Wednesday 14 October from 11:00–12:00 in Carslaw 535A

Relative Kuo's condition and Thom's type inequality

Satoshi Koike (Hyogo)


In a previous joint paper with Karim Bekka, we discussed the relationship between the Kuo condition and Thom's type inequality, and showed that they are equivalent. These conditions are equivalent to \(C^0\)-sufficiency of jets in the function case, and \(v\)-sufficiency of jets in the mapping case. They are local notions at a given point, e.g. \(0 \in \mathbb{R}^n\). In this talk we discuss the relative notions to a given closed subset \(\Sigma\) containing \(0 \in \mathbb{R}^n\). This is also a joint work with K. Bekka.