specht modules III Andrew MathasDec 11
Algebra Seminar: Easdown -- Presentations of maximal subgroups of semigroups generated by idempotents subject to relations that come from the underlying biordered set Anne ThomasDec 11
Joint Colloquium: Eddy Godelle -- Hecke Algebras and Renner Monoids Zhou ZhangDec 11
Algebra Seminar: Enyang -- A seminormal form for partition algebras Anne ThomasNov 11
Geometry Seminar (*Friday*) : Carberry -- Harmonic Maps, Toda Frames and Extended Dynkin Diagrams Zhou ZhangNov 11
Algebra Seminar: Dipper -- Unipotent Specht modules of finite general linear groups and some conjectures of Higman, Lehrer and Isaacs Anne ThomasNov 11
Statistics Seminar: Professor Uwe Hassler -- Quantile Regression for Long Memory Testing Shelton PeirisNov 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bisson -- Computing endomorphism rings of abelian varieties Bill UngerNov 11
Algebra Seminar: Dyer -- Groupoids, root systems and weak order Anne ThomasNov 11
Algebra Seminar: Casselman -- Problems in Kac-Moody algebras and Coxeter groups Anne ThomasNov 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Mourao, Donnelly Bill UngerOct 11
Algebra Seminar: Barnes -- Faithful representations of Leibniz algebras Anne ThomasOct 11
Geometry Seminar: Carberry -- Harmonic Maps of Surfaces into De Sitter Spaces Zhou ZhangOct 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Creutz -- Arithmetic of superelliptic curves Bill UngerOct 11
SUMS: Poladian -- Origami is mightier than the compass Duncan SutherlandOct 11
International Conference: Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis Susan LiddellOct 11
Statistics Seminar: Aurore Delaigle -- Nonparametric Regression from Group Testing Data Uri KeichOct 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Zhibin Liang -- On critical values of L-functions twisted by a non-commutative Artin representations Bill UngerOct 11
SDG meeting: John Norbury -- Constructing ecologies Georg GottwaldOct 11
Algebra Seminar: Iorgov -- Ising correlations and elliptic determinants Anne ThomasOct 11
Joint Colloquium: Kim -- Bridging Agent-Based Models and PDEs: a Model of Cell Differentiation Zhou ZhangOct 11
Joint Colloquium: Filar -- The Hamiltonian Cycle Problem, Markov Chains and Optimization Zhou ZhangOct 11
SUMS: Georgina Wilcox -- The computing engines of Charles Babbage Duncan SutherlandOct 11
Geometry Seminar: Huerta -- G2, Split Octonions, and the Rolling Ball Zhou ZhangOct 11
Algebra Seminar: Saunders -- Minimal faithful permutation representations of finite groups Anne ThomasOct 11
Geometry Seminar: Carberry -- Integrable Systems and Harmonic Maps Zhou ZhangOct 11
SDG meeting: Govind Menon -- Stochastic Burgers equation Georg GottwaldOct 11
SUMS -- Maths Relay Duncan SutherlandOct 11
Algebra Seminar: Hu -- On the annihilators of tensor space in Brauer algebras Anne ThomasSep 11
PDE Seminar: Matano -- Front propagation in nonlinear diffusion equations on hyperbolic space Daniel DanersSep 11
Statistics Seminar: Fabio Ramos -- Making sense of the World with Machine Learning for Data Fusion Uri KeichSep 11
Geometry Seminar : Carberry -- Integrable Systems and Harmonic Maps Zhou ZhangSep 11
SUMS: Tang -- Twisting the torus Duncan SutherlandSep 11
Statistics Seminar: Alicia Oshlack -- Dealing with the data deluge: differential expression analysis for RNA-seq Uri KeichSep 11
Algebra Seminar: Futorny, Huang Anne ThomasSep 11
PDE Seminar: Du -- Spreading and Vanishing in Nonlinear Diffusion Problems with Free Boundaries Daniel DanersSep 11
Geometry: Satoshi Koike -- Equivalence relations for real analytic function germs Laurentiu PaunescuSep 11
PDE Seminar: Dragomir -- New Reverses of Jensen’s Inequality with Applications Daniel DanersSep 11
Statistics Seminar: Robert Lanfear -- Measuring mutants: statistical and mathematical challenges in understanding molecular evolution, and how to solve some of them Uri KeichSep 11
Algebra Seminar: East -- Semigroups of singular mappings Anne ThomasSep 11
SUMS: Barter -- Defining the natural numbers using category theory Yinan ZhangSep 11
PDE Seminar: Cirstea -- Isolated singularities for nonlinear elliptic equations with inverse square potentials Florica CirsteaSep 11
Geometry: Guillaume Valette -- Multiplicity modulo 2 as a metric invariant Laurentiu PaunescuSep 11
Infinite Groups Seminar: Cartwright, Cowling Anne ThomasSep 11
Algebra Seminar: Henderson -- The affine Grassmannian and the nilpotent cone Anne ThomasSep 11
SUMS: Zhang -- The inner workings of JPEG Duncan SutherlandAug 11
PDE Seminar: Daners -- The Dirichlet problem by variational methods Daniel DanersAug 11
Geometry: Satoshi Koike -- Blow-analytic Equivalence Laurentiu PaunescuAug 11
Postgraduate Seminar: Gibson, Poladian Andrew CrispAug 11
SUMS: Cake Bake Duncan SutherlandAug 11
Seminar: Conder / Sarnak -- Symmetry and Chirality in Discrete Structures / Zeroes and Nodal Lines of Modular Forms Emma CarberryAug 11
Special Public Lecture: Sarnak -- Chaos, Quantum Mechanics and Number Theory Emma CarberryAug 11
Statistics Seminar: Georgy Sofronov -- Change-point detection in binary sequences Uri KeichAug 11
PDE Seminar: McIntosh -- First order techniques in the solution of second order boundary value problems Daniel DanersAug 11
Geometry: NOUMI -- Pade interpolation and hypergeometric series Laurentiu PaunescuAug 11
Postgraduate Seminar: Wilcox, Myerscough Andrew CrispAug 11
Algebra Seminar: Wilson -- Representation stability for the cohomology of the groups of pure string motions Anne ThomasAug 11
Algebra Seminar: Grojnowski, Zhang Anne ThomasAug 11
Geometry Seminar: Guillaume -- On the Lelong Number of Whitney Stratified Sets Zhou ZhangAug 11
IISME Event: Poladian -- First year mathematics for the life sciences Leon PoladianAug 11
Postgraduate Seminar: Weber Andrew CrispAug 11
PDE Seminar: ter Elst -- The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on rough domains Daniel DanersAug 11
Joint Colloquium: Grojnowski -- Representation Theory and Differentiation Zhou ZhangAug 11
Statistics Seminar: Peter Thomson -- Microarray analysis: a systematic approach using mixed-models and finite-mixtures Uri KeichAug 11
AGR Seminar - La Trobe University: Alexander Stolin (University of Göteborg, Sweden) -- Introduction to Yang-Baxter equation and quantum groups Andrew MathasAug 11
Public Lecture and Colloquium: Sarnak -- Topics in Number Theory Zhou ZhangAug 11
SUMS: Nandakumar -- Combinatorics of Schubert polynomials Duncan SutherlandAug 11
PDE Seminar: Álvarez Caudevilla -- The Cauchy problem for a fourth-order thin film equation Daniel DanersAug 11
Geometry Seminar: Xiao Zhang -- the Conformal Laplacian Operator and the Mass of Asymptotically Flat Manifolds Zhou ZhangJul 11
Algebra Seminar: Molev -- Feigin-Frenkel center for classical types Anne ThomasJul 11
SUMS: Sutherland -- Sequential Hermaphrodites: Kinky Population Dynamics Duncan SutherlandJul 11
Geometry Seminar: Guillaume Valette -- \(L^p\) Differential Forms on Analytic Varieties Zhou ZhangJul 11
Algebra Seminar: Du -- A double Hall approach to affine q-Schur algebras Anne ThomasJul 11
Statistics Seminar: Yoni Nazarathy -- Scaling limits of cyclically varying birth-death processes Uri KeichJul 11
Sydney-UNSW Joint Colloquium : Prof. Gang Tian (from Princeton) -- New Geometric Flows Zhou ZhangJul 11
Differential Geometry Seminar: Yi Ni (from Caltech) -- Cosmetic Surgeries on Knots in \(S^3\) Zhou ZhangJul 11
AGR Seminar: Dr. Babak Abbasi -- Estimating Burr XII Distribution Parameters Using Cross Entropy Method Andrew MathasJun 11
Special Colloquium: Alan Title (Solar Dynamics Observatory): Alan Title -- Solar Dynamics Observatory and Global Solar Phenomena Georg GottwaldJun 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Swinarski -- Low degree Hilbert stability and curves with automorphisms Bill UngerJun 11
Statistics Seminar: James P. Hobert -- Improving the Data Augmentation Algorithm Uri KeichJun 11
Colloquium: McPhedran -- Angular Lattice Sums and the Riemann Hypothesis Emma CarberryJun 11
SUMS: Anderson -- Squaring the Square Duncan SutherlandMay 11
DG seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMay 11
Infinite Groups Seminar: East, Dani Anne ThomasMay 11
Algebra Seminar: Achar -- Koszul duality and mixed geometry Anne ThomasMay 11
PDE Seminar: Garcia-Melian -- Elliptic problems with sign-changing weights and boundary blow-up Daniel DanersMay 11
Statistics Seminar: David Warton -- Unifying methods for species distribution modelling using presence-only data in ecology Uri KeichMay 11
Algebra Seminars: Dani, Williamson Anne ThomasMay 11
PDE Seminar: Polacik -- Nonnegative solutions of elliptic equations on symmetric domains and their nodal structure Daniel DanersMay 11
SUMS: Zaman -- The Jacobi Triple Product Duncan SutherlandMay 11
DG seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMay 11
Algebra Seminar: Rozhkovskaya -- The q-characters of representations of quantum affine algebras Anne ThomasMay 11
Joint Colloquium: Borger -- Geometry -- from algebraic to arithmetic to absolute Emma CarberryMay 11
Computational and Analytical Mathematics -- Workshop in honour of Jonathan Borwein’s 60th Birthday Andrew MathasMay 11
SUMS -- Trivia! Duncan SutherlandMay 11
Algebra Seminar: Henderson -- Mirabolic and exotic Robinson-Schensted correspondences Anne ThomasMay 11
DG seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMay 11
Infinite Groups Seminar: Ramagge, Thomas Anne ThomasMay 11
Statistics Seminar: Andrze Kozek -- Data sharpening by improved quantile estimators Uri KeichMay 11
Reminder!: Artemeva -- The writing’s on the board: An international study of chalk talk genre in teaching undergraduate mathematics Leon PoladianApr 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Weinstein -- An overview of the local Langlands program Bill UngerMay 11
Joint Colloquium: Calegari -- Reciprocity and the Langlands program Emma CarberryApr 11
SUMS: Tanaka -- Improved similarity scores for comparing motifs Duncan SutherlandMay 11
PDE Seminar: Vetois -- Bubble tree decompositions for critical anisotropic equations Daniel DanersMay 11
DG Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMay 11
Algebra Seminar: Andrew Mathas -- Decomposition numbers for Hecke algebras of type G(r,p,n) Andrew MathasApr 11
Algebra Seminar: Jon Brundan -- Generalisations of Khovanov’s arc algebra Andrew MathasApr 11
Statistics Seminar: Mohamad Khaled -- Estimation of copula models with discrete margins Uri KeichApr 11
SUMS -- Cake Bake Duncan SutherlandApr 11
PDE Seminar: Sa Ngiamsunthorn -- Domain perturbation for parabolic equations Daniel DanersApr 11
Lectures on finite W-algebras and primitive ideals: Jon Brundan -- Finite W-algebras and primitive ideals Andrew MathasApr 11
DG Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangApr 11
Algebra Seminar: Vincent Beck -- Abelianization in braid groups Andrew MathasApr 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: de Graaf -- Classifying semisimple orbits of theta-groups Bill UngerApr 11
SUMS: Menzies -- The Banach-Tarski Paradox: how Group Theory crushes Geometry and proves philosophers don’t know what they’re talking about Duncan SutherlandApr 11
DG Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangApr 11
Infinite Groups Seminar: González-Meneses -- Growth functions of braid monoids and generation of random braids Anne ThomasApr 11
Algebra Seminar: Zhang -- Jantzen filtration for Kac modules Anne ThomasApr 11
SUMS: Fitzpatrick -- How probability can definitely save your life Duncan SutherlandMar 11
DG Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMar 11
Statistics Seminar: Clare McGrory -- Variational Bayes for Spatial Data Analysis Uri KeichMar 11
Algebra Seminar: Parkinson -- A classification of commutative parabolic Hecke algebras Anne ThomasMar 11
Workshop at UNSW: Organized by Ben Goldys -- Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations Zhou ZhangMar 11
SUMS -- Cubing class Duncan SutherlandMar 11
DG Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMar 11
PDE Seminar: Rochon -- Ricci flow and the determinant of the Laplacian on non-compact surfaces Daniel DanersMar 11
Colloquium: Bazhanov -- Quantum geometry and integrable systems Emma CarberryMar 11
Algebra Seminar: Lehrer -- The second fundamental theorem of invariant theory for the orthogonal group Anne ThomasMar 11
DG Seminar: George Thompson -- The pluri \chi_y genus and divisibility of Chern Numbers Ruibin ZhangMar 11
SUMS: Guo -- Farey Fractions Duncan SutherlandMar 11
Statistics Seminar: Qiying Wang -- Martingale limit theorems revisited and non-linear cointegrating regression Uri KeichMar 11
Differential Geometry Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangMar 11
Algebra Seminar: Westerland -- Cohen-Lenstra heuristics for function fields and Hurwitz spaces Anne ThomasMar 11
PDE Seminar: Kozono -- Generalized Lax-Milgram theorem in reflexive Banach spaces and its application to elliptic boundary value problems Daniel DanersMar 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Voloch, Mueller Bill UngerMar 11
SUMS: Sutherland -- Bicycle Aerodynamics Duncan SutherlandMar 11
Statistics Seminar: Ian H. Sloan -- The challenge of high-dimensional computation Uri KeichMar 11
Infinite Groups Seminar: Hillman, Reeves Anne ThomasMar 11
UNSW Seminar on Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications: Michael Roeckner, University of Bielefeld -- Recent extinction results for stochastic porous media equations and applications to self-organized criticality Georg GottwaldMar 11
SUMS: Various -- Icebreaker, boardgames, free pizza Duncan SutherlandMar 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Elsenhans -- K3-surfaces and Picard groups Bill UngerMar 11
CARMA Colloquium and SigmaOPT Seminar: Qiji Jim Zhu -- Why Bankers Should Learn Convex Analysis (Parts 1 & 2) Andrew MathasFeb 11
Algebra Seminar: Barnes -- Leibniz algebras Anne ThomasFeb 11
Special Joint Colloquium in honour of Gavin Brown: Moran -- Half a mathematical lifetime with Gavin Anne ThomasFeb 11
Algebra Seminar: Lyle -- Homomorphisms between Specht modules Anne ThomasFeb 11
2011 AMSI Lecturer: Professor Darren Crowdy -- Complex analysis in low Reynolds number hydrodynamics Charlie MacaskillJan 11
AGR seminar: Roberto Cominetti -- Network Congestion Control with Markovian Multipath Routing Andrew MathasFeb 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Wilson -- Computing invariant global log canonical thresholds in Magma Bill UngerFeb 11
Algebra Seminar: Wang -- Stringy product on orbifold K-theory Anne ThomasFeb 11
CHANGE OF DATE Joint Colloquium: Hansen -- Littlewood’s one circle problem and Liouville’s theorem Anne ThomasJan 11
Seminar: Darling -- Gene flow and speciation Leon PoladianJan 11
Infinite Groups Seminar: Willis, Piggott Anne ThomasJan 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Voight -- Congruence subgroups of triangle groups Claus FiekerJan 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Brown -- The Picard group of del Pezzo surfaces Claus FiekerJan 11
Geometry: S. Koike, T-C. Kuo, K. Kurdyka and D. Trotman -- Singularities Laurentiu PaunescuJan 11
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bright -- Computing Brauer-Manin obstructions Claus FiekerDec 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kasprzyk -- Reflexive polytopes and their role in Mirror Symmetry Claus FiekerDec 10
PDE Seminar: Ruiz -- An existence result for singular Liouville equations on compact surfaces Daniel DanersDec 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bruin -- Richelot isogenies on Jacobians of genus 2 curves Bill UngerDec 10
Joint Colloquium: Ajiev -- Holder classification of spheres and Tsar’kov’s phenomenon Emma CarberryDec 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Problem Session Emma CarberryNov 10
UNSW Applied Math Seminars: Tichy, Shparlinski, Brauchart Emma CarberryNov 10
Joint Colloquium: Chapman -- Stochastic models of reaction diffusion Emma CarberryNov 10
Algebra Seminar: Alex Molev -- Combinatorial bases for representations of the Lie superalgebra gl(m|n) James EastNov 10
AGR: Professor Shing-Tung Yau -- The Shape of Inner Space -- AGR Andrew MathasNov 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Hulpke -- Computing Conjugacy Classes in Finite Matrix Groups Bill UngerNov 10
Learning and Teaching Seminar: Cowling and Sweller -- Teaching General Problem-Solving Skills Is Not a Substitute for, or a Viable Addition to, Teaching Mathematics, and Reflections on Teaching in the UK and Australia Emma CarberryNov 10
Algebra Seminar: Oleg Ogievetsky -- Diagonal reduction algebras James EastNov 10
Joint Colloquium: Zhang -- Introduction to Ricci flow Emma CarberryNov 10
Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangNov 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: O’Brien -- The Ore Conjecture Bill UngerNov 10
Infinite Groups: Cowling, Elder Anne ThomasNov 10
Joint Colloquium: Thomas -- Surface quotients of hyperbolic buildings Emma CarberryNov 10
Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangNov 10
Algebra Seminar: Anthony Henderson -- The toric variety of the symmetric group Anthony HendersonOct 10
Algebra Seminar: Syu Kato -- Exotic representation theory of affine Hecke algebras Anthony HendersonOct 10
SUTMEG Seminar reminder: Harradine, Easdown Sandra BrittonOct 10
PDE Seminar: Wang -- Large interaction and phase separation Daniel DanersOct 10
Statistics Seminar: Gillian Heller -- Random sums regression - which level do we analyse? Uri KeichOct 10
Algebra Seminar: Peter Donovan -- Introduction to Supergeometry James EastOct 10
Algebra Seminar: James East -- Infinite partition monoids James EastOct 10
Financial Mathematics Seminar: Libo Li -- Enlargement of Filtrations, Construction of Random Times and Semimartingale Decompositions Christian-Oliver EwaldOct 10
Statistics Seminar: Timothy L. Bailey -- Statistical pattern discovery in ChIP-seq data Uri KeichOct 10
Algebra Seminar: John Graham -- On the centre of the Ariki-Koike Algebra James EastOct 10
Financial mathematics Seminar: Prof. Robert Elliott -- A General Theory of Finite State Backward Stochastic Di fference Equations Christian-Oliver EwaldOct 10
Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangOct 10
Algebra Seminar: Anne Thomas -- Infinite generation of non-cocompact lattices on right-angled buildings James EastOct 10
Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangOct 10
AGR: Prof. Wolfgang Dahmen -- Adaptive Wavelet Methods for PDEs Andrew MathasSep 10
Seminar: Zhou Zhang -- Kahler-Ricci flow and complex Monge-Ampere equation Ruibin ZhangSep 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Dokchitser -- Ranks of elliptic curves: parity phenomena Bill UngerSep 10
Statistics Seminar: Ross Sparks -- How to detect spatio-temporal clusters very quickly? Uri KeichSep 10
Algebra Seminar: Siye Wu -- Twisted Cohomology of A-infinity Algebras James EastSep 10
Postgrad seminar--expat special!: Tang -- The mapping class group and the curve complex Mary MyerscoughSep 10
Financial Mathematics Seminar: Ken Siu -- A BSDE Approach to Convex Risk Measures for Derivative Securities Christian-Oliver EwaldSep 10
Applied Maths Honours Seminar Martin WechselbergerSep 10
Applied Maths Honours Seminar Martin WechselbergerSep 10
MATH 2917 - Special Studies: CAMERON -- Tensor products Florica CirsteaSep 10
Statistics Seminar: John Ormerod -- Skew-Normal Variational Approximations Uri KeichSep 10
Algebra Seminar: David Baraglia -- Mirror symmetry SYZ and special Lagrangians James EastSep 10
SUMS: Ivan Guo -- The Divine Ratio Yinan ZhangSep 10
SUMS: Robert Tang -- Roy Orbifold: Shaping Music Yinan ZhangAug 10
Algebra Seminar: Jacqui Ramagge -- Some thoughts on self-similar groups and their algebras James EastAug 10
Algebra Seminar: Andrew Mathas -- Graded representation theory of symmetric groups and KLR algebras -- Part III James EastAug 10
Joint Colloquium: Franklin -- Data-free statistics Emma CarberryAug 10
Algebra Seminar: Alexander Kleshchev -- Graded representation theory of symmetric groups and KLR algebras -- Part II James EastAug 10
SUMS: Zhu -- Resolution of Monomials on Manifolds with Corners Yinan ZhangAug 10
IISME Seminar: Ramaage, Way and Bobis -- Dealing with the crisis in mathematics by starting at the beginning Leon PoladianAug 10
Statistics Seminar: Scott Sisson -- Adaptive optimal scaling of Metropolis-Hastings algorithms Uri KeichAug 10
SUTMEG Seminar: Thompson -- How to write good multiple choice questions Sandra BrittonAug 10
SUMS: Menzies -- More Pretty Pictures and Winding Numbers Yinan ZhangAug 10
Honours -- PM4 Talks Laurentiu PaunescuAug 10
Financial Mathematics Seminar: Arturo Kohatsu-Higa -- Simulation of Levy Driven Stochastic Differential Equations Christian-Oliver EwaldAug 10
Algebra Seminar: Joseph Landsberg -- Equations for secant varieties James EastAug 10
Joint Colloquium: Landsberg -- P vs NP and the geometry of orbit closures Emma CarberryAug 10
Statistics Seminar: Philip Kokic -- Multivariate quantiles, expectiles and M-quantiles Uri KeichJul 10
Financial mathematics Seminar: Nicolas Privault -- Stochastic Analysis for Continuous and Jump Processes (Part 2) Christian-Oliver EwaldJul 10
Algebra Seminar: Pavel Pyatov -- Quasi-oscillator presentation for the quantum group Uq(gl(N)) James EastJul 10
PM4 Talks: Vinoth Nandakumar -- Nilpotent cones Laurentiu PaunescuJul 10
CANCELLED - Joint Colloquium: Baird -- What is the shape of a finite graph? Jonathan HillmanJul 10
Financial Mathematics Seminar Christian-Oliver EwaldJul 10
UNSW Teaching and Learning Seminar: Kress -- Maple TA in first year mathematics Emma CarberryJul 10
UNSW Seminar: Kress -- Maple TA in first year mathematics Sandra BrittonJul 10
Geometry Seminar: Vergara -- Harmonicity of Geometric Structures Emma CarberryJul 10
Algebra Seminar: Wolfgang Woess -- Horocyclic products of trees James EastJul 10
AustMS 2010 AGM Andrew MathasJul 10
ALTC Workshop: Effective Learning, Effective Teaching in the Quantitative Disciplines Andrew MathasJul 10
Joint Colloquium: Ronan -- Symmetries and the Monster Jonathan HillmanJul 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Biasse -- Class group and regulator computation in quadratic number fields Bill UngerJun 10
Algebra Seminar: Nick Gill -- Growth in solvable subgroups of GL_r(p) James EastJun 10
AMSI - CARMA Workshop -- AMSI - CARMA Workshop via grid room Andrew MathasJun 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- Descent algorithms for elliptic curves Bill UngerJun 10
Algebra Seminar: Stewart Wilcox -- Representations of rational Cherednik algebras James EastJun 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- Descent algorithms for elliptic curves Bill UngerJun 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Nill -- Dual defect toric manifolds and the Cayley polytope conjecture Bill UngerJun 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- The method of descent: determining the rational points on elliptic curves Bill UngerJun 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Rowland Si Chao Jiang -- Exceptional p-groups of order p^5 Pamela GuzmanMay 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Roozemond -- Some thoughts on recognition of Lie algebras Bill UngerMay 10
Statistics Seminar: Bruce Brown -- Cramer-von Mises smoothing of covariate curves Uri KeichMay 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Yinan Zhang -- L functions, p-adic numbers and the class number formula Pamela GuzmanMay 10
SUMS: Poladian -- Probability, matrices and game theory Yinan ZhangMay 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Zhang -- Some complexity in topological dynamics Emma CarberryMay 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Goldys -- Multidimensional stochastic Burgers equation Martin WechselbergerMay 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kasprzyk -- The canonical line hypothesis for smooth Fano polytopes Bill UngerMay 10
Statistics Seminar: Anne Shiu -- The Cyclohedron Test for Finding Periodic Genes in Time Course Expression Studies Uri KeichMay 10
Algebra Seminar: Richard Hain -- On the section conjecture for universal curves over function fields Anthony HendersonMay 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Savage -- Categorification for the vacationing mathematician Emma CarberryMay 10
MATH2916 Special Studies: Gardam -- Steepest Descent Leon PoladianMay 10
Statistics Seminar: Gery Geenens -- Who deserved the 2008-2009 Belgian Football Champion title? A semiparametric answer Uri KeichMay 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Wechselberger -- Rankine-Hugoniot, Lax and folds: the geometry of advection-reaction-diffusion systems Martin WechselbergerMay 10
Algebra Seminar: Branislav Jurco -- The classifying topos of a topological bicategory Anthony HendersonMay 10
Algebra Seminar: Alan Stapledon -- Representations of hypersurfaces and equivariant Ehrhart theory Anthony HendersonMay 10
Applied Maths Workshop: Edwards -- Which programming language should I use in my model? Erwin LoboMay 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kasprzyk -- Frolicking with convex bodies Bill UngerMay 10
SUMS: Hoare -- Is there a Zombicidal Maniac nearby? You better hope so! Yinan ZhangMay 10
Workshop: Stavrakakis and Ng -- nGAME: Using GridRoom for Online Lecture Delivery John StavrakakisMay 10
Statistics Seminar: Terry Speed -- Correcting for Unwanted Variation in Microarray Data Uri KeichMay 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Parkinson -- Random walks on homogeneous trees Martin WechselbergerMay 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Buczynski -- Integrating toric varieties with other ambient structures in Magma Bill UngerMay 10
PDE Seminar: Kennedy -- The asymptotic behaviour of the eigenvalues of a Robin problem Daniel DanersMay 10
Algebra Seminar: Chengming Bai -- Classical Yang-Baxter equation and some related algebraic structures Anthony HendersonMay 10
Algebra Seminar: Alastair Savage -- Equivariant map algebras and their representation theory Anthony HendersonMay 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Parkinson Kennedy Schaerf -- How To Get A Post-Doc James EdwardsApr 10
Applied Maths Workshop: Kennedy -- Applications of test functions and weak solutions to PDEs Erwin LoboApr 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Rutkowski -- Arbitrage pricing of defaultable game options Martin WechselbergerApr 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Jaworski -- Random Intersection Graphs Emma CarberryApr 10
IGA Lecture Series: Abouzaid -- Introduction to Mirror Symmetry and the Fukaya Category Emma CarberryApr 10
Algebra Seminar: Anatol Kirillov -- A "small" grand unification Anthony HendersonApr 10
Statistics Seminar: John Robinson -- Robust permutation tests Uri KeichApr 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Braden -- Monopoles, periods and problems Martin WechselbergerApr 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Mathas -- Brundan-Kleschev Theorem Ben WilsonApr 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Stehle -- Gentry’s fully homomorphic encryption scheme Bill UngerApr 10
SUMS: Guo -- Hats, Buckets and Pascal’s Triangle Yinan ZhangApr 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Wishart -- Kink estimation in stochastic regression with dependent errors and predictors James EdwardsApr 10
MATH2916 Special Studies: Henskens and Thangasamy -- WKB and Multiple Scales Leon PoladianApr 10
Algebra Seminar: Gerald Cliff -- Explicit bases for representations of Lie algebras Anthony HendersonApr 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Finn -- Topological chaos in two and three dimensions Martin WechselbergerApr 10
SUMS: Lobo -- Prime Numbers: How wide can you go? Yinan ZhangApr 10
MATH2916 Special Studies: Bhim -- Boundary layers Leon PoladianApr 10
PDE Seminar: Auscher -- Boundary value problems for elliptic systems with L_2 data Daniel DanersApr 10
PDE Seminar: Lieberman -- Elliptic equations with singular lower order terms Daniel DanersApr 10
Statistics Seminar: Vivek Jayaswal -- Identifying the optimal number and arrangement of rate matrices over a phylogenetic tree Uri KeichApr 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Grojnowski Ben WilsonApr 10
Joint Colloquium: Segal -- Geometric aspects of the positivity of energy in quantum field theory Jonathan HillmanApr 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Meylan -- Generalized eigenfunction expansions Martin WechselbergerApr 10
Algebra Seminar: Stephan Tillman -- Volume of representations James EastMar 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Ivan Guo -- From the Hexagons of Pascal to the Cubics of Cayley–Bacharach Pamela GuzmanMar 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Wildberger -- Rotor coordinates, vector trigonometry and Kepler-Newton orbits Emma CarberryMar 10
MATH2916 - Special Studies: Worthington -- Intro to asymptotics and perturbation of DEs Leon PoladianMar 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Nijhoff -- Multidimensional consistency and Lagrangian structures Martin WechselbergerMar 10
SUMS: Menzies -- Infinite pretty pictures and Ramsey Theory Yinan ZhangMar 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Wilson -- Khovanov’s categorification of the Weyl algebra Ben WilsonMar 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- Solving conics over number fields Bill UngerMar 10
PDE Seminar: Clutterbuck -- Lower bounds for the fundamental gap Daniel DanersMar 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Duncan Sutherland -- Chebyshev spectral methods for quasigeostrophic shallow-water flow Pamela GuzmanMar 10
MATH2916 - Special Studies: Gardiner -- Perturbation of Matrices Leon PoladianMar 10
Categorification in representation theory: Wilson -- sl(2) categorification II Ben WilsonMar 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Griebsch -- The Evaluation of European Compound Option Prices under Stochastic Volatility using Fourier Transform Techniques Martin WechselbergerMar 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Libo Li -- Construction of Random Times Pamela GuzmanMar 10
Algebra Seminar: James Parkinson -- Representations of affine Hecke algebras James EastMar 10
Statistics Seminar: Michael Stewart -- Using normal mixtures for density estimation Uri KeichMar 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Kartashova -- Nonlinear resonance analysis as a base for novel numerical models Martin WechselbergerMar 10
PDE Seminar: Ogawa -- Critical cases of the degenrate drift-diffusion system Daniel DanersMar 10
PDE Seminar: Kozono -- Leray’s inequality in multi-connected domains Daniel DanersFeb 10
Algebra Seminar: Dan Nakano -- Differentiating the Weyl generic dimension formula and support varieties for quantum groups James EastMar 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Street -- The 2-Functor Rep as Categorification Ben WilsonMar 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Jenny Zhu -- Investigating the smallest class which a Gaussian location-mixture density belongs to Pamela GuzmanMar 10
Joint Colloquium: Dimca -- From Lang’s conjecture to Torelli groups Jonathan HillmanMar 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Pohst -- On computing integral points of Mordell curves over global fields Claus FiekerMar 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Krauskopf -- Experimental Continuation of Periodic Orbits through a Fold Martin WechselbergerMar 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Wilson -- sl(2) categorifications Ben WilsonMar 10
Applied Maths Honours Seminar: Rourke -- The Boundary Integral Method as applied to Cavitation Bubbles Martin WechselbergerMar 10
Postgraduate Seminar: Gareth White -- Computations of Galois Groups for Rational Polynomials Pamela GuzmanMar 10
Algebra Seminar: Daniel Nakano -- Cohomology and support varieties: a method to bridge algebra and geometry James EastMar 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Czerwinska -- Some rotundity properties in symmetric spaces of measurable operators Emma CarberryFeb 10
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Kaminska -- Isomorphic copies in the lattice E and its symmetrization E() with applications to Orlicz-Lorentz spaces Emma CarberryFeb 10
Statistics Seminar: Thomas Fung -- Modelling and Estimation for Bivariate Financial Returns Uri KeichFeb 10
PDE Seminar: Rosales -- The two-valued minimal surface equation Daniel DanersFeb 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Guckenheimer -- The Birth of Chaos Martin WechselbergerFeb 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Pohst -- On solving norm equations in global function fields Claus FiekerFeb 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Saunders -- Categorification of the ring of symmetric functions Ben WilsonFeb 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kirschmer -- Maximal finite matrix groups Bill UngerFeb 10
Categorification in Representation Theory: Wilson Ben WilsonFeb 10
Joint Colloquium: Holm -- Act globally, compute locally:Group actions, fixed points, and localization Emma CarberryFeb 10
Algebra Seminar: Tim Riley -- Hydra Groups James EastFeb 10
Applied Maths Seminar: Ermentrout -- Double or Nothing: The Blinking Brain Martin WechselbergerJan 10
Statistics Seminar: Andrei Volodin -- Asymptotic Probability for the Deviations of Dependent Bootstrap Means from the Sample Mean Uri KeichJan 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kedlaya - Brown Bill UngerJan 10
Computational Algebra Seminar: Murray -- Lie Theory in Magma Bill UngerDec 09
Algebra Seminar: Yucai Su -- Generalised Verma modules for the orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra osp(k|2) James EastDec 09
Algebra Seminar: Scott Murray -- Computing fundamental domains for congruence subgroups of SL2 James EastNov 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Holt -- Maximal Subgroups of Classical Groups in Low Dimensions Bill UngerNov 09
Algebra Seminar: Amnon Neeman -- Generators in triangulated categories James EastNov 09
Algebra Seminar: Karen Dancer -- Hopf algebras and solutions to the Yang-Baxter equation James EastNov 09
Seminar: Professor Timo Teräsvirta -- Conditional Correlations Models of Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity with Nonstationary GARCH Equations Shelton PeirisNov 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Holt -- Computing Projective Indecomposable Modules Bill UngerNov 09
Algebra Seminar: Leonid Rybnikov -- Hamiltonian reduction, Yangians and quantization of Laumon moduli spaces James EastNov 09
Workshop on Time Series Econometrics -- Workshop on Time Series Econometrics Nov 09
Workshop on Time Series Econometrics -- Workshop on Time Series Econometrics Nov 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Hart -- MPIR : a library for Multiple Precision Arithmetic Claus FiekerNov 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Steel -- A Rational Meataxe and the Automatic Construction of Irreducible Rational Representations of Finite Groups Claus FiekerNov 09
Algebra Seminar: Michael Finkelberg -- Laumon resolutions and quiver varieties James EastNov 09
Centre for Mathematical Biology -- Mathematical and Computational Applications in Cellular Biology, Health and Medicine Mary MyerscoughNov 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bernstein -- Speeding up characteristic 2 Claus FiekerOct 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Holt -- On Coxeter’s Families of Group Presentations Claus FiekerOct 09
Short listed applicants for Level B positionin pure: Alan Stapledon -- Teaching and research talk Andrew MathasOct 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Button -- Proving largeness of finitely presented groups using MAGMA Claus FiekerOct 09
PDE Seminar: Zhou -- On the existence of stationary solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations Daniel DanersOct 09
Algebra Seminar: Derek Holt -- Artin groups of large type are automatic James EastOct 09
Postgraduate Seminar: Edwards/Mitchell Justin KooninOct 09
Statistics Seminar: Sue (Susan R.) Wilson -- Perspectives on Statistical Approaches to Gene Expression Data Uri KeichOct 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Quispel -- Geometric Numerical Integration of Differential Equations Holger DullinOct 09
Teaching and learning, UNSW maths -- Reflections from the teaching fellow/student support scheme Emma CarberryOct 09
Postgraduate Seminar: Bourke/Discussion Justin KooninOct 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Sader -- The Mechanics of Nanoscale Devices Holger DullinOct 09
Joint Colloquium: Lehrer -- Classical and Quantum Invariant Theory Emma CarberryOct 09
SUMS talk (+concert): Sutherland Duncan SutherlandOct 09
Talks by shortlisted candidates for pure maths lectureship Donald CartwrightOct 09
PDE Seminar: Zhang -- Existence and non-existence of solutions for a class of Monge-Ampère equations Daniel DanersOct 09
Colloquium: Brzezniak -- Stochastic Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert Equation Emma CarberryOct 09
Algebra Seminar: John Rice -- An introduction to the Geometric Langlands Conjectures -- Part II James EastOct 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Poladian -- Wave equations with eigenvalue-dependent boundary conditions (and why they come up in modern optical fibre design) Holger DullinOct 09
Statistics Seminar: Juerg Huesler -- On exceedances of continuous Gaussian processes Uri KeichOct 09
Algebra Seminar: Ezra Getzler -- Topological field theory in two dimensions and a filtration of Deligne-Mumford moduli spaces James EastOct 09
SUMS -- Maths relay Duncan SutherlandSep 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Morel -- H-LLL: Householder inside LLL Bill UngerSep 09
Postgraduate Seminar: Saunders/Wan Justin KooninSep 09
Algebra Seminar: Geordie Williamson -- Knot homology and geometric representation theory James EastSep 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Myerscough -- Decision-making by ants, bees and brains Holger DullinSep 09
SUMS Meeting: Sun -- The Poincaré Conjecture Gareth WhiteSep 09
JARCS -- Real and Complex Singularities Laurentiu PaunescuSep 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Khuri-Makdisi -- Fast arithmetic in Picard groups of general curves Bill UngerSep 09
Postgraduate Seminar: Fun/Easdown Justin KooninSep 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Singh -- Going in Circles: Steering in Terrain from Robots to Animals and Back-again Holger DullinSep 09
Statistics Seminar: Alan H. Welsh -- Recent Reflections on Extra Zeros in Count Data Uri KeichSep 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bailey -- Experimental Mathematics, Multicore Processors and Highly Parallel Computing Bill UngerSep 09
Algebra Seminar: John Rice -- An introduction to the Geometric Langlands Conjectures -- Part I James EastSep 09
Teaching and learning seminar for mathematicians -- Teaching students in our higher-level undergraduate courses Emma CarberryAug 09
PDE Seminar: Santra -- Asymptotic behavior of solutions of the Ren-Wei problem under Dirichlet boundary conditions Florica CirsteaAug 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Pushnitski -- A new identity in scattering theory in Hamiltonian mechanics Holger DullinAug 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Watkins -- Dirichlet and Hecke characters and L-functions therein Bill UngerAug 09
Joint Colloquium: Alan McIntosh -- The Kato square root problem - a new approach with applications to boundary value problems Emma CarberryAug 09
Algebra Seminar: Anthony Henderson -- Pieces of nilpotent cones for classical groups James EastAug 09
Special Seminar: Mansfield -- Moving Frames and Noether’s Theorem Holger DullinAug 09
SUMS: Sutherland -- Pedestrian dynamics (or Why you want to punch slow moving people in the back of the head) Gareth WhiteAug 09
Statistics Seminar: Yang -- Statistical issues in identification of miRNA regulatory modules and their targets Uri KeichAug 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Ewald -- A Stochastic Differential Fishery Game for a Two Species Fish Population with Ecological Interaction Holger DullinAug 09
Special Applied Maths Seminar: Clarkson -- Rational Solutions of Soliton Equations and Applications to Vortex Dynamics Holger DullinAug 09
Joint Colloquium: Ajiev -- Homogeneous right inverses and metric projections Emma CarberryAug 09
Algebra Seminar: Jose Burillo -- Metric properties about the family of Thompson’s groups James EastAug 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Ken Siu -- A PDE Approach for Risk Measures for Derivatives With Regime Switching Holger DullinAug 09
PDE Seminar: Brandolini -- Some recent estimates on linear Neumann eigenvalues and eigenfunctions Florica CirsteaAug 09
CARMA -- on Multidimensional Numerical Integration and Special Function Evaluation Andrew MathasAug 09
Geometry: Adam Parusinski -- Geometry Laurentiu PaunescuAug 09
Joint Colloquium: Tillman -- The complexity of 3-manifolds Emma CarberryAug 09
Algebra Seminar: Adam Parusinski -- Motivic integration and singularities of real analytic functions James EastAug 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Froyland -- Identification and tracking of coherent features in oceanic and atmospheric flows Holger DullinAug 09
Statistics Seminar: Uri Keich -- Confidently estimating the number of ARSs (it’s not as bad as it sounds...) Uri KeichAug 09
Joint Colloquium: Hytoenen -- How to choose random cubes, and why? Emma CarberryAug 09
SUMS: Zhang -- How to Sink a Submarine Gareth WhiteAug 09
Geometry: Parusinski -- Weight filtration for real algebraic varieties Laurentiu PaunescuJul 09
PDE Seminar: Liu -- Nonlinear elliptic equations and systems with a kind of twisted nonlinearities Florica CirsteaJul 09
Algebra Seminar: Zajj Daugherty -- Two boundary graded centralizer algebras James EastJul 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Dullin -- Chaotic dynamics of the triple pendulum Holger DullinJul 09
SUMS: Wilcox -- The Swimming Pool Problem Gareth WhiteJul 09
Algebra Seminar: Alan Carey -- Index theory in the noncommutative world James EastJul 09
Applied Maths Seminar: James Meiss -- Generating Volume Preserving Maps Holger DullinJul 09
Statistics Seminar: Matt Wand -- Variational Approximations in Semiparametric Regression Uri KeichJul 09
Joint Colloquium: Mitrea -- Singular Integral Operators and Boundary Value Problems: Recent Progress Emma CarberryJul 09
Joint Colloquium: David Rule -- Weighted norm inequalities for pseudo-differential operators Emma CarberryJul 09
Algebra Seminar: Alan Stapledon -- Arc spaces and equivariant cohomology James EastJul 09
Joint Colloquium: Tian -- Curvature flows and complex geometry Emma CarberryJun 09
Joint Colloquium: Sawon -- Holomorphic coisotropic reduction Emma CarberryJul 09
Algebra Seminar: David Eisenbud -- Plato’s Cave: What we still don’t know about linear projections James EastJul 09
Algebra Seminar: Justin Sawon -- Applications of twisted Fourier-Mukai transforms James EastJul 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bruin -- Bounding Mordell-Weil ranks of Jacobians of smooth plane quartics Bill UngerJul 09
Algebra Seminar: Anne Thomas -- Existence, covolumes and infinite generation of lattices for Davis complexes James EastJun 09
Statistics Seminar: Pourahmadi -- Generalized Linear Models for the Covariance Matrix of Longitudinal Data Uri KeichJun 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Bruin -- Mordell-Weil sieving Bill UngerJun 09
Algebra Seminar: Mikhail Kotchetov -- Group gradings on finite-dimensional simple Lie algebras James EastJun 09
Algebra Seminar: James Parkinson -- Random walks on affine buildings and representations of affine Hecke algebras James EastJun 09
Algebra Seminar: Peter Tingley -- Quantum groups, braidings and crystals James EastJun 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Wilson -- A simple construction of the large Ree Groups Bill UngerJun 09
SUMS Meeting: Wilcox -- N-dimensional Rubik’s Cubes Gareth WhiteJun 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Morrison -- Asymptotics of Higher-Order Painlevé Equations Martin WechselbergerMay 09
SUMS Meeting: Hoare -- What is a Gay Matrix? Gareth WhiteMay 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Voight -- Constructing nonsolvable number fields ramified only at small primes Bill UngerMay 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Hollerbach -- Magnetorotational Instabilities in Cylindrical Taylor-Couette Flow Martin WechselbergerMay 09
SUMS Meeting -- Soccer Gareth WhiteMay 09
Algebra Seminar: Andrew Mathas -- Graded cellular algebras and the cyclotomic Khovanov-Lauda algebras James EastMay 09
Algebra Seminar: Alex Molev -- Higher Sugawara operators for gl(n) James EastMay 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Yasaki, Wilson Bill UngerMay 09
Statistics Seminar: Mehlman -- Structure and Moving Average Representation for Strongly Harmonizable Processes Uri KeichMay 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Dullin -- Vanishing twist near resonant Hamiltonian equilibria Martin WechselbergerMay 09
Statistics Seminar: Robinson -- Asymptotic Approximations in Sampling and Resampling Uri KeichMay 09
Algebra Seminar: Ruibin Zhang -- Quantum group actions on noncommutative algebras and equivariant K-theory James EastMay 09
SUMS Meeting: Dai -- Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Gareth WhiteMay 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Cirstea -- On classification of isolated singularities of solutions associated with the Hardy--Sobolev operator Martin WechselbergerApr 09
Algebra Seminar: Jun Hu -- On a generalisation of the Dipper--James--Murphy Conjecture James EastApr 09
SUMS Meeting: Guo -- Farey Fractions (continued) Gareth WhiteApr 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Daners -- An isoperimetric inequality for the elastically supported membrane Martin WechselbergerApr 09
Algebra Seminar: Peter Trapa -- Functors for representations of GL(n,F) James EastApr 09
Joint Colloquium: Cowling -- Maps of groups that send cosets to cosets Emma CarberryApr 09
Algebra Seminar: Szendröi -- Superpotential algebras James EastApr 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Pettet -- Modelling the human skin equivalent construct Martin WechselbergerApr 09
SUMS Meeting: Tang -- Kaleidoscopes and Tessellations Gareth WhiteApr 09
Statistics Seminar: Samuel Mueller -- Smooth extreme value estimation for densities with log-concave tails Uri KeichApr 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Halburd -- Movable Algebraic Singularities of Solutions of ODEs Martin WechselbergerApr 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Cannon -- Implementing the Classification Theorem for Finite Simple Groups Bill UngerMar 09
SUMS Meeting: Sutherland -- Kinky Population Dynamics: Modelling Hermaphrodite Fish Gareth WhiteMar 09
Algebra Seminar: Grojnowski -- An introduction to the Beilinson-Bernstein theorem James EastMar 09
Algebra Seminar: Grojnowski -- Almost local differential operators James EastMar 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Wechselberger -- Bursts and Canards in a Pituitary Lactotroph Model Martin WechselbergerMar 09
SUMS Meeting -- Soccer Gareth WhiteMar 09
Algebra Seminar: Guilhot -- Semicontinuity properties of Kazhdan-Lusztig cells in affine Weyl groups of rank 2 James EastMar 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Gibson -- Modelling the Missing Half of the Brain Martin WechselbergerMar 09
Special Studies Seminar 2916: Derek Feng -- Euclid’s Elements Emma CarberryMar 09
SUMS Meeting: Zhu -- Embarrassing questions and Guns Gareth WhiteMar 09
Statistics Seminar: Tien-Chung Hu -- The complete convergence for arrays of random variables Uri KeichMar 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Phillips -- Impulsively Generated Drops Martin WechselbergerMar 09
SUMS Meeting: Guo -- Farey Fractions Gareth WhiteMar 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Moehlmann -- Isomorphisms of Function Fields Bill UngerMar 09
Statistics Seminar: Justin Wishart -- Kink estimation with Long-Range dependent noise Uri KeichMar 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Liley/Frascoli -- Bifurcations and State Changes in the Human Alpha Rhythm Martin WechselbergerMar 09
Algebra Seminar: Hillman -- Indecomposable $PD_3$-complexes with virtually free fundamental group James EastFeb 09
Applied Maths Seminar: Roberts -- Universal Period Distribution for Reversible Rational Maps over Finite Fields Martin WechselbergerFeb 09
Joint Colloquium: Fonseca -- Variational Methods in Materials and Imaging Daniel DanersFeb 09
Statistics Seminar: Tom Britton -- Dynamic random networks Uri KeichFeb 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Kasprzyk -- Classifying toric log Del Pezzo surfaces Bill UngerFeb 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Brent, Nakamula Bill UngerFeb 09
Computational Algebra Seminar -- Lattices and Theta Series Bill UngerFeb 09
Algebra Seminar: Shestakov -- Tame and wild automorphisms of free algebras James EastFeb 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Brown -- Introduction to toric geometry Bill UngerJan 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Watkins -- L-function computations Bill UngerJan 09
PDE Seminar: Du -- Concentration phenomena in a nonlocal quasilinear problem Daniel DanersJan 09
Computational Algebra Seminar: Laue -- Constructive Algebraic Combinatorics Bill UngerJan 09
Statistics Seminar: Roelof Helmers -- On the M fewer than N bootstrap approximation to the trimmed mean John RobinsonDec 08
Algebra Seminar: Jean Michel -- Automorphisms of complex reflection groups Anthony HendersonDec 08
Seminar: KOZONO -- Well-posedness of the Navier-Stokes equations Martin WechselbergerNov 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Villard -- Computing matrix determinants and adjoints without divisions (unknown)Nov 08
Algebra Seminar: Kentaro Wada -- The representation type of cyclotomic q-Schur algebras Anthony HendersonNov 08
Joint Colloquium: Vaughan Jones -- Planar algebra talk and lunch (RSVP required) Emma CarberryNov 08
Statistics Seminar: Autin -- Maxiset approach in nonparametric statistics John RobinsonNov 08
Statistics Seminar: Thavaneswaran -- Inference for Volatility Models John RobinsonNov 08
Algebra Seminar: Alexey Isaev -- Algebraic approach to integrable chain models Anthony HendersonNov 08
Joint Colloquium: Hain -- Elliptic curves and Multiple zeta numbers Emma CarberryNov 08
Statistics Seminar: Finlay -- Option Pricing with VG-like Models John RobinsonNov 08
Algebra Seminar: Richard Hain -- Algebraic completions of discrete and profinite groups Anthony HendersonOct 08
Joint Colloquium: Bucur -- Variational approach for isoperimetric inequalities Emma CarberryOct 08
SUMS -- Inaugural General Meeting Gareth WhiteOct 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Reich -- GSHMC: An efficient Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling method Martin WechselbergerOct 08
PDE Seminar: Bucur -- About geometric domain perturbation for elliptic PDEs Daniel DanersOct 08
SUMS Meeting: Reid -- Paradoxes and Dodgy Concepts Gareth WhiteOct 08
Joint Colloquium: Dales -- Multi-normed spaces and multi-Banach algebras Emma CarberryOct 08
Algebra Seminar: Jon Carlson -- Endotrivial modules for group schemes Anthony HendersonOct 08
Algebra Seminar: Don Taylor -- The structure of finite unitary reflection groups Anthony HendersonOct 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Knobloch -- Nearly inviscid Faraday waves Martin WechselbergerOct 08
Joint Colloquium: Henrik Kragh Soerensen -- The Irony of Romantic Mathematics: NOTE UNUSUAL TIME AND VENUE Emma CarberryOct 08
Statistics Seminar: Peiris -- Estimation of Duration Models in Finance John RobinsonOct 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Mehr -- Elucidating lymphocyte development using BrdU labeling and mathematical models Martin WechselbergerOct 08
MATH 2917 special studies seminar: Vinoth Wandakumar -- The Brouwer degree Emma CarberryOct 08
Joint Colloquium: Sukochev -- Non-commutative analysis and geometry Emma CarberryOct 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Kuncic -- Monte Carlo Radiation Transport: Why Leave it to Chance? Martin WechselbergerOct 08
Statistics Seminar: Wood -- Protein folding John RobinsonOct 08
Algebra Seminar: William Messing -- p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic periods Anthony HendersonSep 08
PM4 Talks: Honours -- Honours Talks Laurentiu PaunescuSep 08
SUMS -- Maths Relay (Enter to win prizes!) Gareth WhiteSep 08
Joint Colloquium: Tillmann -- What is the Thurston norm? Emma CarberrySep 08
PDE Seminar: Schulze -- Nonlinear evolution of hypersurfaces and geometric inequalities Florica CirsteaSep 08
Statistics Seminar: Wang -- Structural Nonparametric Cointegrating Regression John RobinsonSep 08
Special Studies Seminar 2917: David Kedziora -- Degree modulo 2 of a mapping Emma CarberrySep 08
Algebra Seminar: Scott Morrison -- Generators and relations for the representation theory of U_q(sl_n) as a planar algebra Anthony HendersonSep 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Denier -- Anomalous behaviour in boundary-layers: short-scale instabilities, finite distance breakdown and non-uniqueness Martin WechselbergerSep 08
SUMS: Dai -- Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Gareth WhiteSep 08
MATH 2917 Special Studies: Shivansh Kochhar -- The degree modulo 2 of a mapping at a regular value Emma CarberrySep 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Ardon -- Modeling and simulation of encounter networks from contact traces Martin WechselbergerSep 08
Algebra Seminar: Jeremie Guilhot -- On the lowest two-sided cell in an affine Weyl group Anthony HendersonSep 08
Geometry Seminar: Saji -- Recognition criteria of Mond singularity Laurentiu PaunescuSep 08
SUMS Meeting: Smith -- How to win at teaching high school maths Gareth WhiteSep 08
MASS 2917special studies seminar: Josh Ching -- Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem Emma CarberrySep 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Kawai -- On the Toulouse Project - how much we have understood the structure of solutions of higher order Painleve equations Martin WechselbergerSep 08
SUMS: White -- How to get ANY number using four 4s Gareth WhiteSep 08
Algebra Seminar: Shuzo Izumi -- Diophantine inequality for equicharacteristic excellent Henselian local domains Anthony HendersonSep 08
Algebra Seminar: Jun Hu -- On the decomposition numbers of the Hecke algebra of type D_n when n is even Anthony HendersonSep 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Cirstea -- Semilinear elliptic equations with isolated singularities Martin WechselbergerAug 08
Algebra Seminar: Anthony Henderson -- Enhancing the nilpotent cone Anthony HendersonAug 08
SUMS -- Cake Bake Gareth WhiteAug 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Solomon -- What does the eye tell the brain? Martin WechselbergerAug 08
Joint Colloquium: Herbert E Huppert -- Fluid modelling of carbon dioxide sequestration Emma CarberryAug 08
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Wildberger -- Hyperbolic geometry: past and future Anthony HendersonAug 08
Algebra Seminar: Matthew Dyer -- Poincare series of subsets of Coxeter groups Anthony HendersonAug 08
MATH 2917 special studies class: Matthias Wong -- Inverse Function Theorem Emma CarberryAug 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Fauci -- Fluid dynamic models of spirochete motility Martin WechselbergerAug 08
SUMS: Ramos -- Challenges in Spatial Stochastic Processes Gareth WhiteAug 08
MATH 2917 Special Studies Seminar: Lewis -- Topological Fundamentals, Manifolds Emma CarberryAug 08
Algebra Seminar: Jonathan Dixon -- Projectives in quantised category O Anthony HendersonAug 08
Algebra Seminar: Stephen Glasby -- The automorphisms of p-groups with only three characteristic subgroups Anthony HendersonAug 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Lopez -- Asymptotic behaviour of logistic equations Martin WechselbergerAug 08
SUMS: Hoare -- Modelling HIV in Australia (A. Hoare’s Guide to STIs) Gareth WhiteAug 08
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Britz -- Why it is useful to study linear algebra combinatorially Anthony HendersonAug 08
PDE Seminar: Chaudhuri -- On derivation of Euler-Lagrange equations for incompressible energy-minimizers Florica CirsteaAug 08
Algebra Seminar: Geordie Williamson -- The p-smoothness locus of Schubert varieties Anthony HendersonAug 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Thamwattana -- Continuum modelling for carbon nanostructures Martin WechselbergerAug 08
SUMS: Guo -- The Divine Ratio Gareth WhiteJul 08
UNSW Pure Maths Seminar: Drupieski -- Cohomology of infinitesimal algebraic groups and quantized enveloping algebras Anthony HendersonJul 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Poladian -- One example of using electronic quizzes Martin WechselbergerJul 08
Algebra Seminar: Alexander Kleshchev -- Higher level Schur-Weyl duality Anthony HendersonJul 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Linda Petzold -- Computational Methods for Phase Response Analysis of Circadian Clocks Charlie MacaskillJul 08
Algebra Seminar: Amnon Neeman -- Grothendieck duality via flat modules Anthony HendersonJun 08
Algebra Seminar: Alan Stapledon -- Weighted Ehrhart theory and orbifold cohomology Anthony HendersonJun 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Rabinovich -- Neuronal Synchrony: Peculiarity & Generality Martin WechselbergerJun 08
SUMS Meeting: Guo -- Circle Geometry Gareth WhiteMay 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Landman -- Simulating a developmental cell invasion process: Macroscopic and microscopic approaches Martin WechselbergerMay 08
Statistics Seminar: Dr. Samuel Mueller -- Partially linear model selection by the bootstrap Jean Yee Hwa YangMay 08
Algebra Seminar: Ian Morrison -- Mori and nef cones of moduli spaces of pointed curves Anthony HendersonMay 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Merrifield -- Statistical analysis of directed movement of groups: swarms of honeybees and cell invasions Martin WechselbergerMay 08
SUMS Meeting: Zhang -- How to Sink a Submarine Gareth WhiteMay 08
Joint Colloquium: Field -- Dynamical zeta functions and mixing Jonathan HillmanMay 08
Joint Colloquium: Morrison -- Birational Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Curves Jonathan HillmanMay 08
Algebra Seminar: Alex Molev -- Cauchy identity for double Schur functions and its applications Anthony HendersonMay 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Froyland -- An ergodic-theoretic approach to transport and coherent structures in fluid flow Martin WechselbergerMay 08
SUMS Meeting: Zhu/Wang -- Using Markov Chains to Solve Some of your Problems Gareth WhiteMay 08
Algebra Seminar: Daniel Chan -- What is non-commutative projective geometry? Anthony HendersonMay 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Dancer -- Infinitely Many Bifurcations for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations with Rapidly Growing Nonlinearity Martin WechselbergerMay 08
SUMS Meeting -- Cards (no talk this week) Gareth WhiteMay 08
Algebra Seminar: Stephen Meagher -- Twists of genus three Jacobians Anthony HendersonMay 08
SUMS Meeting: Sun -- The Mathematics of Poker Gareth WhiteMay 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Bates -- Nucleation of instability of the Meissner state of 3-dimensional superconductors Martin WechselbergerMay 08
Algebra Seminar: Lucy Gow -- Yangians of Lie superalgebras Anthony HendersonApr 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Jermiin -- New methods of detecting violated phylogenetic assumptions: Implications on comparative genomics Martin WechselbergerApr 08
SUMS Meeting: Reid -- Sounds, Music, and Mathematics Gareth WhiteApr 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Dullin -- Normal forms for volume preserving maps and bifurcations of invariant circles Martin WechselbergerApr 08
Joint Colloquium: Williams -- Knots and Algebraic Dynamical Systems Jonathan HillmanApr 08
SUMS -- Puzzles Gareth WhiteApr 08
Statistics Seminar: Miss Kristen Feher -- Towards a method for resolving the dependence structure Jean Yee Hwa YangApr 08
Algebra Seminar: Shona Yu -- The cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras Anthony HendersonApr 08
Algebra Seminar: Jonathan Hillman -- Finite index endomorphisms of mapping tori of free group automorphisms Anthony HendersonApr 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Breakspear -- Bimodal and extremum statistics in human EEG : Measurement and implications Martin WechselbergerApr 08
Joint Colloquium: Silver -- When knots don’t fiber Jonathan HillmanApr 08
SUMS Meeting: Gibbons -- Knots, Polynomials, and Surgery Gareth WhiteApr 08
Algebra Seminar: James East -- Braid groups and transformation semigroups Anthony HendersonMar 08
Statistics Seminar: Nader Tajvidi -- Statistical modelling of Extreme Values: basic theory and applications to analysis of temporal trend in wind storm losses and temperature data Jean Yee Hwa YangMar 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Gubbins -- Models of the Earth’s Dynamo with Lateral Variations in Heating Martin WechselbergerMar 08
Algebra Seminar: Ruibin Zhang -- Quantum group actions on noncommutative algebras and invariant theory Anthony HendersonMar 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Trenchea -- Control and parameter identification in reaction-diffusion equations Martin WechselbergerMar 08
Joint Colloquium: Baxter -- The "star-triangle" or "Yang-Baxter" relations in statistical mechanics Jonathan HillmanMar 08
Statistics Seminar: Sue Wilson -- Evaluation of Similarity Between Two Sequences Jean Yee Hwa YangMar 08
Shortlisted Pure Candidates: Cirstea, Sikora, Parkinson, Yan -- Research Talks Donald CartwrightMar 08
Algebra Seminar: Alexander Stolin -- 25 years of quantum groups: from definition to classification Anthony HendersonMar 08
Shortlisted candidates’ teaching seminars: Cirstea, Sikora, Parkinson, Yan -- Teaching seminars Donald CartwrightMar 08
SUMS -- First Meeting Gareth WhiteMar 08
Algebra Seminar: Andrew Mathas -- Cyclotomic Solomon algebras Anthony HendersonFeb 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Buchen -- Pricing Financial Derivatives with the Method of Images Martin WechselbergerFeb 08
Joint Colloquium: Zvengrowski -- Application of Homotopy Theory to Graph Colourings Jonathan HillmanFeb 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Fleischmann, Pohst (unknown)Feb 08
Algebra Seminar: Thomas Weigel -- Finite groups with minimal 1-PIM Anthony HendersonFeb 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Fleischmann, Pohst (unknown)Feb 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Nebe -- Normalizer of a Finite Unimodular Group (unknown)Feb 08
Pure and Applied Maths Seminar: Shao-Ming FEI -- Quantum Entanglement and Related Mathematical Problems Ruibin ZhangJan 08
Applied Maths Seminar: Berry -- Physics of nonhermitian degeneracies Martin WechselbergerJan 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Scheidler -- Construction of Hyperelliptic Function fields of High Three-Rank Claus FiekerJan 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Stehle, Brisebarre (unknown)Jan 08
Computational Algebra Seminar: Stehle -- Lattice Reduction (unknown)Jan 08
Geometry and Topology: Milman -- Resolution of Singularities Laurentiu PaunescuJan 08
Workshop -- Recent advances in asymptotic probability and statistics Rafal KulikMar 07
THE 2007 TEMPLETON LECTURE: Professor Jack Copeland -- Alan Turing and the Curious Birth of Artificial Intelligence Donald CartwrightDec 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Previtali -- Building Characters and Representations for Finite Groups (unknown)Nov 07
SPECIAL KCDC Seminar: Ken De Jong -- Evolutionary Design: Lessons from Biology Georg GottwaldNov 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Leemans -- On computing subgroup lattices of sporadic groups with Magma Claus FiekerNov 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Williams -- Pseudopowers and Primality Proving (unknown)Nov 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Leemans -- Computing subgroup lattices of sporadic groups with Magma (unknown)Nov 07
Postponement of Training Session -- Access Grid Room David EasdownOct 07
Statistics Seminar: Bishop -- How can we perform experiments in real landscapes? Rafal KulikOct 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Murray -- Algorithmic recognition of Lie algebras (unknown)Oct 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Sneyd -- Calcium oscillations: using math to do physiology Martin WechselbergerOct 07
Algebra Seminar: Daniel Murfet -- Homotopy categories, Grothendieck duality and singularities Anthony HendersonOct 07
Algebra Seminar: Jan de Gier -- The two-boundary Temperley-Lieb algebra Anthony HendersonOct 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Macaskill -- Wrinkles in thin sheets Martin WechselbergerOct 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Johansson -- Computation of group cohomology and A-infinity algebras (unknown)Oct 07
Algebra Seminar: Gus Lehrer -- The flag variety and twisted invariants of reflection groups Anthony HendersonOct 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Dooley -- Dynamical systems: theory and practice Martin WechselbergerOct 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Gaitsgory -- Occupational measures approach to analysis of non-linear controlled dynamical systems Martin WechselbergerOct 07
Algebra Seminar: Vyacheslav Futorny -- Fibres of characters in Harish-Chandra categories Anthony HendersonSep 07
Algebra Seminar: Peter O’Sullivan -- The generalised Jacobson-Morosov theorem Anthony HendersonSep 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Galloway -- A new model for the solar cycle Martin WechselbergerSep 07
Statistics Seminar: Jayasval -- General Markov Models for Nucleotide Sequence Evolution Rafal KulikSep 07
Applied Maths Honours Seminar Martin WechselbergerSep 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Brown -- Words or Numbers? - poetry and a couple of Victorian scientists Martin WechselbergerSep 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Roberts -- Coordinate transforms underpin multiscale modelling and reduction in deterministic and stochastic systems Martin WechselbergerSep 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Dembele, Vaughan-Lee Bill UngerAug 07
Algebra Seminar: John Fountain -- Unique factorisation in noncommutative monoids Anthony HendersonAug 07
Algebra Seminar: James Parkinson -- Path combinatorics in loop groups Anthony HendersonAug 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Terman -- A mathematical model for Parkinsonian rhythms Martin WechselbergerAug 07
Statistics Seminar: Koch -- Classification and Prediction in Independent Component Regression Rafal KulikAug 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Vaughan-Lee -- Classifying Groups of Small Order Bill UngerAug 07
Statistics Seminar: Huang -- Games, Sports, Statistics and Probability Rafal KulikAug 07
Algebra Seminar: Anthony Henderson -- Orbit closures in the enhanced nilpotent cone Anthony HendersonAug 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Weckesser -- Reduced System Computing for Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations Martin WechselbergerAug 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Beck -- Formal Desingularization of Surfaces in P^3 Bill UngerAug 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Goodhill -- Mathematical models of visual map development in the brain Martin WechselbergerAug 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Doche -- Double-Base Number System in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Bill UngerAug 07
Algebra Seminar: Stephen Glasby -- Writing projective representations over subfields Anthony HendersonAug 07
Algebra Seminar: Alexander Chervov -- Quantum integrable systems and the Langlands correspondence Anthony HendersonAug 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Santra -- Asymptotic behavior of radial solutions of a semilinear elliptic PDE in an annulus by Morse Index Martin WechselbergerAug 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Myerscough -- The consequences of choice: the effects of scale and stochasticity in decision making Martin WechselbergerJul 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Gao -- Grobner bases and fibre structures of points Bill UngerJul 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Stephane Lafortune -- Stability of persisting periodic solutions to a complex Ginzburg-Landau perturbation of NLS Georg GottwaldJul 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Cooperman -- Twenty-Six moves or less Suffice to Solve Rubiks Cube Bill UngerJun 07
GORDON GODFREY SEMINAR at UNSW: Henk van Beijeren -- On the connections between chaos theory and statistical mechanics Georg GottwaldJun 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Brooksbank -- Algorithms for matrix algebras and their modules Bill UngerJun 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Shparlinski, Brent Bill UngerJun 07
COSNet DISTINGUISHED VISITOR SEMINAR : Tony Bell -- Towards a Theory of Learning and Levels for Biology Georg GottwaldJun 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Voight -- Computing zeta functions using Dwork cohomology (unknown)Jun 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Chawla -- Protein Secondary Structure Prediction with Conditional Random Fields Philip TreharneMay 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Donnelly -- Why compute modular forms? (unknown)May 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Schlögl -- Gram/Charlier Series A Expansions for Option Pricing Philip TreharneMay 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Taylor -- Lie algebras from finite groups (unknown)May 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Marchant -- Modulation theory and undular bores Philip TreharneMay 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: O’Brien -- Determination of p-groups and nilpotent Lie rings (unknown)May 07
Algebra Seminar: Ruibin Zhang -- Representations of orthogonal and orthosymplectic Lie algebras in the quantum Kepler problem Anthony HendersonMay 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Sexton -- From Source to Shore: Developing Tsunami Risk Assessments Philip TreharneMay 07
Statistics Seminar: Delaigle -- Estimation of a regression function when the observations contain measurement errors Rafal KulikMay 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Rogers -- On a Novel Class of Nonlinear Elastic Materials Philip TreharneMay 07
Algebra Seminar: Eamonn O’Brien -- Using involution centralisers in linear group algorithms Anthony HendersonMay 07
Statistics Seminar: Kabaila -- Valid inference after preliminary statistical model selection Rafal KulikMay 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: de Graaf -- Computing with algebraic groups (unknown)May 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Baker -- Mathematical modelling in developmental biology Philip TreharneApr 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Leedham-Green -- An overview of matrix group recognition (unknown)Apr 07
Algebra Seminar: Bob Howlett -- Automorphisms of Coxeter groups Anthony HendersonApr 07
Statistics Seminar: Lazarov -- Comparison of Alternative ACD Models via Density and Interval Rafal KulikApr 07
Statistics Seminar: Robinson -- Empirical Saddlepoint Approximations for Stratified Random Sampling Rafal KulikApr 07
Algebra Seminar: Alex Molev -- Littlewood-Richardson polynomials Anthony HendersonApr 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Maini -- Modelling solid tumour growth Philip TreharneMar 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Murray -- Mathematical modelling, hepatitis B virus, and the immune system Philip TreharneMar 07
Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Bowne-Anderson -- Etale cohomology Anthony HendersonMar 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Latter -- Fine-scale structure in Saturn’s rings Philip TreharneMar 07
Algebra Seminar: Hebing Rui -- Discriminants of Brauer algebras Anthony HendersonMar 07
Algebra Seminar: Andrew Mathas -- Classifying the blocks of the Ariki-Koike algebras Anthony HendersonMar 07
Joint Colloquium: Hillman -- Finiteness conditions and mapping tori Jonathan HillmanMar 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Thompson -- The Inside of Blood Vessels Philip TreharneMar 07
Statistics Seminar: Wang -- Local time density estimation Rafal KulikMar 07
Computational Algebra Seminar -- Representations of Groups Bill UngerMar 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Zhu -- Explicit Solution for Valuation of American Put Options Philip TreharneMar 07
Macquarie Seminar on Stochastic Finance : Prof. Reiss -- Using Covariate Information in Extreme Value Models Rafal KulikMar 07
Macquarie Statistics Seminar: Prof. Reiss -- A Spectral Decomposition in Multivariate Extreme Rafal KulikMar 07
Algebra Seminar: Thomas Britz -- Codes, matroids, designs, and graphs - and big polynomials Anthony HendersonMar 07
Algebra Seminar: James Borger -- Basic geometry of the Witt vectors Anthony HendersonMar 07
Applied Maths Seminar: Broadbridge -- Dark Energy States of a Scalar Field in an Unstable Universe Philip TreharneFeb 07
Joint Colloquium: Baake -- Similar sublattices of the root lattice $A_4$ Jonathan HillmanFeb 07
Algebra Seminar: Pramod Achar -- The geometry of special pieces Anthony HendersonFeb 07
Algebra Seminar: Hechun Zhang -- The quantum cluster structure of quantum matrices Anthony HendersonFeb 07
Sydney Summer Statistics Workshop Rafal KulikJan 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Gebhardt -- Braid Groups in Cryptography Bill UngerJan 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Brooksbank -- Constructive recognition of simple groups Bill UngerJan 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Stehle -- Lattice Point Enumeration Revisited Bill UngerJan 07
Computational Algebra Seminar: Watkins -- Heuristics for elliptic curves Bill UngerDec 06
Algebra Seminar: Bill Casselman -- Open problems in Coxeter groups and associated structures Anthony HendersonNov 06
Applied Maths Seminar: Ian Melbourne -- Corkscrews and boomerang-like motions Georg GottwaldNov 06
Statistics Seminar: Richard Cowan -- Stochastic geometry Rafal KulikNov 06
Algebra Seminar: Edward Formanek -- Braid group representations of low degree Anthony HendersonNov 06


Workshop: Triangulated Categories in Geometry and Representation Theory Oded Yacobi22 Nov
Women in Mathematics Panel Discussion 13th May (NEW: Jacqui’s talk at 5 pm) David Easdown17 Apr
Soccer this Friday 16:30 - meet Carslaw 2nd floor Munir Hiabu26 Apr
USyd workshop "Groupoids, Graphs, and Algebras" Nathan Brownlowe24 Apr
Public Lecture: Dr Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist at RStudio Emi Tanaka18 Apr
Sydney Coding Club - Tutorial on Missing Values Emi Tanaka19 Mar
Sydney Coding Club Emi Tanaka5 Feb
First Meeting of Postgraduate Society Alex CasellaJan 18
Future Directions in Representation Theory conference - registration closing Nov 24 Anthony HendersonMay 17
Mathematics Postgraduate Seminar Series (MaPSS) Welcome Back to Semester Barbecue Dominic TateAug 17
Who would like to contribute to the new first year calculus units? Stephan TillmannJun 17
SSA NSW Branch: April Meeting Emi TanakaApr 17
Colloquium time change Apr 7 Leo TzouApr 17
International conference on nonlinear partial differential equations Daniel DanersSep 16
Stats Society NSW August Meeting (with national AGM) Michael StewartAug 16
Public Lecture on personal data retention in the Census Michael StewartJul 16
Computer labs will be used for MATH3076/3976 17 June 1-5pm Sheehan OlverMay 16
STEMS2016: Putting Statistics into STEM in the Age of Data Susan LiddellMay 16
Stats Society NSW Monthly Meeting: Statistical Analysis in Private Health Insurance Michael StewartMay 16
Spectral methods pop-up workshop, 25 Feb, AGR Sheehan OlverFeb 16
The School’s Annual Honours Information Session Uri KeichSep 15
SUMS maths relay Sean GardinerAug 15
SUMS: Lightning Talks Sean GardinerMay 15
Statistical Society NSW AGM & Lancaster Lecture: Thomas Lumley Michael StewartFeb 15
2nd year examiners’ meeting Stephan TillmannNov 14
Stats Society Monthly Talk: The Changing Role of Health Economics in the Healthcare System Michael StewartOct 14
The School’s Annual Honours Information Session Uri KeichSep 14
Reminder: register for next weeks ANZIAM NSW/ACT Meeting Sheehan OlverNov 13
NSW/ACT ANZIAM conference Charlie MacaskillSep 12
Stat Soc NSW Talk: Statistical issues with quantitative proteomics data Michael StewartSep 12
Stat Soc NSW Talk: Testing for Growth Hormone Abuse Michael StewartAug 12
NTEU Workload Formula Meeting Leon PoladianMay 12
Tohoku - Sydney workshop on nonlinear PDE’s for early career researchers Daniel DanersFeb 12
Forum on 1st Year Maths Leon PoladianDec 11
NSW/ACT ANZIAM meeting Charlie MacaskillOct 11
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group - The Joker effect: cooperation driven by destructive agents Tim SchaerfOct 11
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group - Grandmothering and Natural Selection Tim SchaerfOct 11
PM4 Honours Talks (updated schedule) Emma CarberrySep 11
Stats Soc Monthly Talk: ``Big Data’’ and the business of online Michael StewartSep 11
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group - Biological Transport Networks Tim SchaerfSep 11
Mathematical Biology Discussion Group - Self-organised cooperation between robotic swarms Tim SchaerfAug 11
Conference in honour of the 75th birthday of Bernd Fischer Andrew MathasJun 11
Applied Maths Workshop: Rose -- Building explicit symplectic numerical integrators Erwin LoboApr 10
2010 AustMS early career workshop Andrew MathasMar 10
Retirement dinner for Bob and Donald -- Wednesday March 10 Andrew MathasFeb 10
Mathematics in Industry Study Group (MISG) 2010 Charlie MacaskillJan 10
Summer School: Finite Simple Groups and Algebraic Groups Andrew MathasMar 09
SUPRA postgraduate conference Andrew MathasJun 08
Postgraduate Student Induction Program - March 12 Andrew MathasJan 08
SUMS Extraordinary General Meeting Gareth WhiteOct 07
Postgraduate Workshop on Stochastic Processes and Modelling Andrew MathasNov 06


Fully funded 3 year scholarship at Essex Stephanie Swanson5 Jun
Osaka conference: Crystals and Their Generalizations Andrew Mathas6 Mar
Call for expressions of interest for ANZIAM ECR representative Mary Myerscough14 Jan
International Visitor Program for 2019 - application deadline 31 August Anthony HendersonJul 18
Mentoring and Guidance in Careers workshop applications open Stephanie SwansonJul 18
Abstracts for Society for Mathematical Biology conference close on Monday 26 March Mary MyerscoughMar 18
Postdoc in Mathematical Biology at QUT Mary MyerscoughNov 17
ANZIAM2018---key dates Mary MyerscoughNov 17
REMINDER: 2018 Summer School Expressions of Interest for Lecturing and Tutoring Nathan BrownloweAug 17
MAGIC workshop 2017 Stephanie SwansonJul 17
EOIs are now open for development of 2019 OLEs Stephan TillmannJun 17
International Master Program in Mathematical Physics at Tubingen Haotian WuApr 17
Postdoc @ University of Porto Milena RadnovicMar 17
2 year postdoc developing within-host models of antimalarial drug action at University of Melbourne Mary MyerscoughFeb 17
Postdoc on Multiscale modelling at Southampton Mary MyerscoughJan 17
Level B/C position at UWA Mary MyerscoughJan 17
Postdoctoral Opportunity in Mathematical Biology at Oxford--parameter inference studies of reaction diffusion PDE systems Mary MyerscoughJan 17
Lecturer/Associate Lecturer--Education Innovation in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences Mary MyerscoughNov 16
Urgent: Petition to the Dean David EasdownNov 16
Urgent: Deadline 14 November for Feedback on SIPS Revised Change Proposal David EasdownNov 16
Postdoctoral Fellowships in Mathematics at Oxford University Mary MyerscoughNov 16
QUT lectureship in Mathematical Biology Mary MyerscoughOct 16
Urgent: feedback by 12 September (extended from 2 September) for SIPS proposal David EasdownAug 16
Summer School 2017 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest David EasdownAug 16
AMSI Summer School 2017 - Registration deadline Anthony HendersonAug 16
Postdoctoral Opportunity in Mathematical Biology at Oxford Mary MyerscoughJul 16
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Reader in Pure Mathematics in Glasgow Andrew MathasMay 16
Lecturer Level A position at Maths Learning Centre Jacqui RamaggeMar 16
PostDoc Position in Algebra at Western Sydney University Andrew MathasJan 16
Forecasting Analyst, AGL Andrew MathasJan 16
New positions for the school Andrew MathasDec 15
Heidelberg Laureate Forum applications Stephanie SwansonNov 15
INdAM Fellowships in Mathematics Andrew MathasNov 15
Julia for Statisticians half-day course Michael StewartNov 15
Wolf Foundation Prizes Andrew MathasAug 15
AustMS 2015 early bird registration closing Andrew MathasJul 15
Summer School 2016 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest David EasdownJun 15
University of Sydney Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme Susan LiddellMay 15
Mary Myerscough on the Margaret Throsby show Andrew MathasApr 15
Call for applications - Poincaré Chair (2016/2017) Andrew MathasApr 15
The 21st UniServe Science Conference Andrew MathasApr 15
National Students for Sustainability professional conference Andrew MathasMar 15
Postdoctoral Researcher in Applied Mathematics - University of Edinburgh Martin WechselbergerMar 15
International Science School @ Weizmann Institute Milena RadnovicDec 14
Matsumae International Foundation Fellowships Georg GottwaldJul 14
Kalman Visiting Fellowship - Auckland Andrew MathasJun 14
2014 National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme applications Andrew MathasOct 13
Three year postdoc at Leeds Andrew MathasOct 13
Semester One 2014 APA/UPA round closes Thursday 31 October 2013 Samuel MuellerAug 13
Expressions of Interest: Semester Assignment Marking for MATH2065 "Intro to PDEs" Martina Chirilus-BrucknerAug 13
Expressions of Interest: First Year Second Semester Assignment Marking David EasdownAug 13
Summer School 2014 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest David EasdownJul 13
Semester Two APA/UPA round closes Tuesday 11 June 2013 Samuel MuellerMay 13
Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships 2014 Georg GottwaldApr 13
Deadline Extended: Call for submissions to the Mathematical Sciences Decadal Plan Nalini JoshiJan 13
Faculty-Specific IT Research and Education Program Andrew MathasFeb 13
Three year PhD studentships in Auckland Andrew MathasNov 12
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader/Professor in Mathematics at Heriot-Watt Andrew MathasNov 12
Project Officer for OLT Project on Learning and Teaching David EasdownOct 12
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Auckland Andrew MathasOct 12
National Maths & Science Education & Industry Advisor Nalini JoshiOct 12
Birmingham Research Fellowships Andrew MathasJul 12
Summer School 2013 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest David EasdownJul 12
CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowships Leon PoladianMay 12
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen Andrew MathasMay 12
12 month Teaching Fellow in Pure Mathematics at Imperial Andrew MathasMay 12
Alf van der Poorten Travelling Fellowship Andrew MathasMay 12
Brazilian scholarship program now open - "Science without Borders" Susan LiddellApr 12
Casual Work - MapleTA Quiz Development Leon PoladianApr 12
Scholarships for 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students for 8 week projects in NZ Andrew MathasApr 12
Expressions of Interest: First Year Assignment Marking David EasdownMar 12
Seattle summer school: Cohomology and Support in Representation Theory and Related Topics Andrew MathasJan 12
Postdoctoral position in Univ. Buffalo, NY Andrew MathasDec 11
Two postdoctoral positions in (algebraic) geometry and representation theory at Oxford Andrew MathasDec 11
CiSRA Internships Leon PoladianSep 11
Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Mathematics City University, London Andrew MathasSep 11
Draft ERA 2012 Journal List: Correction Alexander MolevSep 11
10th Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference, EMAC2011 Susan LiddellSep 11
Reminder: Round 3 AMSI workshop sponsorship closing soon Susan LiddellAug 11
Conference: Algebraic Cycles and the Geometry of Group Orbits Andrew MathasAug 11
Widening participation Grants Leon PoladianAug 11
Three year postdoctoral position at St Andrews Andrew MathasJul 11
CISRA "Extreme Imaging" Competition Leon PoladianJun 11
Reminder: Expressions of Interest for Teaching at Summer School 2012 due Monday 27 June David EasdownJun 11
Summer School 2012 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest David EasdownJun 11
Associate/Assistant Professorship, Nagoya University Andrew MathasMay 11
Nominations Sought for the 2011 AustMS Best Paper Prize Andrew MathasApr 11
Alf van der Poorten Travelling Fellowship for recent PhDs in pure mathematics Andrew MathasApr 11
Applications requested for Oberwolfach Seminar: Algebraic Properties of Profinite Groups Andrew MathasMar 11
Three post-doc positions at Orsay Andrew MathasNov 10
Two lectureships in Aberdeen Andrew MathasOct 10
2011 AMSI Summer School Andrew MathasOct 10
Summer School 2011 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest David EasdownAug 10
Postdoctoral position in representation theory at Oxford Andrew MathasJun 10
Postdoctoral position at Imperial College London Andrew MathasApr 10
Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Portugal Andrew MathasFeb 10
Postdoctoral research in Lisbon Scott H MurrayDec 09
Tenure track position at Wayne State University Andrew MathasOct 09
A F Pillow Applied Mathematics Top-up Scholarship -- applied honours students please read! Andrew MathasOct 08
Australian-Italy Award for PhD Students and Early Postdoctoral Researchers Andrew MathasSep 08
Scribe & Reader Training Session - Casual Positions Available at $27/hour Andrew MathasSep 08
Summer School 2009 Expressions of Interest for Lecturing and Tutoring David EasdownAug 08
Postgrad course in statistics: Random Fields & Geometry Andrew MathasJul 08
Research Assistant position with Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis Andrew MathasJul 08
Postdoctoral position in representation theory at Aberdeen Andrew MathasJun 08
Lectureship in pure mathematics at UEA Andrew MathasJun 08
University Lecturership, Oxford University Andrew MathasMar 08
Vacation Scholarships Donald CartwrightSep 07
Postgraduate Scholarships: 2008 VCRS/APA/UPA. Deadline 31/10/07!!! Georg GottwaldSep 07
Professor/Reader/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer at City University, London Andrew MathasJun 07
Postdoctoral and Invitation Fellowships in Japan for 2007 Andrew MathasNov 06


Congratulations to Lucy Klinger Ray Kawai5 Apr
Congratulations to Mark Jonathan Greenaway Ray Kawai2 Apr
Congratulations to Sara Li-yen Loo Ray Kawai25 Mar
Congratulations to Zeaiter Zeaiter Ray Kawai6 Mar
Congratulations to Zeina Libnan Haidar Ray Kawai11 Feb
Call for MaPSS speakers Eric Hester11 Feb
USyd-HKU Partnership Collaboration Award for Jean, Pengyi, Ellis and Kitty Samuel Mueller21 Dec
Congratulations to Alexander Benjamin Majchrowski Ray Kawai20 Dec
Congratulations to Hongxuan Yan Ray Kawai13 Dec
Congratulations to Desmond Ng Ray Kawai10 Dec
Congratulations to Joel Gibson and Timothy Roberts Anthony Henderson10 Dec
2018 AustMS Medal to Geordie Williamson Anthony Henderson4 Dec
Congratulations to Dickson Yaw Badu Annor Ray Kawai15 Nov
Congratulations to Jakub Slawoj Tomczyk Ray Kawai12 Nov
Congratulations to Ali Mohammadi Nikouypasokhi Ray Kawai8 Nov
Congratulations to Andrew Phillip Ray Kawai23 Oct
Congratulations to Lamiae Azizi! Alexander Fish18 Oct
Congratulations to Qing Elynor Liu Ray Kawai12 Oct
Autoweb and tutorial solutions Andrew Mathas2 Oct
Congratulations to Matthew Samuel Mark Nolan Ray Kawai17 Sep
Congratulations to Alex Casella Ray Kawai28 Aug
Geordie’s ICM plenary lecture Anthony Henderson10 Aug
Congratulations to Huimin Cindy Yuan Ray KawaiJul 18
Successful ECMS applications Nathan BrownloweJul 18
Congratulations to Pengyi Yang Anthony HendersonJun 18
Congratulations to Steven Luu Ray KawaiMay 18
Congratulations to Michael Twiton Ray KawaiMay 18
Congratulations to Thanakorn Nitithumbundit Ray KawaiMay 18
Congratulations to Jing Leanne Dong Ray KawaiApr 18
Congratulations to Shonal Singh Ray KawaiApr 18
Congratulations to Becky Armstrong and Pantea Pooladvand! Anthony HendersonApr 18
Congratulations to Kerry-Lyn Roberts Ray KawaiApr 18
Congratulations to Emi and Garth! Alexander FishMar 18
Congratulations to Kamil Bulinski Marek RutkowskiJan 18
A New Postgraduate Society ~ School of Mathematics and Statistics Alex CasellaDec 17
Congratulations Kevin Wang for the best student presentation at Biometrics by the Border Samuel MuellerNov 17
ARC DP and DECRA outcomes for 2018 Jacqui RamaggeNov 17
Congratulations to Shila Ghazanfar Marek RutkowskiOct 17
Congratulations to Philip Bos Marek RutkowskiAug 17
But what do you do with a maths degree??? Mary MyerscoughJul 17
Congratulations to Ting-Ying Chang Marek RutkowskiJun 17
Computational & Algorithmic Topology Stephan TillmannJun 17
Congratulations to Joshua Ching Marek RutkowskiJun 17
Congratulations to Geordie Williamson! Jacqui RamaggeJun 17
Congratulations to Stephan Tillmann! Jacqui RamaggeJun 17
Congratulations to Joachim Worthington Marek RutkowskiMay 17
(double) congratulations to Martin Wechselberger! Georg GottwaldApr 17
Congratulations to Pieter Roffelsen Marek RutkowskiApr 17
Congratulations to Louis Bhim Marek RutkowskiMar 17
Congratulations to Ross Ogilvie Marek RutkowskiMar 17
MaPSS is Back! Alex CasellaFeb 17
Second year linear algebra and vector calculus and DEs Andrew MathasFeb 17
Congratulations to Andrew Swan Marek RutkowskiFeb 17
Congratulations to Thomas Porter Samuel MuellerDec 16
Congratulations to Sean Carnaffan and Adrianne Jenner Anthony HendersonDec 16
Geordie Williamson wins New Horizons in Mathematics Prize Oded YacobiDec 16
Congratulations to Gus Lehrer - Szekeres Medal 2016 Anthony HendersonDec 16
Congratulations to Dario Strbenac Marek RutkowskiDec 16
Cakes and cookies at tea at 11 Sheehan OlverNov 16
Congratulations to Andrew Crisp on receiving a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching David EasdownOct 16
Congratulations to Michael Barwick Marek RutkowskiAug 16
Congratulations to John Mitry Marek RutkowskiAug 16
Postdoctoral position in algebra in Singapore Andrew MathasJul 16
Geordie Williamson awarded ECM Prize 2016 Andrew MathasJul 16
MaPSS Seminar is back again! Alex CasellaJul 16
Congratulations to Jean Yang Jacqui RamaggeJul 16
Ausschreibung Junior professor in Algebra Andrew MathasJun 16
Congratulations to James Gregory Marek RutkowskiJun 16
Congratulations to Alex Chalmers Marek RutkowskiMay 16
PDE Seminar now has an RSS Feed Daniel DanersMay 16
Congratulations to Sharon Stephen Jacqui RamaggeMay 16
2016 Clay Research Award to Geordie Williamson Anthony HendersonApr 16
Historia Mathematica. and Historical Records Aust. Science Eugene SenetaApr 16
Congratulations to Paddy Gidney Robert MarangellFeb 16
Congratulations to the Network of Minds! Jacqui RamaggeJan 16
Congratulations to Emma Carberry Andrew MathasJan 16
Peter Hall Andrew MathasJan 16
Congratulations to Anthony, Jean and Mary Andrew MathasDec 15
Congratulations to Uri Andrew MathasDec 15
Congratulations to Oded and Sasha Andrew MathasNov 15
Congratulations to Jennifer Chan and Jean Yang Andrew MathasAug 15
Thank you for the "Teachers Thank You" evening Andrew MathasAug 15
Strategic plan: feedback on the "undergraduate educational offerings" document Andrew MathasJun 15
Congratulations to Sanjaya Dissanayake Samuel MuellerJun 15
Congratulations to Victor Vera Ruiz Samuel MuellerJun 15
Congratulations to Alice Dong Samuel MuellerJun 15
Congratulations to Nicole Sutherland Samuel MuellerJun 15
Paid internship for an undergraduate or postgraduate student Andrew MathasMay 15
2015 SUMS Problem Competition released Anthony HendersonMay 15
Congratulations to Darren Engwirda Samuel MuellerApr 15
Congratulations to David Manescu and Uri Keich Andrew MathasApr 15
Congratulations to Alex Badran Samuel MuellerApr 15
Congratulations to Gareth White Samuel MuellerMar 15
Congratulations Nalini Susan LiddellMar 15
Congratulations to John Maclean Samuel MuellerMar 15
Congratulations to Chong You Samuel MuellerMar 15
Summer School 2015 Andrew MathasMar 15
Congratulations to Clinton Boys Samuel MuellerFeb 15
Congratulations to Neville Weber! Andrew MathasJan 15
Welcometo Sharon Stephen - the new First Year Director Andrew MathasJan 15
Congratulations to Kamil Bulinski Andrew MathasDec 14
Congratulations to Jonathan Kusilek Samuel MuellerOct 14
Congratulations to Theo Vo Samuel MuellerSep 14
Q and A Episode: Monday 15th September Leon PoladianSep 14
Congratulations to Duncan Sutherland Samuel MuellerSep 14
Congratulations to Inga Samonenko Samuel MuellerAug 14
Congratulations to Matthew Gibson Samuel MuellerAug 14
Do you have international collaborations with University of Copenhagen, LMU Munich or University of Amsterdam Georg GottwaldJul 14
Congratulations to Garth Tarr Samuel MuellerJun 14
Congratulations to Erwin Lobo Samuel MuellerMay 14
Congratulations to Ivan Guo Samuel MuellerMay 14
Congratulations to Ellis Patrick Samuel MuellerApr 14
James Alexander Green Andrew MathasApr 14
Look! Now in Australia! Susan LiddellMar 14
Eliminating the Idea of Waste - Tom Szaky Susan LiddellMar 14
One sleek geek..... Susan LiddellFeb 14
Congratulations to Nicholas Wilson Samuel MuellerFeb 14
Congratulations to Yinan Zhang Samuel MuellerDec 13
Congratulations to Nigel Chan Samuel MuellerDec 13
Congratulations to Phillip Howes Samuel MuellerOct 13
more from Andrew Mathas’ conversation with the VC Georg GottwaldAug 13
Andrew Mathas’ correspondence with the VC Georg GottwaldAug 13
Congratulations to Natalie Aisbett Samuel MuellerJul 13
Congratulations to George Papadopoulos Samuel MuellerMay 13
Congratulations to Graham Robert White Samuel MuellerMay 13
Congratulations to Roy Nawar Samuel MuellerApr 13
Congratulations to Hamish Ivey-Law Samuel MuellerApr 13
Congratulations to Jennifer Chen Wilcox Samuel MuellerJan 13
Congratulations to Ge Li Samuel MuellerDec 12
Congratulations to Igor Geninson Samuel MuellerNov 12
Congratulations to Libo Li Samuel MuellerNov 12
Congratulations to Anna Elizabeth Campain Samuel MuellerNov 12
ARC pause now lifted Nalini JoshiOct 12
Congratulations to Samuel Thomas James Butler Samuel MuellerOct 12
Congratulations to Alex Fun Samuel MuellerOct 12
Congratulations to Marten Ting Samuel MuellerAug 12
Congratulations to James Edwards Mary MyerscoughJun 12
Maths in the Budget Nalini JoshiMay 12
Congratulations to Justin Koonin Mary MyerscoughApr 12
UPDATE!!! No Job Cuts Rally - TODAY, Wednesday, 4th of April 2012 Susan LiddellMar 12
Summer School 2012 David EasdownMar 12
Congratulations to Joanna Jia Jia Wang Mary MyerscoughMar 12
Adams Prize Neville WeberFeb 12
Effective Teaching, Effective Learning in the Quantitative Disciplines Andrew MathasFeb 12
Congratulations to Allan Steel Mary MyerscoughFeb 12
Congratulations to Ian Gregory Mary MyerscoughFeb 12
Congratulations to Pamela Guzman Mary MyerscoughFeb 12
Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow) calling for help Alexander MolevFeb 12
Congratulations to Lewis Mitchell Mary MyerscoughFeb 12
Ph.D. School on Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems Georg GottwaldJan 12
Industrial Transformation Research Program Alexander MolevDec 11
Academy of Science Early Career Register Andrew MathasDec 11
ICI ECP Call for Co-operation in Higher Education between the European Union and Australia - Joint Degrees Project Alexander MolevDec 11
Europe Funding Bulletin December 2011 Alexander MolevDec 11
Open Access Week Alexander MolevOct 11
Europe Funding Bulletin October 2011 Alexander MolevOct 11
Missing book: Alperin and Bell Andrew MathasAug 11
Congratulations to Connie Pui Yu Lam Mary MyerscoughAug 11
Congratulations to Parinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn Mary MyerscoughAug 11
Congratulations to Justin Wishart Mary MyerscoughJul 11
Congratulations to Michael Barwick Mary MyerscoughJul 11
ALTC Award - Congratulations Leon! Neville WeberJun 11
Congratulations to Tim Kyng Mary MyerscoughMay 11
Human Frontier Science Program grant awarded to Mary Myerscough and colleagues Charlie MacaskillMar 11
Nefarious Numbers Nalini JoshiMar 11
Congratulations to Xiang Fu Mary MyerscoughFeb 11
Congratulations to Neil Saunders Mary MyerscoughFeb 11
Oberwolfach Seminars for graduate students 2011 Andrew MathasFeb 11
Congratulations to John Bourke Mary MyerscoughFeb 11
Assistant Professorship At University of Buffalo Andrew MathasFeb 11
Congratulations to Yinny Wan Mary MyerscoughSep 10
ARC Linkage Success Neville WeberJun 10
Congratulations to Sebastian Hermann Mary MyerscoughMay 10
Casual Employment Opportunity Within the Faculty as a Mentor of Tutors David EasdownMay 10
Congratulations to Yang Shi Mary MyerscoughMar 10
Congratulations to Van Minh Nguyen Mary MyerscoughMar 10
Congratulations to James Kennedy Mary MyerscoughMar 10
Congratulations to Ziad Jomaa Mary MyerscoughMar 10
2010 AMSI AGR Honours Maths Subject Offerings Andrew MathasFeb 10
Lectureship at Oxford Andrew MathasFeb 10
2-year postdoc positions at QGM, Aarhus University Andrew MathasJan 10
Congratulations to Thomas Ho Ting Fung Mary MyerscoughDec 09
Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Loyola University Chicago Andrew MathasNov 09
3+3 Year Postdoctoral Position, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany Andrew MathasOct 09
Israel Gelfand, Math Giant, Dies at 96 Alexander MolevOct 09
Congratulations to Steve Lack David EasdownSep 09
Congratulations to Alhaji Bachtiar Mary MyerscoughAug 09
Casual Employment Opportunity in Mathematics Coaching David EasdownJul 09
Congratulations to Tegan Morrison Mary MyerscoughJul 09
Congratulations to Stephen Enright-Ward Mary MyerscoughJun 09
Child care place at boundary lane for June/July available Andrew MathasMay 09
Congratulations to Tony Vassallo Mary MyerscoughApr 09
Congratulations to Richard Finlay Mary MyerscoughMar 09
National Mathematics Curriculum David EasdownDec 08
Nalini Joshi, President of the Australian Mathematical Society David EasdownDec 08
Postdoctoral position in Lausanne in geometry or algebra Andrew MathasDec 08
Congratulations to Mike Hay Andrew MathasNov 08
Congratulations to Kevin Ho Shon Andrew MathasOct 08
Congratulations to Shakti Menon Andrew MathasOct 08
Congratulations to Neil Saunders David EasdownOct 08
SUMS Relay - How to Enter Gareth WhiteOct 08
AMSI Industry Internship Program Andrew MathasSep 08
Congratulations to John Hornibrook Andrew MathasJul 08
Congratulations to Ben Wilson Andrew MathasApr 08
Congratulations to Vivek Jayaswal Andrew MathasMar 08
Congratulations to Nalini Joshi David EasdownMar 08
Access Grid Room Combined Timetable Until Easter (Shades of Autumn) David EasdownFeb 08
Access Grid Room Courses in First Semester (Update: More New Courses) David EasdownFeb 08
Mathematics Tutoring at the University of Western Sydney David EasdownFeb 08
Congratulations to recent postgraduate completions David EasdownJan 08
Congratulations to Neil, Shona and Tegan David EasdownOct 07
Tutor needed for multivariate calculus Andrew MathasMay 07
Congratulations to Leah Ratliff Andrew MathasMay 07
Postgraduate scholarships for semester 2 Andrew MathasMay 07
Congratulations to Devindri Perera Andrew MathasMay 07
Professor Vadim Kaimanovich is visiting Donald CartwrightJan 07
Prof Marcel Oliver is visiting! Georg GottwaldJan 07
Drs Niels Wessel and Hagen Malberg are visiting Georg GottwaldJan 07
Prof David Dritschel is visiting Georg GottwaldJan 07
Prof Matthew Nicol is visiting Georg GottwaldJan 07
Congratulations to Timothy Schaerf Andrew MathasDec 06
Congratulations to Gregory White Andrew MathasNov 06
WebCT templates Andrew MathasNov 06
Congratulations to Peter O’Sullivan Andrew MathasNov 06


Congratulations to Nalini Joshi (AO) Jacqui RamaggeJun 16
Creating tute sheets for boardtutorials Stephan TillmannFeb 16
The mathematics of conformal field theory, Canberra 13-17 July 2015 Alexander MolevFeb 15
Thanks for helping Laurentiu PaunescuOct 13
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 34 Ivan GuoSep 13
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 32 Ivan GuoMay 13
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 31 Ivan GuoMar 13
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 30 Ivan GuoJan 13
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 29 Ivan GuoNov 12
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 28 Ivan GuoSep 12
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 27 Ivan GuoJun 12
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 26 Ivan GuoApr 12
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 25 Ivan GuoNov 11
International Mathematical Union Blog on Journal Ratings Nalini JoshiNov 11
Sydney-UNSW Joint Colloquium and Its Web Page Zhou ZhangNov 11
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 24 Ivan GuoSep 11
AustMS Gazette Puzzle Corner 23 Ivan GuoJul 11
Aust MS Gazette - Puzzle Corner 21 Ivan GuoMar 11
Aust MS Gazette - Puzzle Corner 20 Ivan GuoNov 10
Aust MS Gazette - Puzzle Corner 19 Ivan GuoSep 10
Aust MS Gazette - Puzzle Corner 18 Ivan GuoAug 10


Windows users: RDP writeup available Paul SzaboApr 17


Domestic PhD Scholarship: Deep Features for Outlier Detection Garth Tarr15 Nov
Animal behaviour modelling position at CSIRO Garth Tarr3 Oct
Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistics, 2 year fixed term @ ANU/USYD Samuel Mueller3 Oct
SSA NSW Young Statisticians and Data Scientist Careers Networking Evening Emi Tanaka21 Sep
L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Survey Stephanie SwansonAug 17
Subaru Impreza 2007 For Sale (Urgent) Sheehan OlverMay 17
Ludwig Faddeev Alexander MolevFeb 17
Dynamics in Italy - June 2017 Milena RadnovicFeb 17
Geometry of Plane Curves in Jerusalem Milena RadnovicFeb 17
Keys found in 7th floor labs, left in the school office Sheehan OlverMay 16
PhD positions in Amsterdam Milena RadnovicFeb 16
Two Cars for Urgent Sale Shelton PeirisFeb 16
Visiting fellowships and postdoctoral positions at ICTP Milena RadnovicDec 15
Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems - GDIS 2016, 2-5 June 2016, Izhevsk, Russia Milena RadnovicNov 15
Mathematical Art Exhibition Leon PoladianOct 15
NSW ANZIAM meeting Martin WechselbergerOct 15
Major gender equity initiative launched Stephanie SwansonSep 15
R U OK? Day Awesome stories Q&A (for students and staff) Stephanie SwansonSep 15
NZMRI Summer School on Continuation Methods in Dynamical Systems Martin WechselbergerSep 15
STEM forum during Science Week Leon PoladianAug 15
National Sec. Schools STATS Poster Comp Leon PoladianJul 15
SAGE pilot to smash barriers to women’s academic advancement Stephanie SwansonJul 15
Postdoc Fellowship in Pisa starting September 2015 Milena RadnovicJun 15
Congratulations to Tim Large Leon PoladianJun 15
John Nash (13 June 1928 – 23 May 2015) Stephan TillmannMay 15
OFF GRID - An art exhibit Leon PoladianMay 15
School on Dynamical Systems in July 2015, Portugal Milena RadnovicApr 15
Permanent Faculty Position at ICTP (Trieste, Italy) Milena RadnovicNov 14
Art & Maths/Science: Fund Raiser Leon PoladianOct 14
SUMS Puzzle Hunt Sean GardinerOct 14
Positions in in Probability, Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory or Math Physics @ Mississippi Milena RadnovicSep 14
Easy peasy to be greensy! Battery, mobile and light bulb recycling Susan LiddellMar 14
Fifth International Conference and School Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems – GDIS 2014: Bicentennial of The Great Poncelet Theorem and Billiard Dynamics Milena RadnovicMar 14
Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory School Milena RadnovicMar 14
Important ---> Show your loyalty to GLEBE Leon PoladianDec 13
SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures (NW14) - Call for Presentations Sheehan OlverOct 13
Workshops for postgraduates Samuel MuellerOct 13
SUPRA seminar on "Wise Renting" Samuel MuellerSep 13
Annual NSW/ACT ANZIAM Meeting Sheehan OlverSep 13
AMSI Workshop on Graph C*-algebras, Leavitt Path algebras and symbolic dynamics John EnyangOct 12
Typist /Data Analyst - Help Available Shelton PeirisAug 12
UNSW Mathematicians’ Response to Draft Senior Maths National Curriculum Nalini JoshiAug 12
Letters and Numbers (SBS game show) being "rested" geoffJun 12
Tutor for Year 12 maths needed Justin KooninJun 12
Book Donation Program to Peradeniya University Libraries Shelton PeirisJun 12
SUMS Cake Bake Giles GardamMay 12
The ALTC Quantitative Skills Project Leon PoladianFeb 12
Informal seminar: Prof. Rafael Nepomechie (University of Miami) -- "Sector determinants of AdS/CFT S-matrices" Takuya MatsumotoNov 11
Friday Lunch - Condor / Sarnak Clinton BoysAug 11
A White Lotus Shelton PeirisJan 09
top-up Laurentiu PaunescuAug 07
Position in Applied Maths at University of Auckland Martin WechselbergerAug 07

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